The Ralsiian Star Empire and Ralsiian Species - Immigration Notes:

Immigration to the colony worlds is a very simple process, with no limits in numbers, and a simple citizen class and swearing in ceremony; They're open to any Wolven, Humans, or Elves. Likewise, members of the K'Taara species are fully welcome on the colony worlds. All such colonists can join the Royal Ralsiian Navy or the Ralsiian Imperial Army, and any K'Taara which become colonial citizens are especially encouraged to do so. The setting up of K'Taara enclaves on planets of the RSE near the space of the Trans-Galactic Empire is a general desire to increase the defensive strength of those colony worlds by getting citizens on them who the Kreeghor both fear, and, the K'Taara themselves can kill Kreeghor with relative ease.

However, this has been slow because of the few number of K'Taarans and the fact many have already pledged loyalty to other governments, largely the Free Worlds Council, and convincing them to settle in the Ralsiian Star Empire is largely impossible; Still, there is hope of convincing a fair number.

Likwise, though decried by the Noro for their genocidal actions in the War of the Quadruple Entente, the Ralsiians are genuinely interested in preserving the K'Taaran race, though it might more be said that this is purely for pragmatic reasons, the same with the widespread acceptance of Vyrmpyre; Still, for those that become citizens, the most advanced of Ralsiian science will be applied to the overall goal of saving the species and increasing it's numbers; Again, many detractors say it is for pragmatic reasons.

Any members of the Wolven, Human, Elven, and K'Taaran species can also apply for citizen on one of the Dominion worlds which has chosen to accept them, and a fair number have, with the citizenship requirements varying from world to world.

The Worlds of the Concordiat are open as well to members of the four above species immigrating in, but require extensive background checks and far more rigorous citizenship tests.

Finally, the United Elven Kingdoms have received permission to accept the immigration of Draconids in an attempt to increase magical knowledge.

Those are the general conditions on immigration to the Ralsiian Star Empire, with immigration by others, excepting the Vyrmpyre (Already covered), an exceptionally rare, hard, and complicated thing.

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