The Ralsiian Star Empire and Ralsiian Species:

This Web Book details the Ralsiian Star Empire, a rapidly expanding Empire similiar to that in some ways of Victorian England, but with strong matriarachal traditions, and a powerful naval force.

The Ralsiian Star Empire is located in the Thundercloud Galaxy and can serve as a catalyst for adventure and major diplomatic or military intrigues.

It could be used to add further diversity and "Balkanization" to a campaign involving the Aliens Unlimited Sourcebook, or as a powerful wildcard force in any campaign involving major combat.

This information and following write-ups are intended to provide as much information as possible on the Ralsiian Star Empire to such an extent as what is available on the major governments in the Phase World books.

All materials contained inside this "web book" are intended to be fully compatable with Kitsune’s variations on the Three Galaxies universe and Phase World as provided to us by C.J. Carella and Kevin Siembieda, in the realms of starship weaponry ranges, REF involvement, and others, ect.

Ralsiian Star Empire:

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