The Ralsiian Star Empire and Ralsiian Species - Economics & Demographics:

Agriculture: Most planets within the Ralsiian Star Empire are self-supporting Agriculturally, the exception being the most central of the worlds. This exception is of fifteen central worlds which are exceptionally heavily populated and rely largely on imported food.
Industry: Industry and technology in general is in general equal to that of the CCW and TGE; However, in some cases it is inferior in technological advancement, but not in terms of sheer power output; The Ralsiians have taken a brute-force development of many items. Many planets do have asteroid mining to an extensive level.
Education: Education and medical facilities are, for, the five main races, perhaps the highest in the Three Galaxies. For the other races which do not have voting rights, this falls off, as it does for members of the five races that live on the colony worlds.
Demographics: Further information is provided in separate sections about the various worlds of the RSE.
General Industrial/Technological Information: Maintaining such unusual things as Admontium refineries for the M.D.C. metal found on the Ralsiian homeworld and the Rals star system and other, more brute-force technologies has made the Ralsiians rather interesting in these regards.
These refineries still operate on very brute-force principles, usually fusion powered, and are nothing like the modern centers which churn out the advanced composite materials that normally go into the M.D.C. hulls of advanced warships; Other star nations may build with the ultimate in ceramics or plastics for their hulls, having advanced far beyond primitive metals, but the natural M.D.C. resistance of Admontium allows it's use as a primary armour and hull construction element; The same used all the way back to the Industrial Revolution on Ralsiia, when Ironclads could appropriately be called Admontiumclads; Mega Damage beings, of course, developing Mega Damage weaponry is all too natural.
For energy generation, plasma-fusion reactors are trusted as highly safe and can be found powering essentially anything that they can possibly be miniaturized, enlarged, or modified to do so. Fusion Cells and other exotic forms of energy storage have also developed; Though wary of Anti-Matter, the Ralsiian Star Empire is anything but primitive in power generation.
Other technologies include their unique shields, which are activated by material traveling above a certain speed, allowing knife-fights and swordplay and other noble activities while being very resistant to attack by railguns, firearms, and energy weapons, far more than other personal shields would be.
This has developed into a unique culture of shieldfighting; Though the shield forms a double barrier, it does allow, for instance, someone to charge into the face of heavy energy weapons or railgun firepower and attack the enemy with a vibro-blade or something else held in the hand; Only to melee weapons would they be vunerable, which can be demoralizing for the enemy.
The Army often has units which rely entirely on these shields, prefering them over bulky armour for stealth and speed for it's footsoldiers on the battlefield and for the shock affect; Nobody really expects a modern day army to take on another one with vibro-blades at close range when they could use energy weapons, though some units have armour, as the lack of being able to fire one's own energy weapons creates problems. However, there are ways around that problem; Namely, units in the Ralsiian Imperial Army use firearms which have ramjet shells with stabilization that accelerate rapidly AFTER leaving the barrel, allowing them to fire from behind the cover of their shields. These rounds are expensive but useful considering the protection shields can offer.
Heavier versions of such weapons are available, for instance, anti-tank missiles, ect, though other Ralsiian units simply use body armour and conventional weaponry; Those are usually the Dominion and Colonial units, which can't afford the expensive energy shields and special weaponry the units from the homeworlds can. Those in combat equipment, namely, vehicles, power armour, robots, ect, will usually have armour instead of shields, regardless of unit.
For medical technology, most is equal with the CCW, except cybernetics, where the lag is considerable. This does have an affect on medical technology related to cybernetics, but in terms of fighting disease, medical technology is similiar. For most household technology and other mundane things, the RSE is also at CCW levels; The same for most civilian technology.
Communications and sensors are unusual and based on Tachyons as opposed to contra-gravity, though contra-gravity sensors have begun to make an appearance.
The Ralsiians are reasonably advanced when it comes to Anti-Matter reactors and power systems, but still regard them as unstable, and even religiously unacceptable in some cases; The exact opposite of the matter of the universe could be regarded as a very destructive influence, and the Ralsiians are a reasoning race, but still inherently superstitious, like virtually all races that exist.
However, Anti-Matter technology in weaponry is reasonably advanced for missiles and even quite ingenuitive at times. Likewise, Contra-gravity technology is in use for railguns. The Ralsiians would prefer that any instabilities in Anti-Matter blow up in someone else's face, not their own.

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