Star Fox’s Guide to the Vehicles of the Three Galaxies:



Over a number of years, the author has (with help) created a large number of vehicles - starships, fighters, tanks, and other vehicles for the Phase World / Three Galaxies setting. These include military vehicles, mercenary vehicles, and civilian designs.

The pages include expansion on designs produce by the well known major powers within the Three Galaxies as well as smaller powers, both old and new, within the setting. Some designs are modified versions of designs you might already know while others are completely new designs. Most write-ups are extremely detailed.

All starships and other designs which are designed to operate in space on the page conform to the authors Revised Starship Rules for Phase World. This is both to give it a more epic feel and to more accurately portray how vehicles might operate in space.

The author of this website has very high standards to what will be accepted on their web page but if you think you have a design that qualifies, the author will be glad to look at it and let you know if it is good enough to accept on my page and try and give some constructive criticism. The website author will attempt to get back to all who submit designs although it is not always possible.

In some cases, the author of the website may wish to make some alterations to designs so they fit better within my website. As well, any space capable vehicles for the Rifts Earth Universe (Mutants in Orbit in general) must work with my revised starship systems and not have top speeds but instead have acceleration in Gs (Gravities) or percentage of light.

Other Vehicle Sections:

If the reader is looking for conversions from various science fiction, they have their own page. Follow this link to view them.

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The last few years have been an exciting and terrifying time in the Three Galaxies. In the last few years, after a period of relatively slow development, we have seen the introduction of many new weapon systems and starships. Several simple planets governments building their space forces to respectable standards and have been able to influence ship design outside of their own domain. New Coventry must be acknowledged is this in having introduced a new and very effective point defense array. As well, the Human Alliance has been modernizing their forces to the point that they can now be considered about equal to the Consortium Armed Forces. The Consortium Armed Forces has developed new weapon systems and the graser is the next step in heavy beam weaponry. The Trans-Galactic Empire has come up with some very powerful new ships that there is some concern may be used to start a new war with the Consortium. The United World Warlock have developed new starship classes that are much closer in technology than previous classes were. Finally, a new force has arrived in the Three Galaxies that call themselves the Robotech Expeditionary Force with very advanced faster than light propulsion.

Covered in this guide are many of the newly developed vehicles as well as older ship class that had been dropped out of previous guides. These lists include civilian as well as military vehicles.

Vice Admiral Elizabeth Golden, Consortium Armed Forces Navy, Retired