Rifts Weapons & Equipment



This section includes three of the main settings for the Rifts settings including Rifts Earth, Mutants in Orbit, and Phase World / Three Galaxies. These write-ups including expansions of groups / organizations already featured in Rifts books and also include new organizations created by the authors.

Specific areas of expansion include the Kittani and Wellington Industries. Also includes major Pre-Rifts groups including the United States, French, and British military. Major new groups include Metalworks Industries.

These pages include a large expansion on missiles for both the Rifts Earth setting and the Phase World / Three Galaxies settings. Otherwise, the pages include special new equipment for the Glitter Boy, long range artillery and mortar rounds.

Other expansions include sensor systems and other systems for body armors, power armors, and robot vehicles as well as equipment of Phase World / Three Galaxies starships. For the Phase World / Three Galaxies setting, there is expansion on medical technology and specialized computer systems.

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