SIG SG 550/551 (Stgw 90) [Automatic Rifle]:

The SIG SG 550 is the official rifle of the Swiss Army as the Sturmgewehr 90 and replaced the Sturmgewehr 57. The SG 550 is an improved version of the SG 540 developed in competition to meet Swish Army requirements in 1984. There is a civilian version of the rifle which is not automatic. The SIG SG 551 is slightly shorter than the 550.

The weapon was tested under extreme conditions including winter trials in the Alps. The weapon is designed to reduce the amount of mud, dirt, and sand that can get into the weapon. The Rifle's gas valve has two two settings to ensure reliable cycling under the most extreme conditions. The soldier can close the bolt manually under extreme conditions as well.

The Rifle has several interesting features. It has three modes of fire including single shot, three round burst, and fully automatic. The rifle has special studs and slots in the magazine so that two or three magazines can be clipped together side by side. This allows the changing of the magazine by simply pulling the assembly out, shifting it sideways, and pushing in the new magazine. The Rifle uses 20 or 30 round magazines. The rifle has a folding stock. All features are ambidexterous.

The rifle has night sight on both the front and rear sights. It can mount a scope and light intensifier or infra-red sights as well.

Pictured above is the SIG 551 with three magazines.

Weight:SG 550: 9.0 lbs (4.1 kg) SG 551: 7.7 lbs (3.5 kg).
Caliber:5.56x45mm NATO (.223 Remington).
Barrel Length:SG 550: 20.8 inches (52.8 cm), SG 551: 16.0 inches (40.6 cm).
Overall Length:SG 550: 30.4 inches (77.2 cm) with stock folded and 39.3 inches (99.8 cm) with stock extended, SG 551: 23.6 inches (59.9 cm) with stock folded and 32.5 inches (82.5 cm) with stock extended.
Action:Gas Operated, Rotating Bolt.
Mode of Fire: Semi Automatic, Three Round Burst, and Fully Automatic (Civilian Version is Semi Automatic Only).
Range:1333 feet (400 meters).
Magazine:20 or 30 rounds.
Cost: $3000.
Made in: Switzerland.
Special: High Quality, Very Accurate, Can withstand adverse conditions, and has special mount for additional magazines.

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