Missile Rounds for Tanks:

In the latter part of the Twentieth Century, special anti-tank guided missile rounds were developed with the Soviet Union being one of the chief proponents of the rounds. These had extended ranges compared to most cannon rounds and could be very useful if used effectively. These rounds were later developed in the Western part of the world and were available in most tank calibers. While they are more expensive than normal tank rounds, they give a tank an ability to strike at longer ranges than their cannon normally allows. While many later Twenty-First Century tanks have separate missile launchers, special missile rounds for tank cannons were still popular. After the coming of the Rifts, these rounds are sometimes carried although less commonly than before the coming of the Rifts. Rounds can be fired from standard tank cannons, electro-thermal cannons, and in some cases heavy rail guns although in many cases the rail guns are too small to fire an anti-tank missile.

The Missiles are effectively the equivalent of standard Rifts missiles. Cannons smaller that 100 mm cannot fire modified missiles. Tank Calibers of 100 mm, 105 mm, 120 mm, and 125 mm cannons can only fire the equivalent of short range missiles. Tank Calibers of 135 mm, 140 mm, 152 mm, 176 mm, and 200 mm can fire the equivalent of a medium range missile but with half the normal range. Rounds for other calibers could theoretically be developed but would fall within the ranges of these rounds. Cannon fired missile rounds cost 25% more than conventional missiles and specially developed rounds could be up to double in price.

Due to the way that most automatic loading system in Soviet style tanks (China and India are generally included), the missiles require the space of two rounds. Storage and automatic loading systems with most conventional cannon in most western tanks is considered to be more efficient than Soviet hardware and one missile can be stored per conventional round replaced. Because electro-thermal cannons and rail guns have reduced propellant or no propellant and are therefore smaller, in most cases the missile round takes the space of two normal rounds. This does not include vehicles which already have descriptions of missile storage for the main cannon.

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