The Ralsiian Star Empire and Ralsiian Species - Important Figures:

Empress Saverana II, Queen of All the Ralsiians: At age fourty five, young for a Ralsiian, and rather notoriously hot-headed; She is intelligence but far to quick with her mouth for a professional politician or leader of a nation, and certainly does not have any of the qualities of a professional politician; However, it could be called good in that regard. She has only reigned for roughly five years, three of which have largely been filled with the overriding concern of how to deal with integration into the intergalactic realm of politics.

Her solution has been to dispatch Expeditionary Cruisers and portions of the fleet on missions to virtually all independant governments other than the Kreeghor, including many minor ones, in a whirlwind of embassy-establishment and diplomatic ties, while at the same time halting outward expansion and trying to stabilize the borders of the Empire, despite opposition. Though she has proposed military spending increases, there aren't the funds for many, and there is hot debate as to if they should go to the army or the navy. The Empress has not weighed in there with her opinion, yet.

She is becoming rather well known in the Three Galaxies because she has gone on many of these missions personally (To the extreme consternation of her ministers, who fear an attack by the Kreeghor on the ships should they learn the Empress is on one.), during which she has both charmed and annoyed populaces, and generally ruffled the feathers of many diplomats by not acting diplomatic. Energetic and young, most of these excursions have resulted in a chaotic series of meetings, banquets, and balls of grand society, though she much prefers hunting excursions over these (To the annoyance of many species and groups with animal rights advocacy), as the Empress is an avid big game hunter.

Rear Admiral Vyrillian Kashima Lictor, The Countess of Kriesdale: Granddaughter of the famous Admiral Jeryllyn Iethan Lictor, Vyillian is following in her Grandmother's footsteps, currently in command of the Battlecruiser Squadron (Which includes the carriers) of the Second Fleet, and hence a Rear Admiral. (Vice Admirals act as second in command of each fleet with a full Admiral as the commander; Each squadron has it's own Rear Admiral.) She was also hence responsible for the Empress, who rode on her flagship in the Battlecruiser Squadron on a series of visits to planets in the Thundercloud Galaxy. Rather hot headed like her Grandmother, the two did not get along, though Her Imperial Highness respects the granddaughter of Jeryllyn Lictor considerably.

Vyrillian has worked for years to get out from under the shadow of her Grandmother when it comes to her own reputation, and finally did during the battle with the Armageddon class Super Dreadnought over one of the Ralsiian Star Empire's colony worlds, when her Battlecruiser Squadron was hotly engaged with the monster. Her squadron is also perhaps the very best trained of those in the RSE, and it's performance records make other Admirals rather envious. Vyrillian also very much lives up to the image of a Battlecruiser Admiral. The so-called "Cavalry of the Fleet" is an image of spit, polish, and dash that the descendant of Jeryllyn, and all officers under her command, do their utmost to uphold. Vyrillian has been one of the loudest proponents of acquiring large numbers of Star Ghosts from the Prometheans, and has argued strongly against proposals to increase funding to the Army in the wake of the panic of possible Rift-based attacks on RSE worlds.

Ivan Koschankov, Lord Protector of the Vyrmpyre community: Entitled is Lordship, Ivan Koschankov is the enigmatic "leader" of the Vyrmpyre "refugees" that have been traveling to the RSE during the past three years to escape persecution in the rest of the galaxy. Both charming and incomprehendable, he is exceptionally wealthy, and his control over the community is a very questionable thing, but he does represent their interests in the House of Lords.

Many factions among this enigmatic species opposed his representation, and his position is tenuous, but nobody quite understands the Vyrmpyre, anyway, and their internal politics as a species, if they have any, are even more murky.

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