Dartrok Race (Phase World):

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The Dartrok race are powerful supernatural creatures and will be overbalancing if used as player characters. As well, adventurers are primarily suppose to be good and the motivations of the Dartroks do not fit in with those of most player characters.


No one really knows where the Dartroks come from. Some scientists and scholars have theorized that the Dartroks come from another dimension while others believe that they traveled the vast distances from somewhere outside of the Three Galaxies. Whatever is the case, no one had heard anything of them before they conquered their first star system. The reality is that very little is even know about them even now. There is even some discussion that the UFO aliens are in reality searching for the Dartrok and that the two groups are deadly enemies of each other.

The Dartrok technology is almost all organic in origin and is the equal or greater than some of the most advanced technology developed by the Consortium of Civilized Worlds or any other advanced culture within the Three Galaxies. Using their powerful ships and advanced technology, the Dartroks were quickly able to seize a couple of dozen independent star systems and several small star nations. Each of the nations that they went after only consisted of two or three actual systems and did not have large military forces. All of the systems were close together and they were outside of the space considered important by either the Consortium or the Trans-Galactic Empire. Reactions varied in the systems that were yet to have been attacked. Some surrendered without a fighter, other joined either the Consortium or the Trans-Galactic Empire for protection, and the remainder organized together to fight of the Dartroks. They became the Combined Star Protectorate and along with strengthen their own military, they have hired several Mercenary Fleets to further increase their forces.

When they ran out of independent system to absorb, the Dartroks stopped conquering systems and left the larger multi powers star nations alone including the new Combined Star Protectorate. As yet, the Dartroks have not actively engaged any relatively large and organized star systems. This has lead many Naval Strategists and Government Leaders to believe that the Dartroks only have limited military forces. As supporting evidence, many of them use the fact that the Dartrok have been using captured vessels crewed by non-Dartrok to augment their fleets.

The Dartrok keep almost complete control over the sentient beings in the star systems that they control. They warn any civilian type vessels before entering the space under their control but attack with no warning any military type vessel that enters into Dartrok space. They pursue any military ships until the ships are either destroyed or surrender and there are none known to have escaped. While most of their non Dartrok ships were captured when they captured Star Systems, some of the ships serving in their forces were captured when military vessels got curious about Dartrok space. The Dartrok have allowed a few humanitarian vessels from the Consortium of Civilized Worlds to check on conditions for races under the Dartrok yoke. The non-Dartrok are rigidly controlled under Dartrok rules not allowed to travel without specific Dartrok permissions but they have not been abused. The humans and other sentient races under Dartrok control are told that they are not capable of governing themselves and that the Dartroks only took control so that they would have proper overlords. Weapons were taken out of the hands of all Dartrok that are not in the military and as such have little ability to revolt although there is much resentment against their overlords.

The Consortium of Civilized Worlds might be able to free the systems from under Dartrok control but many leaders and senior officers are against it because they feel it would weakening their forces to the point where they could not protect their own space and the Trans-Galactic Empire would be likely to take advantage of a weaken Consortium. There are hints that Consortium Military Intelligence is trying to come up with a plan against the Dartrok but the Dartroks keep such tight control of their systems, no plans seem to have much chance of success. The Kreeghor seem to be ignoring the Dartrok. At the moment, most of their forces are arrayed against other enemies and it is possible attacking the Dartrok could cause devastating military losses. The Kreeghor have also lost more forces in some recent engagements then they have been able to make up for. The Combined Star Protectorate has started multiple times that they would free the systems under Dartroks tyranny but do not have the forces to do so. They have been looking for powerful allies but have not been able to do so. None of the other major powers, including the Splugorth and United Worlds Warlock, seem to have any plans against the Dartrok. This is likely due to the distances involved because the Dartrok are not near any of their space. There have been several meeting between the Dartrok and UFO aliens. In each case, they have fought each other which supports the idea that they are implacable enemies.

Since the Dartroks built their empire, they have lost only one star system. The system which escape is know as Talborn and it was the work of a single women. She was a Geneticist and was able to get a sample of Dartrok genetic code. From this she developed a virus that attacked the base Dartrok genetic code that both the race and their equipment, including starships, use. The genetic code of the Dartrok is far different from any other Flora and Fauna within the Three Galaxies and there was no risk that it would cross over into any of them. It was designed to take a few days to take effect and infected many Dartroks and their ships before symptoms began showing. All of the Dartrok and their ships were killed in the system that the virus was released and many Dartroks and ships suffered the same fate in other star systems. This caused disarray throughout the Dartrok Empire and the system that the virus was released immediately declared itself independent from the Dartrok and joined the Combined Star Protectorate. The Dartrok eventually developed defenses against the virus but no systems escaped from the Dartrok yoke other than Talborn System. Talborn has not been attacked again by the Dartroks and the Combined Star Protectorate helped them to developed significant defenses. The women is seen as a hero on the planet of Talborn as well as by the Combined Star Protectorate but has been vilified by many others for the use of Biological Warfare. This includes groups within the Consortium and independents as well. Surprising to many is the fact that the Dartrok have not done anything against the populations of other planets under their yoke in response to what she did.

The Dartrok seem to have a different tactic for dealing with systems outside of their own empire. They first started using this tactic soon after Talborn succeeded from their space and some government leaders and military strategists think that the planet inspired them. What they do is to offer military assistance in defense of systems that are in trouble with their neighbors. The neighbors have been the Kreeghor, the Splugorth, and others have been independents. Several systems have accepted their offers in defense and the other powers have so far chosen not to challenge the Dartroks. After a few months under the protection of the Dartrok, the government leader or leaders begin to act strangely. One of the most notable things is that they start speaking in support of the official Dartrok policies. While none have yet actually adopted the Dartrok style of government, it seems to only be a matter of time. Many scientists and government leaders believe that there is some form of brainwashing going on and many leaders, scholars, and senior military commanders believe that this is simply the Dartroks new way to take over star systems.

One location is presently of specific concern. This is the star system of Xanadu Station. It is an independent star nation that sits between the Consortium of Civilized Worlds and the Trans-Galactic Empire. In the past it has been threaten by Kreeghor military forces. Because of this and in spite of already having capable allies, the leader of Xanadu signed up ti become allies with the Dartrok. Nothing happened for a while but within a few months, the leader began acting in the same fashion as the leaders of the other star systems that are Dartrok allies. This has alarmed both members of his own government and Xanadu Station's other allies. It has even created concern in both the Consortium of Civilized Worlds and the Trans-Galactic Empire due to Xanadu Station's key location.


Dartroks are extremely advanced but all of their technology uses genetically engineered biological machines instead of more conventional mechanical devices. Included in this are bio-organic telepathic communication devices, bio-organic power armors, bio-organic star ships, and bio-organic star fighters. They can also genetically engineer other races in a similar fashion to gene splicers. They can also adjust personalities and even have implants that give powerful psionics but puts them under the Dartroks control.

Alignments: While their beliefs do not fit completely within Palladium Framework, they are closest to Aberrant.
Attributes: IQ: 2D6+18 ME: 3D6+12 MA: 3D4 PS: 3D6+6 PP: 3D6 PE: 3D6+12 PB: 2D4 SPD: 6D6+12 (Levitating). Strength and Endurance are both considered supernatural.
Hit Points: M.D.C. Creatures in Rifts
M.D.C.: 2D4x100 + 400 (Regenerate at the rate of 2D4x10 per melee)
Horror Factor: 16
P.P.E.: 2D4x10
Natural Abilities: Regenerates 2D4x10 M.D.C. per melee (15 seconds). Only takes half damage from fire, cold, and electricity. Breath both underwater and in the air and is equal adapted for both environment equally. Can trevl underwater at the same speed as through the air. Impervious to most poisons, toxins, and disease (Have to be specifically engineered against Dartroks or they will have no effect). Dartroks float/levitate up to 120 feet (36.6 meters) with no I.S.P. cost. Communicate using telepathy with 10 times normal range with no I.S.P. cost. Con communicate with other Dartrok, their vessel, and minions with a special organic implants at 10,000 miles (16093.4 km) and can be further boosted by their equipment. Can generate up to 6 Electrical Blasts per melee that inflict 2D6x10 M.D.C. and have a 2,000 foot (609.6 meter) range.
Vulnerabilities: Take double damage from Magic Weapons and Rune Weapons.
Disposition: The Dartroks are strong believers in the concept that the ends always justify the means. They believe that they are the perfect race in the Megaverse and that all races are inferior to them and need their wise help in governing themselves. One result of this is the fact that they feel that they are destined to be rulers of all creatures. There rules are severe and do punish those that do not follow their rules. Death is a common punishment. They cannot be considered emotional in the human sense of the word and do not feel hatred or a need for revenge. This shows itself in that even if defeated, they will not pursue the attacker to get revenge. Unlike many other supernatural groups, the Dartroks are very observant and watch other powers. Many might consider Dartroks to be cowards due to the fact that they will not risk themselves unless they need to; although if they need to, they will not hesitate once committed. Where possible they will use minions on anything dangerous and all non Dartroks are considered expendable.
Experience Level: Considered to be the equal of a tenth to fifteenth level Mind Melter (1D6+9)
Magic Knowledge: Dartrok cannot cast magic but can use Techno-Wizard devices although they usually prefer to use their organic equipment and their psionics.
Psionics: I.S.P. 2D4x100+200; Master Psionic (Needs 10 before bonuses to Save). Abilities: All Psionic abilities including super and Mind Bleeder abilities. Normally in combat, they will activate Psychic Body Field before entering into combat
Combat Abilities: Special
Attacks per Melee: Twelve by hand to hand using tentacles or six using electrical blasts or psionics.
Bonuses, Combat: Does not include bonuses for attributes or active psionics. +4 to Strike, +6 to Parry, +6 to Dodge, +2 to Initiative, and +4 to Roll with punch, fall, and impact. Dartroks get critical strikes with a natural 18, 19, or 20.
Damage: Use supernatural strength bonuses for tentacle attacks or by psionic or electrical blast (2D6x10 M.D.C. and have a 2000 foot /609.6 meter range).
Bonuses, Saving Throws: Does not include bonuses for attributes or active psionics. Impervious to most poisons, toxins, and disease (Have to be specifically engineered against Dartroks or they will have no effect). Have +4 to save against psionics, +4 to save against mind control, and +4 save against horror factor.
Skills of Note: Dartroks are adept in Biology and Technology, They rarely study other skill areas. In Biology, the are at about the same technological level as Gene-Splicers and would be able to achieve anything Gene Splicers could. In game terms, Other skill areas would be most Communications, most Electrical, some Espionage (Such as Intelligence), most Mechanical, most Medical (result of Biology), most Pilot (No Animal Riding Skills), Most Science (Especially Astronomy & Biology), and Technical (Including Magic Lore) with all using biologic methods to achieve results instead of more conventional methods. Game masters must decide what skills do not fit a Dartroks. Any skill that involves heavy physical activity or would be considered domestic would not be likely to learned. Remember that Dartroks are power supernatural creatures.
Height: Average 4.5 feet (1.37 meters) but normal floats 3 feet (0.91 meters) off the ground.
Width: 3 feet (0.91 meters)
Length: 6 feet (1.83 meters)
Weight: 600 to 800 lbs (272.1 to 362.9 kg)
Physical Description: Dartroks on first appearance would most likely be described as huge coal black Man-O-War Jellyfish with a huge number of prehensile tentacles and which float through the air without any seeming propulsion. This is deceiving and at closer examination they are constructed more like Cephalopods than jelly fish. They have two forward facing binocular eyes for forward vision and two side facing eyes to give better all around vision. On the bottom of the body and near front of the body is a concealed beak style mouth. It is believed that the tentacles are used in mating along with being used as general prehensile appendages and that Dartroks are Hermaprodites. No young Dartrok has ever been seen. The appearance of the Dartrok has lead some scientists to believe that the Dartrok were an aquatic race and they evolved in a similar fashion to Earth Octopus and Squids.

Dartroks Psionic Booster Implant:
This implant is mostly given to trusted minions but is also implanted in the leaders that have became allies of the Dartrok. These implants are a Dartrok secret and no one else knows about the implant. Due to the strange activity of leaders who have allied with the Dartroks, there are some strange suspicions but mostly of brainwashing. These implants are rare and must be custom created for the individual that they are implanted in. As well, they are implanted by the use of psychic surgery. The implant does not show up on psionic and magical scans and blends in with brain tissue and is very hard to find with most standard technological medical scans as well.
ISP: 3D4x10 + ME. Considered a Master psionic (Needs 10 before bonuses to Save). Abilities: Alter Aura always on to hide implant and psionics and Mind Block Auto Defense. In addition, can chose 4 Healing, 8 Sensitive, 8 Physical, and 3 Super Psionic Abilities
Penalties: The being with the implant has not defenses against any of the Dartrok using psionics against them. They use these both for directly controlling the individual or to adjust their personalty over time.

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