The Ralsiian Star Empire and Ralsiian Species - Introduction:

Born in the heat of a brutal, genocidal war, the Ralsiian Star Empire is a highly expansionistic and powerful Imperialist nation. Though far better than the Kreeghor, the RSE can best be described as similiar to the British Empire of 19th Century Earth. Gobbling up territory wherever it can, it's army and navy have become famous over the past centuries in it's central home systems for numerous actions against far more primitive species that outnumbered the squadrons or forces sent to subjagate them. Many groups join the Ralsiians willingly; Many to do not. Over time, a large number of species have joined the Empire by various means, though only five of them have any real power, the others treated as second class citizens, and two are quarantined on their homeworlds.

However, in outlook, the Ralsiians can be highly respectful of other "civilized" species and persons, though rather on the arrogant side. They will respect said borders, but at the same time, are, unlike the far more spread out TGE and CCW, expanding in a small area and meticulously conquering and overruning every planet in it, spreading out. With their core worlds about as close to the Galactic Core of the Thundercloud galaxy as planets can be without being ruined, radioactive wrecks, they've gone relatively unnoticed until recently, a fact that was helped by their awesome expansion rate; Their Empire has been built up in less than a millenia.

This extreme rate of expansion is in some way explained by the fact that though the Ralsiians have had Artificial Gravity technology for a very short period of time, especially Contra-Gravity drives, but have had spaceflight for millenium; Their unusual system, with many planets suitable for colonization, and vast resources which were used to construct huge, tens of kilometer long orbital "Space Habitats" meant that a population of tens of billions already existed within a single system, and moreover, mostly people in space who wished to live on a planet (But were forbidden to, as most of the surface of Ralsiia was held by Nobles who wanted to preserve their property intact), and instead lived in massive, spinning "Tin Cans" in space.

Combined with the natural technological burst that came from the meeting of two other species that developed their own unique technologies, and combining the technologies of a Human planet, an Elven one, and the Rals system, and this massive overpopulation of people in orbital habitats who dreamed of living on a true, real planet, resulted in an expansion at a rate that was totally unheard of in the previous history of the Three Galaxies, and is indeed very disturbing to those who know of similiar governments which overwhelmed far older by more static civilizations throughout history (Earth examples being the British Empire's conquest of India and domination of China.)

Quickly, they built up an instellar "Star Empire" of impressive size and strength; It's debatable if the United Worlds Warlock or the Ralsiian Star Empire is the stronger of the two, with some arguing that the centralized system of the Ralsiian Star Empire gives them a strength the U.W.W. lacks, while others argue that the U.W.W. has inherent advantages thanks to it's heavy use of magic.

The Ralsiians first encountered the Kreeghor around three years ago, in an encounter detailed below. It was then they became aware of the galaxy at large and began quietly accepting Vyrmpyre as citizens for unknown reasons; These nomadic refugees welcomed the chance to return to an older lifestyle that many were familiar with. However, the other powers of the Three Galaxies did not begin to recognize that the Ralsiian Star Empire existed until months after that, when the RSE's patrols became more agressive after contact with the Kreeghor. Only within the past few months has the RSE truely become common knowledge, as their Expeditionary Cruisers pushed further out into the galaxy and more embassies were opened.

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