Harris Gunworks M-96 [Sniper Rifle]:

High quality semi automatic sniper rifle. Made by Harris Gunworks, this is another of the huge .50 caliber sniper/Anti Material rifles currently on the market.

The weapon is made of high quality steel and anodized aluminum, with a tough black teflon coating on all exposed parts. The adjustable gas system is hard chromed for increased life. The barrel is heavy, free floating, and of match grade with a standard Muzzle Brake attached. The action is roughly based upon the AK-47 action, with modifications to make it suitable for a high powered rifle. Mounted on top of the reciever is a standard Weaver-type rail, for mounting scopes. Integrated in this rail are rudimentary iron sights.
The rifle was designed for military use, and has been tested under a variety of adverse weather conditions.

The magazines for the M-96 hold five rounds of .50 BMG ammunition.

Weight: 25 lbs (11.35 kg) empty, no scope.
Caliber:.50 BMG.
Barrel Length:29 inch (74 cm).
Overall Length:58 inches (145 cm).
Action:Gas operated semi-automatic.
Mode of Fire: Semi Automatic only .
Range:5000 ft (1500 m).
Magazine:5 round box magazine.
Cost: $ 6,800.
Made in: USA.
Special: High quality manufacturing. Fitted with weaver rail for scope fitting. Adjustable stock, free floating barrel, Muzzle brake and Parker-Hale Bipod standard.

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