Valdemarian Power Armor:

The Valdemarian Imperium was once a power in the Three Galaxies. Of course, this is around sixty-five thousand years in the past. The only race which is believe to have been prominent at that time and still around presently were the Prometheans. The Prometheans appear to have had no knowledge of the Valdemarian Imperium. Various reasons have been given for this including the idea that the Valdemarian Imperium was mostly limited to an area of around only couple of dozen light years in diameter and only twelve star systems.

Something happened which destroyed the Imperium. Most scholars consider it most likely that it was some kind of super nova type event. Various different possibilities exist including a quantum nova event. There is a large stellar object in the middle of the cluster of stars which were once inhabited. Whatever happened, life was stripped from the home worlds of the Valdemarian Imperium. There are various explanations as well why they could not escape using faster than light drives.

At one time, they appear to have had vast military fleets. The Valdemarian Imperium had incredibly advanced technology which the major powers of the Three Galaxies are just approaching now. They were masters of gravity based technology and automated manufacturing facilities. They also are known to have build one of the largest starship designs, the Battle Sphere, in the Three Galaxies. The one place where they seem to have not been extremely advanced are in medical and cybernetics.

Extensive studies of the race have been ongoing since the first remnants were discovered. The Valdemarian are closely related to the elves of the Three Galaxies. In fact, they effectively were elves and their language is clearly derived from the elven language known in other places of the Three Galaxies although they had a number of technical terms that have no elven equivalent.

There are two basic versions of the Valdemarian Power Armor. One is a purely ground based version while the other is a flight capable version. Both share the same basic chassis and many of the same systems. The ground based armor is heavier armor and has a more powerful force field as additional protection. The space version has a contragrav / slip stream flight system and is extremely maneuver even though less well protected. It is as fast as many modern fighters although not as heavily armed.

Unlike many pieces of Valdemarian military hardware, there are a few examples of these power armors recovered intact. Half a dozen of them have been found in underground areas where they were sheltered from what destroyed the home worlds of the Valdemarian Imperium. Many more partial armors have been found as well.

At the moment, the power armor is considered too complex to reproduce economically. It would likely cost more than four times that of a Silver Hawk Power Armor to produce. In many ways, the Silver Hawk is the most similar modern design even though the Valdemarian armor is not fitted with wings. Still, the recovered armors have been extensively studied and these armors can sell for hundreds of millions of credits. Even a partially complete armor can be worth millions of credits. Many governments are interested in examples of these armors and will pay well for them.

All versions of the power armor are fitted with the same weapon arrays. The main weaponry of the power armor is a rifle which combines a gravity needle gun and a pulse fusion blaster. The fusion blaster is quite powerful although limited in range compared to the gravity needle gun. The gravity gun also has extraordinary penetration and quite often causes critical damage. Both weapons can be fired simultaneously when within range. The power armor is also armed with fusion blasters mounted on each wrist of the power armor. As well, the armor has a pair of mini-missile launchers with a launcher mounted on each shoulder. Each one carries four mini-missiles for a total of eight mini-missiles.

This space version of this power armor design used modified starship rules. See Revised Starship Rules for Phase World / Three Galaxies for more details.

Model Type:

Ground Armor

Ground Version not fitted with a CG flight pack


Space Armor

Space Version fitted with a CG flight pack

Vehicle Type: Power Armor

Crew:   One

M.D.C. By Location:

Ground Version:

Space Version:


Combination Rifle:




Missile Box Launchers (2 - Shoulders):

120 each

120 each


Wrist Fusion Blaster (2):

60 each

60 each


Arms (2):

180 each

125 each


Legs (2):

250 each

225 each


[1] Slip Stream / Contragravity System (l, in back):




[2] Head:




[3] Main Body:




[4] Defense Force Field




[1] Destroying the contragravity system reduces all the special bonuses of the flight version given below and prevents the armor from flying. A normal jet propulsion system or jet backpack can replace the contragravity system, but it won't have any of the special flight bonuses and its speed will be a fraction of normal (that of the replacement system).

[2] Destroying the head of the power armor will eliminate all forms of optical enhancement and sensory systems. The pilot is forced to rely on his own human vision and sensors. Furthermore, all power armor combat bonuses to strike, parry and dodge are lost. More importantly, in the vacuum of space the character will be subject to explosive decompression, de- hydration, freezing and asphyxiation. Most alien species will suffer 1D4x10 S.D.C. damage immediately and will die in 1D4 minutes. Note: The head can only be hit when a character makes a called shot and even then the attacker is at -4 to strike.

[3] Depleting the M.D.C. of the main body will shut the armor down completely, making it useless.

[4] The force field will stop energy attacks and fast moving objects. Slow moving objects can pass through. It regenerates one (1) M.D.C. per melee round unless overloaded and then cannot be activated for 12 hours if overloaded. The force field pulls its power off of the power plant.


Running: Both Version: 70 mph (112.6 km) maximum. Note that the act of running does tire out its operator, but at 10% of the usual fatigue rate, thanks to the robot exoskeleton and contragravity system

Sublight: Ground Armor: Not Possible. Space Armor: Has a special sublight engine that allows the power armor to travel up to 20 percent of the speed of light. Power Armor can accelerate/decelerate at the rate of 1.4 percent of light per melee using slip stream drive. (If the Slip stream generators are damage, reduce acceleration to 1.1 percent of light per melee.)

Atmospheric Propulsion: Ground Armor: Not Possible. Space Armor: Up to Mach 2 (approximately 1,482.9 mph/ 2,386.5 km) in an atmosphere. Can enter an atmosphere because flight system is contra grav.

Range: Unlimited. The contragravity system on flight capable version does not overheat. The only limit is the pilot’s endurance.

Statistical Data:

Height:  Both Versions: 8.20 feet (2.5 meters).

Width: Both Versions: 4.59 feet (1.4 meters).

Length: Ground Armor: 3.61 feet (1.1 m) Space Armor: 4.10 feet(1.25 meters).

Weight: Ground Armor: 936.96 lbs (425 kg) Space Armor: 881.85 lbs (400 kg)

Physical Strength: Equal to a P.S. 50

Cargo: None

Power System: Advanced High Density Fusion, Duration without refueling of 20 years. Unlike the Valdemarian Battle Sphere, the power armor cannot refuel itself.

Market Cost: If mass produced, would likely cost between 16 to 20 million credits each. Major governments will give 100 or more million credits for a completely intact armor and 20 or more million for a mostly intact power armor suit.

Weapon Systems:

  1. One (1) Combination Rifle: Rifle combines a gravity needle gun and a pulse fusion cannon. The fusion beam is the larger barrel and is mounted above the gravity beam. Weapon pulls power directly from the main fusion plant of the power armor. Both weapons can be combined into a single blast when they are within range. The gravity beam inflicts full damage to targets with the spell impervious to energy and cosmic knight will take 1/10 damage (10%) instead of the normal 1/100 damage (1%).Theoretically, the weapon can actually be used against targets which travel at faster than the speed of light.

    Maximum Effective Range: Gravity Beam: 1.24 miles (2.0 km) through atmosphere and 124.3 miles (200 km) in space. Fusion Beams: 1,640.4 feet (500 meters) through atmosphere and 31.1 miles (50 km) in space.

    Mega-Damage: Gravity Beam: 2D6x10 (Optional rule is that cannons gets a critical strike on a natural 18, 19, or 20 due to its high penetration.) Fusion Beams: 3D6x10. Both weapons can be combined for a damage of 5D6x10 per burst when within range.

    Rare of Fire: Equal to the combined number of hand to hand attacks of the pilot.

    Payload: Effectively Unlimited.

  2. Two (2) Forearm Fusion Beams: Each arm mounts a pulse fusion beam. While quite short ranged, the weapon can be extremely dangerous at close range. It is used as a backup if the pilot loses his combat rifle and can use both at the same time as one attack if the pilot has Paired Weapons: Energy Pistol

    Maximum Effective Range: 656.2 feet (200 meters) in an atmosphere. Range is eight times normal when used in space.

    Mega-Damage: 4D6 for Single Shot and 1D6x10+10 for 3 simultaneous blasts. If the person has paired weapons, Energy Pistol, can do up to 2D6x10+20 per attack.

    Rate of Fire: Equal to number of combined hand to hand attacks (usually 4-6).

    Payload: Effectively unlimited.

  3. Two (2) Shoulder Mini-Missile Launchers: Each shoulder of the power armor has a box launcher for four mini-missiles with a total of eight missiles maximum. Mini-Missiles of the Three Galaxies are self guided. Missile has a top speed of Mach 10 in an atmosphere and in space has an acceleration of 2% of light per turn (slightly faster than any starship except if it is exceeding it maximum safe acceleration).

    Maximum Effective Range: Mini-Missile range is 2 miles (3.2 km) in an atmosphere and 100 miles (161 km) in space. At game masters option, missile range can be increased by 25% due to more advanced technology.

    Mega Damage: As per Mini-Missile Type (See revised Phase World / Three Galaxies missile tables for details.)

    Rate of Fire: Can fire missiles one at a time or in volleys of two (2), four (4), or eight (8) missiles.

    Payload: Eight (8) total, Four (4) per box launcher.

  4. Energy Rifles or Light Rail Gun and other hand-held weapons can be substituted in an emergency or used as a back-up weapon. Space limitations and the bulk of the armor limit additional rifle weapons to one rifle and one pistol.

  5. Stealth System: The power armor can change its colors to match the background and can mask most energy emissions effectively making the armor effectively invisible. The stealth system is most effective when the power armor is stationary or traveling in a straight line. In these cases, there is a -10 penalty to strike. Evasive maneuvers or attacks will make the armor visible but there will still be at -5 to strike. Military class sensors reduce these penalties by half.

  6. Hand to Hand Combat: Rather than use a weapon, the pilot can engage in mega-damage hand to hand combat.

    Bonuses and Damage from Valdemarian Power Armor Combat Training:

      Restrained Punch - 1D6 M.D.

      Full Strength Punch - 3D6 M.D.

      Power Punch - 6D6 M.D. (counts as two attacks)

      Kick - 4D6 M.D.

      Leap Kick - 6D6 +3 (counts as two attacks)

      Body Block/Ram (on the ground) - 2D6 M.D.

      Body Block/Ram (flying) - 4D6 M.D.

      +2 to strike

      +2 to parry (+4 for Space version of power armor as long as flight system is operational)

      +3 to dodge on the ground (+4 on ground and +6 to dodge flying for Space version of power armor as long as flight system is operational)

      +2 to roll with impact (+4 for Space version of power armor as long as flight system is operational)

      +2 to pull punch

      +2 melee actions/attacks at level one.

      +1 additional attack at levels four, eight, and twelve.

    Note: If gravity flying system is destroyed or disable, reduce the bonuses to parry, dodge and roll with impact by half.

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