The Ralsiian Star Empire and Ralsiian Species - Population:

The population is heavily slanted towards the three primary races, Ralsiian, Elven, Human, which made up the initial members of the Ralsiian Star Empire. The Wolven have been allowed to spread as well, and are one of the five major races; The Vyrmpyre are an enigmatic species with a very small population, but are oddly welcome in Ralsiian space and hence have a fair percentage of their population there.

Total population: Roughly 2 trillion.

26%Ralsiian (Roughly 500 billion total)
19%Elven (Roughly 375 billion total)
17%Human (Roughly 350 billion total)
7%Wolfen (140 billion total)
0.1%Vyrmpyre (Likely considerably less than 1 billion; Exact population unknown.)
30.9%Other Races (600+ billion total. Exact population unknown.)

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