The Ralsiian Star Empire and Ralsiian Species - Relations with other Governments:

Consortium of Civilized Worlds: Formal relations with the Consortium of Civilized Worlds have been established quickly, with an embassy and ambassador dispatched to the CCW and established, and relations are coldly formal but polite, well, in most cases. The Ralsiian Star Empire is not regarded as a threat to the CCW by the CCW (Some members of the CCW disagree), but with a history that includes the genocide of two species, and battles in that war that the Ralsiians still glorify, along with a history of colonial expansion that continued until contact with the main galactic powers, the CCW is very wary of the RSE. They believe the RSE is only biding it's time to begin expanding again, possibly by force. The Ralsiians have announced they will respect the borders of the CCW, but continue expansion as they wish and they believe is their right, and the CCW is concerned if respect for the borders includes member canidates or not, and on general principles against expansionist powers. The Noro have been exceptionally vocal in opposition against stronger ties with the RSE, considering their unrepentant and even glorification of the two acts of genocide during the War of the Quadruple Entente, but since the Ralsiian Star Empire has not committed another act qualifiable as genocide under CCW law since then, they were overruled in the matter of preventing diplomatic relations with the RSE.

Free Worlds Council: Though considering the Free Worlds Council a dangerous precedent in terms of their own Empire's safety, the Ralsiians have no love for the Kreeghor and hence have begun to quietly provide them with some support, up to and including fighters, torpedo bombers, and torpedo boats, but no FTL capable ships. The Free Worlds Council wants the help, but is wary of an Empire it regards as, in some cases, little more than one step better than the Kreeghor. However, the fact of the current extreme antimosity between the RSE and the TGE and the fact that most of the FWC worlds are in the Thundercloud galaxy, anyway, has made contact and possible agreements quite common here. The possibility of the Ralsiian Star Empire building full-fledged starships, albeit only on commission, for the FWC, does exist, but the Free Worlds Council is very wary of becoming dependant on an Imperialist power.

Naruni Enterprises: Since the government selects all contracts, the Ralsiian Star Empire is staying far away from Naruni Enterprises, having it's own chosen companies inside it's own space from which weapons and fighters are produced; This is a so-called "Imperial Preference" that applies to all companies outside the Empire, not just Naruni Enterprises. Though no government inside the Ralsiian Star Empire can enter into contracts with the Naruni, private citizens are free to purchase from them at their own risk; However, armed Naruni Repo-Bots attempting to kidnap Ralsiian citizens from Ralsiian territory could well be seen as an act of war.

Human Alliance: So far the only major power in the CCW that has accepted an embassy from the Ralsiian Star Empire, the Human Alliance, which, when it completes it's current agressive military modernization plan, may be roughly equal in power to the Ralsiian Star Empire, has entered in close relations with the RSE; This disturbs the Noro, but the Human Alliance sees in the Ralsiian Star Empire a potential major ally against the TGE, should the worst case scenario occur and the CCW collapses. Still, the Human Alliance is being cautious in this endeavour; Accepting an embassy allows them to observe the Ralsiian political machine in action and to some extent their military views from attaches, ect. The wariness is in some cases mutual, though for different reasons with the Ralsiians; some Ralsiians of the Ralsiian and other non-human species are more wary of a specifically "human" alliance, namely in terms of racism, (And the same with human members of the Ralsiian Star Empire, who are quite heavily integrated in the culture.) or more precisely paranoia towards other races (A measure of paranoia in and of it's self from Ralsiians holding that view; It is unfounded), but as humans and Ralsiians and Elves have gotten along for centuries in the RSE, that concern is largely limited to a fringe. Trade and technology agreements have come rapidly, and private traders from the RSE have begun to establish trade routes to the Human Alliance.

New Coventry: The Ralsiian Star Empire, especially the humans, are rather interested in New Covertry, and hence the first consulate to an individual CCW world has been dispatched to New Coventry, where it was established virtually simultaniously with the embassy to the CCW. Many humans in the RSE are fascinated with the similiarities between their own current government and that of New Coventry's, and the history of the Roman Empire on the old homeworld of the humans of New Coventry, a form of government from which the humans of the RSE inheirited their own. These is also the interesting possibility that the "second wave" of human colonists to the homeworld of the Human Caesarium might have been from the same dimension as the people of New Coventry.
When the ambassadorial party arrived at New Coventry, it was well received, and the embassy has been fully established. A trade agreement regarding computer technologies and cybernetics technologies was reached; Though New Coventry is not particularly renowned in either field, they were, unlike other members of the CCW, far more willing to deal with the Ralsiians, and even average CCW-level computer and cybernetics technology, even for civilian craft and enhancements, is considerably more advanced than Ralsiian technology in those two fields.
To help the Ralsiians established their own industries, comptuer and cybernetics technicians are being welcomed in the RSE from anywhere in the CCW, but especially New Coventry. The deal resulted in increased the popularity of the Ralsiians among the citizens of New Coventry, Empress Saverana II's rather off the cuff remark that they should leave the CCW to join the RSE being taken largely as jest.
The RSE seems especially interested in helping New Coventry, because it regards the CCW as being unstable at best, and wants individual powers within the CCW with a more agressive outlook towards the TGE to be in a better place to potentially take the fight to that new enemy of the Ralsiian Star Empire. Likewise, the cultural and possible historic relationship shared by the Humans of the RSE and New Coventry has resulted in requests among the House of Lords by Humans there to provide good trading terms with the power and help them build up their, to quote one of their lordships, "Splendid little fleet".
Despite these excellent relations, or at least beginnings to them, New Coventry has begun a quiet spy program within the RSE; It is a matter of course, though, not a particular distrust.

Phase World: Traders from the Ralsiian Star Empire have already arrived here and begun trading, with a small formal government center having already been established. The Ralsiian Star Empire very much wishes to acquire any phase technology it can, and respect for Phase World can be assured as part of the process; However, the matters of distance involved make it a minor but growing trading concern; Growth is especially increasing as traders take advantage of the 'gates to take their cargoes directly to Phase World and then return again to the RSE at best possible speed.

Paradise Federation: The Paradise Federation is considered a threat the Ralsiian Star Empire by way of potential internal subversion. However, though laws have been passed to prevent citizens from traveling there, they are very hard to enforce with the Royal Ralsiian Navy generally not venturing beyond the bounds of current Ralsiian territory; There aren't enough ships for deep patrol.

R.E.F. Wormhole Station: A group of R.E.F. ships was rifted to the Phase World Universe. The control a unusual spacial anomaly that allows virtually instantaneous space travel between the Corkscrew and the Anvil Galaxy. An Ambassador has been dispatched to the R.E.F. and formal ties established, but no alliances or trade agreements yet. The Ambassador is a very important member of the House of Lords, and the Ralsiians are make every effort for a defensive alliance to be formed with the R.E.F. against the TGE.

Splugorth Worlds: Because the Splugorth were the ones who gave the Quadruple Entente the technology to go on their reign of terror, the Ralsiian Star Empire is openly hostile with the Splugorth, have banned Splugorth products from their worlds, and trumpets around their captured Kittani ships with a sneer of general triumph; Were it not for the Navy, the Ralsiians would be Splugorth slaves, and they know it, and are quite happy to remind the Splugorth of their believed naval superiourity. The RSE would quite simply love for one of the Alien Intelligences to give them reason to attack it and it's minions, and such a war could be expected to be very brutal indeed, though the Ralsiians are overconfident in this regard.

Trans-Galactic Empire: The Trans-Galactic Empire and the Ralsiian Star Empire are in a state of Cold War. The Armageddon class Super Dreadnought of the Trans-Galactic Empire was going to be tested against an easy target; A world that, unknown to the Kreeghor, was actually one of the colonies of the Ralsiian Star Empire. Though the Super Dreadnought, with the Kreeghor Emperor himself aboard to observe the first test of the new ship, had an escort, and as such easily brushed aside the defenses of the Colony World, the Home Fleet was conducting Wargames with the Second Fleet nearby, and received the distress call. They arrived just as the Kreeghor were preparing to land their troops, and the eight Battleships, four Battlecruisers, and four Carriers along with their escorts of the two RSE Fleets promptly engaged the Super Dreadnought with stunning 'Elan against such a large vessel. Still, the numerical superiourity and firepower were clearly on the side of the Ralsiians, and using long-range engagement tactics against the Super Dreadnought and it's escort of eight cruisers and sixteen light attack ships, along with the generous use of their Heavy Torpedoes for the first time in combat, annihilated all twenty four ships of the escorting force and caused the Super Dreadnought to retreat with heavy damage. It was a comparatively short and incredibly brutal battle with the Ralsiian fleet able to engage with the main guns of the Battleships and Battlecruisers from over 300,000km while cruise missiles and Heavy Torpedoes pounded the TGE ships until the Super Dreadnought escaped to FTL speeds. Fearing a possible trap and low on torpedoes, the fleets did not pursue. Ever since then, a state of cold war has existed, but there have been no further military engagements other than a few inconclusive skirmishes between TGE squadrons and their Ralsiian counterparts or expeditionary cruisers. Though this event happened nearly three years ago, tensions have not lessened and indeed are becoming more severe. The TGE fears the RSE will support the Free Worlds Council, and they're right. However, the TGE cannot possible conquer the Ralsiian Star Empire without suffering such casualties in the process that their other enemies could most likely overrun them.
There is some nervousness on the part of the TGE to press harder, as, according to intelligence reports, there may be a secret order in which the Ralsiian Navy would respond to the annihilation of the population of one of their fifteen "core" worlds by annihilating a world of similiar population that their enemy possesses by unknown means; A sort of deterrence. The TGE is endeavouring to discover if this is true, and the nature of it.

United Worlds Warlock: And Ambassador has been dispatched to the U.W.W. to establish an Embassy, and the Elves of the Ralsiian Star Empire were very eager to establish formal relations in hopes of re-learing their lost magical arts. Such relations have just been established, but any magical exchange or formal treaties are much more slow in coming because of the nature of the UWW. However, in the long term, strong relations with the UWW are quite likely, and trading has already begun; in addition to private luxury items and other small trading cargoes, major bulk haulers have also begun runs. Immigration of magically learned elves, humans, and the occasional Wolven into the Ralsiian Star Empire from the U.W.W. has been greatly expedited by the Ralsiian government, with a long term goal of forming a warrior mage corps, as another possible "Alternate Military Option" to provide greater ground defence forces without taking from the huge naval budget of the RSE.

Xanadu Station: Because of the alliance with the Dartrok that Xanadu Station has signed, the Ralsiian Star Empire considers Xanadu Station a threat. Indeed, the Dartrok are considered a higher threat to the Empire than the TGE is, and the possibility of a pre-emptive strike against Xanadu Station to conquer it before the Dartrok can take control is being seriously considered. The Ralsiians think of this as perhaps the best way to gain firm knowledge on the Dartrok without attacking them directly, but it is more of a theoretical exercise than anything else; Still, the idea of having a foothold in the Corkscrew galaxy is also an appealing one. However, these plans are highly unlikely to be enacted upon; The Ralsiian Star Empire's General Command Staff (A rough anaologue of the "Oberkommando" of the Second and Third Reichs of Germany) has military campaigns, offensive and defensive, planned out for virtually every power and every possibility or contigency conceivable; Using Xanadu Station to gain information on the Dartrok, however, does draw these plans greater interest than others which exist simply for the worst case scenario. Though Xanadu Station has attempted friendly relations with the Ralsiian Star Empire, polite long range communications are the limit; The Ralsiians want no direct contact with Dartrok thralls, though for the moment they claim to have no particular interest in the station and mean no threat. For the moment, it does remain true.

Intruders: The Ralsiian Star Empire is yet to be attacked by the Intruders, but classifies them as a major threat along with the Dartrok simply because there is no information on their intentions, which makes them all the more erratic, unpredictable, and hence dangerous.

Dartrok: Classified as the highest threat to the Ralsiian Star Empire despite their space being nowhere near that of the RSE, current training reflects around engagements with the Dartrok, Intruders, and TGE; The reason for this is that the Ralsiians, even those of human or elven racial origin, regard their own culture as the epitome of civilization; The idea of an alien race of extreme power conquering worlds and ruling them in their own fashion because such beings are incapable of ruling themselves is one that challenges the mentality of the average RSE citizen to the very core; Even though the Dartrok might well not be a major threat, or even a threat at all, to them, they will still consider them such.

Combined Stars Protectorate: Because the Dartrok are considered a potential major threat to the Ralsiian Star Empire, an Ambassador and embassy and full diplomatic relations have been established with the CSP, and the sales of non-FTL Torpedo Boats, Torpedo Bombers, and Interceptors for break-even costs to the CSP is being considered, as is a mutual defence treaty and a technology exchange treaty. The possibility of the Ralsiian Star Empire building full-fledged starships, albeit only on commission, for the C.S.P., does exist.

Cosmo-Knights: Essentially unheard of before contact with the Three Galaxies, as the Ralsiian Star Empire didn't even have legends of the Cosmic Forge until they came in contact with the Wolven and other conquered species that told such tales; With the opening of galactic relations, some adventures from the RSE may look to search for the Cosmic Forge themselves, but in general the RSE has no interest in something considered myth.
Cosmo-Knights, however, are another and unique problem, especially considering the lack of railguns in the RRN except for fixed defences and light fighters. There is concern about how their interests actually mesh with those of the Ralsiian Star Empire, and hence some persons have proposed refitting naval ships with railguns and ordering the Cosmo-Knights to stay out of the RSE, while others propose drafting legislation to give the Cosmo-Knights certain judicial powers inside the RSE, trying to regulate their activity. For the moment, the Empire, rather uncertain, simply lets those that enter Imperial Space go about their buisness, though watched very closely by elements of the RSOD.
Another problem is the lack of existance of Cosmo Knights from among the Ralsiians; The Cosmo Knights wonder why an entire species would be untouched by the Cosmic Forge, and some Ralsiians are likewise privately concerned for what this means for their race, though it should be noted that members of other species within the "Bulge" area in which the Ralsiians evolved likewise do not have Cosmo Knights; It could be the fact that they came to be in a dead zone of the galaxy that has caused this, as opposed to any Ralsiian flaw.

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