“Lady Arctis” Modified Dwarven Iron Ship (T.W. / U.W.W.):

The name “Lady Arctis” appears to come from the fact that the ship has a special enchantment which allows the ship to create ice armor around the ship to provide additional protection. While not incredibly common, ice armor is not that uncommon either. It provides ships with additional protection although it does somewhat perform endurance. What makes “Lady Arctis” different is that she can produce the ice armor by magic.

The history of the Dwarven Iron Ship which became know as “Lady Arctis” is long and convoluted. She was one of a handful of ships that ended up in the fleet of a planet’s military. Unfortunately, the techno-wizard cruiser was not well maintained. In a fight between the planet and a nearby system, she was damaged and the damage was never properly repaired. Eventually, the techno-wizard cruiser was destined to be scrapped but not before being scavenged for spare parts.

Due to her poor condition, the vessel was brought for next to nothing. Those who purchased her included a number of techno-wizards, former naval officers from a number of different militaries, and even a few civilian engineers. Few considered her worth rebuilding but these new owners were committed to trying. It is always hard to get ships of cruiser size and at least her frame was in good shape.

Surprisingly, both the Rift Jump Drive and the mystic energy battery managed to survive the stripping of the ship intact. Because the main propulsion system was half stripped, the crew used the maneuvering thrusters to get the ship outside of the local gravity well and jump to the next system. The destination was outside of United Worlds Warlock space and the trek was long and fraught with danger. Eventually however, the badly damaged cruiser was able to get to its destination.

In many ways, the rebuilding of the techno-wizard cruiser was far longer and even more arduous than getting the ship to where it might be rebuilt. Partially due to her initial condition, the “Lady Arctis” ship is one of the most heavily rebuilt Dwarven Iron Ships operating within the Three Galaxies. In comparison, the “Iron Gauntlet” version of the Dwarven Iron Ship is a modest refit. The rebuild of the “Lady Arctis” included the hull, power plant, propulsion, and weapon systems

In battle, the enchanted armored plates had been damaged in several areas. In addition, many more plates had been stripped to replace damaged plates on other Dwarven Iron Ships. Due to the cost of the enchanted plates, it would have been prohibitive to replace them. Instead, it was decided to strip most of the remaining plates and sell them to help defray rebuilding costs. Only in a few areas, those hardest to strip, were the original plates retained.

In the place of the original crude iron plates, the ship was fitted with modern composite and alloy plates. Where the old armor plates were retained, they were reinforced with additional composite and alloy materials. These new materials are much lighter weight although of similar volume and are far stronger. It was decided that the armor plates would be bolted on in a similar fashion to the original iron plates. Partially this was to made it far easier to replace damaged armor.

As previously described, the mystical energy generator was also intact. However, the original fusion plant had been largely stripped. As it was, the system is considered primitive compared to modern fusion plants. It was decided to replace the original power system with a modern civilian power plant which actually produces far greater power yet is more compact. The fact that the armor had been largely stripped when the reactor was replaced made it far easier to replace than it would have been otherwise.

The techno-wizard cruiser’s propulsion system was in a similar condition to the power plant. While the Rift Drive was still intact, there was simply no way that the normal drive system could be restored. In any case, it was not considered worth rebuilding. Instead a much more powerful drive system replaced the original system, increasing the original acceleration by around fifteen percent.

The weapon systems had been largely stripped. The only weapon system which remained intact was the Rift Cannon which the ship was largely built around. Luckily, the “Armor of Ithan” generator was one of the systems which also remained intact as well. There was a fair amount of argument around what the new weapon layout would be. Most of the techno-wizards wanted enchanted weapon system while the other officers and crew wanted more conventional weapon systems. Eventually, the more conventional side most won the debate.

The original “Flame Cannons” were replaced by a pair of 28 cm particle beams. These are a fairly common weapon system on older Human Alliance vessels. These heavy particle beams have similar output to the flame cannons but have much greater range while being longer ranged and having a greater rate of fire. The original five inch laser cannons were replaced by similar units even though not in common service outside of United Worlds Warlock service.

Along with the main battery, point defense weaponry was also stripped with none of the particle beams or mini-missile batteries remaining intact. It was decided to replace the original particle beams with variable focus particle beams. These particle beams are identical to those carried on the Consortium Assault Shuttle. In addition, four conventional rail guns are mounted. These are older Human Alliance designs of a similar age to the main anti-ship particle beams. Finally, the four bottle demon missile launchers are replaced by conventional mini-missile batteries.

To give the ship greater anti-ship firepower, the ship mounts two capital missile batteries. These batteries are old Kreeghor weapon systems stripped from a destroyed older Berserker class attack. Because the ship is not being operated by the United Worlds Warlock navy, bottle demon capital missiles are not available to the ship although some special enchanted capital missiles are available. Only forty capital missiles are carried for each launcher however. In addition to the capital missile batteries, a pair of medium range missile batteries are mounted to give the ship some longer range defense against missile volleys. These are common civilian launchers modified to fire larger missile volleys.

So far, most of what has been described has been the technological weapon systems but the ship does carry a number of enchantments. Included in this is a mini-death cloud. The weapon fires water which freezes immediately on firing and can be very effective both against incoming missiles and against attacking ships in some cases by throwing almost a wall of ice at an attacking craft. It is even effective against plasma weaponry.

It was from this system that the ice generators were developed but instead of spraying a field, it creates ice on the hull through a number of enchanted sprinklers. The sprayers are on telescoping mounts and spray downwards onto the hull. Of course the ice armor does reduce acceleration to some extent but is generally considered worth it. With the ship’s more powerful engines, the ship’s acceleration is still greater than a standard Dwarven Iron Ship. The ice armor has no effect on the ship’s ability to make Rift Jumps.

For fighter compliment, Shadow Bolt fighters are extremely expensive at around twice what many other fighter designs might cost. As a result, it was decided to mount more conventional fighter designs. Almost three I.C.E. Hyena fighters can be purchased for the cost of a single Shadow Bolt. As a result, the rebuilt cruiser embarks three squadrons of the new fighter design. In addition, the techno-wizard cruiser embarks a single squadron of upgraded Osprey class fighters. Instead of Warlock Combat Armors, knock off versions of the Silver Hawk are embarked.

Even though the ship mounts additional weapon systems compared to the original Dwarven Iron Ship, the fusion plant and propulsion systems are more modern and require less crew.. As a result, the crew requirements are essentially the same. Due to the removal of some of the mystical systems however, the number of techno-wizards required is reduced.

This starship design uses modified starship speed and weapon range rules. See Revised Starship Rules for Phase World / Three Galaxies for more details.

Model Type: UW-C15 (Upgrade).

Class: Space Cruiser (techno-wizard).

Crew: 243, including a magic team of 12 techno-wizards (levels 2-6).

Troop Capacity: 60 Marines (Typically 30 stay on board for ship defense), 50 fighter pilots, 20 power armor pilots, and can carry up to 20 passengers in addition.


Power Armors & Robots:



SC-MM-1000 Stormcrow Space Combat Exoskeleton.

Fighter Compliment:



Ross Aerospace MSX-128-ICE “I.C.E. Hyena” Light Starfighters.



Vector Aerospace SF-6 “U” Super Osprey class Medium Starfighters.

M.D.C. By Location:


Ice Armor [4]:


Rift Projector Cannon (One, in front):




28 cm Main Particle Beam Batteries (2):

1,500 each.

+300 each.


12.7 cm Medium Laser Cannon Turrets (4):

800 each.



Magical “Mini-Death Cloud” Cannons (1):




Variable Focus Particle Beam Mounts (8):

150 each.



Point Defense Electromagnetic Rail Guns (8):

150 each.



Cruise Missile Batteries (2, sides):

800 each.

+160 each.


Medium Range Missile Batteries (2):

500 each.



Mini-Missile Launchers (4):

100 each.



[1] Main Bridge:




[1] Auxiliary Bridge:




[2] Main Body:




Hangar Bay:




[3] Magical “Armor of Ithan” Force Field:




[1] In reality this is how much damage needs to be done for a weapon to hit the bridge through the ship’s armor. This ship also has an auxiliary bridge. Even if both bridges are taken out, the ship can still be piloted from engineering but ship is -3 to dodge and all weapon systems will be at local control. Weapon hits near the bridge that do not penetrate the ships integrity can injure crew members on or near the bridge.

[2] Depleting the M.D.C. of the main body will put the Cruiser out of commission. All internal systems will shut down, including life support and internal gravity. The ship itself will be an unsalvageable floating wreck.

[3] This is not a variable force field, but a magical shield that must be completely depleted. Once the shield has been knocked down, it will cost 1,000 P.P.E. and require one minute (4 melee rounds) of spell casting to restore the force field. As per the spell “Armor of Ithan,” magic, fire, lightning, and cold all inflict one-half damage.

[4] Ice armor protects only major hit locations with a maximum protection of 20% of individual hit locations. The ice armor generator costs 100 P.P.E. to activate with each activation restoring one fifth (1/5) of the maximum ice armor. Requires five activations to fully built or restore the ice armor. Ice generators generally only work while the ship is in space although might also work in some arctic conditions.


Driving on the Ground: Not Possible.

Water Surface: 40 knots (74.1 km/46 mph).

Underwater: 30 knots (55.6 km/34.5 mph).

Sublight: Has a special sublight engine that allows the ship to travel up to 60 percent of the speed of light. Star Ship can accelerate/decelerate at the rate of 0.95 percent of light per melee. The ice armor reduces acceleration by around 10%, reducing acceleration to 0.85 percent of light per melee.

Atmospheric Propulsion: Maximum speed is 250 mph (402.3 kph), can enter an atmosphere and can leave but is not designed for atmospheric flight. Reduce speed to 200 mph (321.9 kph) if carrying ice armor and armor is likely to rip off in an atmosphere.

Star Drive: Rift Jump Drive; maximum safe jump distance of 20 light years every four hours (Jump costs 4,000 P.P.E. per activation.)

Range: Life support will keep crew alive for up to ten years, as long as the P.P.E. generators are kept in working order.

Statistical Data:

Height:  80 feet (24.4 meters) main body; 160 feet (48.8 meters) from the bottom of the main body to the top of the bridge. Does not included ice armor.

Width:   85 feet (25.9 meters) for hull and 105 feet (32.0 meters) including cruise missile launchers. Does not included ice armor.

Length:  800 feet (244 meters).Does not included ice armor.

Weight / Mass: 128,000 tons (116,100 metric tons). Does not included ice armor.

Power System: Conventional Advanced Fusion with a 20 year life span. The cruiser also has a P.P.E. generator that produces 6,000 P.P.E. per hour / 25 P.P.E. per melee round (Activating the Rifts drive costs 4,000 P.P.E.) and can hold up to 20,000 P.P.E. in storage. This P.P.E. can be used to power the Rifts Drive or can be used to power spells cast by the cruiser’s crew.

Cargo: Cargo holds are scattered about the ship that allows for carrying up 5,000 tons (4,536 metric tons) of cargo in addition to standard compliment of supplies and ammunition. Each enlisted crew member has a small locker for personal items and uniforms. Ship’s officers have more space for personal items. Most of the ship’s spaces are taken up by extra ammunition, armor, troops, weapons, engine, and other equipment.

Market Cost: The Dwarven Iron Cruiser would costs 22 billion credits to construct. The ship is no longer in production or for sale. Upgrade costs around 3.8 billion credits. Cost does not include embarked craft.


  1. One (1) Rifts Projector Cannon: In the nose of the ship is large opening which is the main barrel of the cannon. The cannon creates a huge rift in front of the cannon that has a variable effect. This weapon can become a danger to the ship if it fails. The cannon has a 0.5% cumulative chance of failure (i.e., becomes 1% after two shots, 2% after four, and so on). This cannon has penalties to strike small targets. For more information on the Rifts Projector Cannon, refer to page 155 of Dimension Book 2: Phase World (Except ranges are 1,000 times range in book in space.)

    Maximum Effective Range: 50,000 miles (80,000 km) in space and 50 miles (80 km) in an atmosphere.

    Mega-Damage: Roll on table in Dimension Book 2: Phase World page 156.

    Rate of Fire: Can fire once per minute (4 melee rounds/ 60 seconds).

    Payload: Requires 1,000 P.P.E. each time fired.

  2. Two (2) Main 28 cm Particle Beam Batteries: Replacing the original flame cannons, in the front of the ship are two 28 cm particle beam cannons. Weapon has standard penalties to hit fighters and small targets. These can be fired forward and can be angled up to 120 degrees aft (can only fire one cannon at a target at that angle but can spin to be able to bring both batteries to bear) and can fire at a 30 degree angle up or down. The weapon system cannot be used to engage targets while traveling at faster than light velocities.

    Maximum Effective Range: 70,000 miles (112,650 km) in space and 70 miles (112.7 km) in an atmosphere.

    Mega Damage: 1D4x1000 M.D.C. each (Both can be linked for 2D4x1000 M.D.C. combined.)

    Rate of Fire: Maximum of three (3) times per melee per particle beam.

    Payload: Effectively Unlimited.

  3. Four (4) 5 inch (12.7 cm) Laser Cannons: These weapons are in their own turrets on the top, sides, and bottom of the ship. These are a modern weapon system that are powered by the ships reactor. Each mount can rotate 180 degrees and have a 80 degree arc of fire up and a 45 degree arc of fire down. The cannons are not quite as powerful as the cannons on the CAF classes but have a higher rate of fire. Weapon has standard penalties to hit fighters and small targets for large starship weaponry. The weapon system cannot be used to engage targets while traveling at faster than light velocities.

    Maximum Effective Range: 16,000 miles (25,000 km) in space and 16 miles (25 km) in an atmosphere.

    Mega Damage: 1D6x100 M.D.C. each.

    Rate of Fire: Equal to the combined hand to hand attacks of the gunner (usually 4 or 5).

    Payload: Effectively Unlimited.

  4. One (1) Magical “Mini Death Cloud” Cannons: This cannon is mounted on the ship’s sail like superstructure. This weapon is very similar to the cannon that is mounted on the Arcane patrol ship. Opening a portal to the elemental plane of water, the weapon release a massive amount of water that quickly freezes. While the ice is not a solid barrier, the particle density of the ice is great enough to eliminate missiles and inflict large amounts of damage to larger targets. Each weapon releases about 1/4 of the ice that the weapon mounted on the Arcane patrol ship does. The weapon can also be used to block heavy plasma weapons and can be used to hide a ship on sensors systems. The “wall” of ice has a virtually indefinite duration in space but does drift at the heading and speed of the ship launching the “wall” of ice. If used in an atmosphere, the weapon has only a momentary duration and reduced effects. The weapon system is useless underwater. The cloud of ice is -6 to dodge normally with the penalties for large ships used as well.

    Maximum Effective Range: Can be accurately targeted up to 1,000 miles (1,600 km) with a diameter of 25,000 feet (15,200 meters) when used in space and 10 miles (16 km) with a diameter of 250 feet (152 meters) when used in an atmosphere.

    Mega-Damage: A ship or missile 1D6 x speed of target in percentage of light. For example, a ship traveling at 10% of the speed of light would have 1D6x10 inflicted on them. Larger ships will have greater damage inflicted on them. Destroyer sized ships (greater than 1,000 tons but less than 40,000 tons) have damage multiplied by 5, Light Cruiser sized ships (greater than 40,000 tons but less than 100,000 tons) have damage multiplied by 10, Heavy cruiser sized ships (Greater than 100,000 but less 1 million tons) have damage multiplied by 20, and the truly huge ships like heavy cargo ships and battleships (1 million tons and greater) have damage multiplied by 100. Most missiles are automatically destroyed by the cloud of ice. If used in an atmosphere, the weapon will automatically knock missiles off course and anyone flying through the cloud of water will need to make a piloting roll at -6. Optional: The speed of the ship launching the cloud may also be calculated but it is math intensive due to the fact that direction of travel and vectors will also effect the damage of the weapon.

    Rate of Fire: Twice (2) per melee per mini-death cloud cannon.

    Payload: Each weapon may be activated 20 times per twenty four hour period. Further activations require 100 P.P.E. from either onboard magicians or drawing on the ship’s P.P.E. generator.

  5. Eight (8) Variable Focus Particle Beam Mounts: These particle beams are copied from those carried on the CAF Assault Shuttle and will fire a very powerful narrow beam and can fire a scatter effect that is less powerful but is capable of striking multiple targets. The weapon system is quite useful against missiles although the cone is not as wide as Tachyon cannon sprays are (Gives +2 bonus vs fast moving targets such as missiles.) Weapons are mounted in turrets that can rotate 360 and have a 180 arc of fire. Each mount can be operated by a gunner or a gunner program (+2 to strike, 3 Attacks per melee).

    Maximum Effective Range: 300 miles (480 km) in space and 3 miles (4.8 km) in an atmosphere.

    Mega Damage: Single Target: 4D6x10 per blast. Wide Beam: 5D6 to all targets within a 5,000 foot (1,524 meter) diameter area. When fired as a wide beam, the cannon cannot be used on targets closer than 5,000 feet (1,524 meters) away.

    Rate of Fire: Equal to the combined hand to hand attacks of the gunner (usually 4 or 5).

    Payload: Effectively Unlimited.

  6. Four (4) Point Defense 15 mm Electromagnetic Rail Guns: Unlike most of the rail guns used on Phase World / Three Galaxies starships, these are standard electromagnetic rail guns. They are used as an anti-starfighter and missile weapon and against targets that are impervious to energy. Each rail gun is in a turret that can rotate 360 and has a 180 arc of fire. When used in space, projectiles are fired from rail gun mounts at a significant fraction of the speed of light. The weapon system cannot be used to engage targets while traveling at faster than light velocities. Rail gun uses 15 mm depleted uranium projectiles.

    Maximum Effective Range: 16 miles (26 km) through atmosphere and 800 miles (1,290 km) in space.

    Mega-Damage: Rail gun inflicts 3D6x10 M.D.C. for an 80 round burst.

    Rate of Fire: Equal to the combined hand to hand attacks of the gunner (usually 4 or 5).

    Payload: 16,000 rounds (200 bursts) each cannon.

  7. Two (2) Cruise Missile Batteries: Mounted on either side of the hull, these launchers are older style Kreeghor cruise missile launchers and have a reduced payload compared to newer Empire launchers. The ship carries batteries with ten cruise missile launchers each to launch cruise missile. Missile has a top speed of Mach 25 in an atmosphere and in space has an acceleration of 10% of light per turn (far faster than any starship) in space. When drive goes dead, missile will continue to travel in a straight line unless set to self destruct or receives a destruct code but has very low odds of hitting star ships (Great for hitting bases and planets because target does not move and missile, when unpowered, is at -25% to be detected.) Cruise missiles have penalties to hit small targets but are all considered smart missiles. Each battery can be used to launch against multiple targets but is rarely used that way.

    Maximum Effective Range: Cruise Missile range is 8,000 miles (12,875 km) in an atmosphere and 4,000,000 miles (6,437,376 km/ 21.5 light seconds) in space.

    Mega-Damage & Properties: See revised Phase World / Three Galaxies missile tables for details (Anti-Matter warheads inflict 4D6x100 M.D.C. each.)

    Rate of Fire: Fires volleys of ten (10) cruise missiles per launcher, per melee round, for a total of twenty (20) cruise missiles per melee round. Launchers are reloaded on the same melee and can be fired again on the next.

    Payload: Eighty (80) total, forty (40) cruise missiles per launcher.

  8. Two (2) Medium Range Missile Batteries: A slightly modified version of the medium range missile batteries carried on a normal Merchantman. They can fire larger volleys and have a much larger payload than the launchers originally carried. Missile has a top speed of Mach 15 in an atmosphere and in space has an acceleration of 6% of light per turn. Normally used for anti-fighter and point defense. Batteries can launch on multiple targets each at the same time.

    Maximum Effective Range: Medium range missile range is 160 miles (257.5 km) in an atmosphere and 80,000 miles (128,750 km/0.43 light seconds) in space.

    Mega-Damage: Varies with medium range missile type (Multi-warhead heavy warheads inflict 5D6x10 M.D.C. each - See revised Phase World / Three Galaxies missile tables for details.)

    Rate of Fire: Can fire medium range missiles one at a time or in volleys of two (2), four (4), eight (8), or sixteen (16) medium range missiles per battery, per melee attack.

    Payload: 160 per battery for a total of 320 medium range missiles.

  9. Four (4) Mini-Missile Launchers: Replace the bottle demon launchers. These are missile turrets used for point defense against enemy fighters and missiles. Missile has a top speed of Mach 10 in an atmosphere and in space has an acceleration of 2% of light per turn (slightly faster than any starship except if it is exceeding it maximum safe acceleration). Batteries can launch on multiple targets each at the same time. Mini-Missile in the Phase World / Three Galaxies setting are normally smart missiles.

    Maximum Effective Range: Mini Missile range is 2 miles (3.2 km) in an atmosphere and 100 miles (161 km) in space.

    Mega-Damage: Varies with mini-missile type (See revised Phase World / Three Galaxies missile tables for details.)

    Rate of Fire: Can fire mini-missiles one at a time or in volleys of four (4) or eight (8) mini-missiles.

    Payload: 128 per launcher for a total of 512 mini-missiles. Cargo hold has an additional 1,024 mini-missile. Reloading launchers from cargo hold takes 1D6 minutes.

  10. Ice Generators: Along the ship is a series of pipes which are designed to spray out water with nozzles on telescoping pipes designed to spray downwards onto the ship. These are connected to a dimensional gateway to the elemental plane of water. In most cases, ships have to take on the water and slowly spray it onto the hull but the system is automatic on the “Lady Arctis.” Each time the system is activated, it forms or restores one fifth of the maximum amount of ice. Protects major hit locations but not minor hit locations.

    Range: Vessel only.

    Effects: Creates ice armor which protects major hit locations on vessel. Maximum addition protection is 20% of hit location. Each activation forms or restores one fifth (1/5) of maximum ice armor protection. Only creates ice in space and other extremely cold conditions.

    Rate of Fire: Can be activated once a minute (4 melee rounds).

    Payload: Each activation costs 100 P.P.E.

  11. Techno-Wizard Modifications: The “Lady Arctis” has the following techno-wizard modifications built into the ship. These require P.P.E. or I.S.P. from the ships crew or P.P.E. battery.

    Special Features:

      Shadow Meld (6th Level) - 80 P.P.E. or 160 I.S.P.

      Impervious to Energy (6th Level) - 160 P.P.E. or 320 I.S.P.

      Invisibility-Superior (6th Level) - 160 P.P.E. or 320 I.S.P.

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