Sword Mistress Megan Smith:

Name: Sword Mistress Megan Smith.

True Name: Megan Gertrude LarsDöttir.

Alignment: Scrupulous (Good).

Hit Points: 124 S.D.C.: 210 (Does not have Cyber-Armor) - G.M. Option: 334 M.D.C. from Healing Waters of Chichen-Itza.

Attributes: I.Q.: 22 (+8% / +4), M.E.: 16, M.A.: 18 (50%), P.S.: 24 (+9), P.P.: 22 (+4), P.E.: 25 (+5 / +20%), P.B.: 18 (40%), SPD: 25.

Weight: 165 lbs (74.9 kg). Height: 6 foot (1.83 m).

Age: 28. Race: Human. Sex: Female. P.P.E.: 36.


Megan is many ways, the classic knight. She is honorable, loyal, and protective of others. Megan takes the code of the cyber-knight seriously. She also has the qualities of a true warrior. She is daring, bold, and courageous. Still, in no way can she be considered fool-hardy. She has a strong charisma and inspires trust in those around her. As might be expected, she is a strong leader and has strong tactical abilities although her skills on strategic abilities are untested. While she dislikes the Coalition and how they treat non-humans but there are several supernatural creatures she hates more. She believes in the equality of humans and non-humans in general.

Megan is pretty outgoing and makes friends easily. She cherishes those friends greatly. Even though a knight, she is quite well educated and can discuss many scholarly subjects. Unlike some other female knights, she enjoys romantic relationships with men and does not try and dominate them. Still, she prefers relationships with men who are not physically dominating and prefers scholars as her lovers.

Occupation: Psi-Knight (Cyber-Knight with no Cyber Armor). Experience Level: Ninth (9).

Combat Skill: Hand to Hand; Martial Arts & Boxing.

Attacks per Melee: Eight (8).

Bonuses, Combat: Critical Strike: Natural 18 to 20, Knock Out / Stun: Natural 20. Bonuses: Damage: +9, Strike: +6, Parry: +10, Dodge: +10, (With Punch / Fall / Impact): +7, Pull Punch: +5, Disarm: +2, Initiative: +5.

On the first round, when on the defense, she gets an additional +6 to Initiative, a +2 to Parry, and a +3 to dodge from Sixth Sense.

Combat Abilities (Zen Combat): Paired Weapons (Can summon two Psi-Swords), Combat Acrobatics, Basic & Advanced Combat Awareness, +4 Automatic Dodge vs Tech, Cloud Sensors and Targeting Computers, and Entangle Attacks.

Power Armor Combat, Elite - Flying Titan: Attacks per Melee: Eleven (9). Bonuses: Strike: +2 (+8), Parry: +2 (+12), Dodge: +2 / +5 (+12 / +15), Roll (with punch, fall, or impact): +3 (+10), Pull Punch: +0 (+5), Initiative: +5.

Power Armor Combat, Basic: Attacks per Melee: Ten (10). Bonuses: Strike: +1 (+7), Parry: +1 (+11), Dodge: +1 / +3 (+11 / +13), Roll (with punch, fall, or impact): +2 (+9), Pull Punch: +0 (+5), Initiative: +5.

Bonus; Save: Lethal Poison [14] +10, Non-Lethal Poison [16] +10, Harmful Drugs [15] +10, Insanity [12] +2,

Psionics [12] +2, Magic [12/16] +10, Horror Factor [Varies] +13.

Additional Bonuses: +1 Vs Curses, +1 Vs Magic Sickness, +1 Vs Spells by Witches, and Immune to Possession

Special Abilities for being a “Warrior of Valhalla”: Horror Factor 12, double S.D.C. and Hit Points, +1 to Initiative, +2 vs Horror Factor, +3 vs Poison/Disease, +4 to Speed, and takes half damage from cold and fatigue.

Psionics (Considered Major): I.S.P.: 46 (+1D6 I.S.P. per level of experience.)

Sensitive: Meditation (0), Mind Block (4), Sense Evil (2), Sense Magic (2), Sixth Sense (2).

Super Psionics: Psi-Shield (15 - Half Cost), Psi-Sword (4D6 - Katana - Can summon two swords - No cost - Psi-swords appear to be a Katanas).

Magical Tattoos: Each Tattoo gives 6 P.P.E. and 10 S.D.C. and can activate Tattoos without touching them.

Magic Weapon: Katana Dripping Blood - 5 / 10 P.P.E. to activate (duration of 15 minutes / level.) Weapon inflicts double normal S.D.C. damage. Tattoo is on her left lower arm. Damage: 6D6 SDC + Strength.

Magic Weapon: Simple Double Crossbow with Bolt with Wings - 2 /4 P.P.E. to activate simple weapon part of tattoo (duration of 30 minutes / level) and 5 /10 P.P.E. to activate wings portion of tattoo (duration of 15 minutes / level.) The double crossbow has two separate bows so it can fire 2 crossbow bolts before reloading. Weapon inflicts normal S.D.C. and when wings are activated, has 3 times range and bolts will return when shot. Tattoo is on left lower arm. Damage: 2D6 SDC per bolt.

Power: Heart with Tiny Wings (Running) - 10 / 20 P.P.E. to activate (duration of 30 minutes / level). Can run at 30 mph (48 km) plus 10 mph (16 km) / level. Leap 20 ft (6 m) high and 30 ft (9 m) long while running at least 30 mph (48 km). Bonus of +1 while running to dodge at levels 4, 8, and 12. Gets +2 S.D.C. damage from hand to hand combat due to speed advantage.

O.C.C. Skills: Medical: Paramedic (+10%) 98%, Physical: Hand to Hand Martial Arts, Body Building, Climbing (+15%) 103% / 93%, Gymnastics, Swimming (+10%) 108%, Pilot: Horsemanship [Cyber Knight] (+15%) 117%, Science: Anthropology (+15%) 83%, Technical: Language: American 144%, Language: Dragonese 144%, Japanese (+30%) 128%, Spanish (+30%) 128%, Literacy: American (+20%) 98%, Lore: Demon and Monster (+20%) 93%, Wilderness: Land Navigation (+12%) 88%, W.P.; Ancient: W.P. Archery & Targeting (7 Attacks/+4 [+10] Strike/+1 [+11] Parry), Shield (+2 [+8] Strike/+4 {+14] Parry), W.P. Sword (+3 [+9] Strike/+3 [+13] Parry), W.P.; Modern: W.P. Energy Pistols (+5 Aimed/+3 Burst), W.P. Energy Rifles (+5 Aimed/+3 Burst).

O. C. C. Related Skills: Espionage: Disguise (+5%) 78%, Escape Artist [Received at Ninth Level] (+5%) 43%, Pick Locks (+5%) 83%, Tracking [Received at Third Level] (+5%) 68%, Wilderness Survival [Received at Third Level] (+5%) 73%, Physical: Athletics [General], Boxing, Pilot: Motorcycle 100%, Robots and Power Armors 88%, Pilot Related: Read Sensory Instruments (+5%) 83%, Technical: Computer Operation (+5%) 93%, Computer Programming (+5%) 83%, Literacy: Dragonese [Received at Sixth Level] (+5%) 58%, Literacy: Japanese [Received at Sixth Level] (+5%) 58%, Writing [Received at Ninth Level] (+5%) 38%, Wilderness: Preserve Food (+5%) 78%, W.P.; Ancient: W.P. Knife (+2 [+8] Strike/+3 [+13] Parry/+2 [+8] Throw, W.P.; Modern: W.P. Automatic Pistol [Received at Fifth Level] (+4 Aimed/+2 Burst), W.P. Heavy Energy Weapons (+5 Aimed/+3 Burst) W.P. Sharpshooting: Energy Rifle [Received at Fifth Level] (+6 Aimed/+4 Burst/ +1 Attack).

Secondary Skills: Communication: Radio; Basic 93%, Domestic: Cooking 83%, Sewing 88%, Pilot: Hovercraft 98%, Robot Combat Elite: Flying Titan Power Armor, Robot Combat Basic, Rogue: Computer Hacking 63%

Skills From Gymnastics: Sense of Balance (+5%) 103%, Work parallel bars & rings (+5%) 97%, Climb Rope (+5%) 99%, Back Flip (+5%) 123%, Prowl (+5%) 83%.


Megan is clearly proof that a strong woman can be quite attractive. She is quite tall, being around six feet in height, and well muscled. Even so, she is obviously female and quite attractive with decent breasts for a muscular woman. Her appearance definitely shows a Nordic background. Megan has golden blond hair which hangs straight and she normally wears down to the small of her back although she sometimes ties her hair up. She is blue eyed and her gaze shows strong intelligence. While not extremely pale, her heritage shows in being very light skin and an aquiline nose. She normally wears only fairly light makeups and prefers a fairly natural look with just a bit of highlights. When not covered up, three tatoos can be seen on her left arm.

In dress, Megan prefers to dress very simply. Of course she spends most of her time in armor but normally wears simple tunics and legging when she is outside of armor. Normally these are long sleeved to hide her protective body suit. In addition to tunic and leggings, she does like to wear Kimonos. Both her Kimonos and her other cloths are usually a light blue. In or out of armor, she almost never is without her Rune Sword “Wind Spirit” and she almost allays carried the bastard sword on her back. While she often carries additional weapons, they are not as constantly carried as her Rune Sword.

Weapons, Magical:

War Sword Shield:

Dwarven manufactured and magically enchanted. Shield is indestructible and can be used to parry energy blasts. Mega-Damage: 2D6+3 for Shield, 3D6+7 for sword. Bonuses: Shield has +3 to Parry, Sword is +2 to strike. Enchantments: Shield is enchanted with enchantments of Additional Damage, Indestructible, and Eternally Sharp Blade.

Wind Spirit:

Mega Damage: 1D4x10. Greatest Rune weapon - Gives +1 to all saves. See full sword writeup for details.

Weapons, Normal:


Two (2) Survival Knife: Damage: 1D6 S.D.C. + Strength Bonus. Weight: 1 lbs (.5 kg).

One of them was her apprentice Jacky’s knife.

Hand Axe: Damage: 1D8 S.D.C. + Strength Bonus. Weight: 2 lbs (.9 kg).


NG-45LP “Long Pistol”: Weight: 5 lbs (2.25 kg).

Mega-Damage: 5D6. Rate of Fire: Single blast. Effective Range: 1,200 feet (365 m). Payload: 8 shots. Bonuses: It has a laser targeting system (Gives +3 to Strike).

Two (2) Wilk’s-Remi 104 Derringers: Weight: 10 ounces (.27 kg) each.

Derringer is designed to be able to be plugged into a standard E-Clip recharger. One is concealed in each boot. Mega-Damage: 2D4. Rate of Fire: Two simultaneous blasts. Effective Range: 300 feet (91.5 kgs). Payload: 4 blasts.


JA-12 Laser Rifle: Weight: 14 lbs (6.4 kg).

Mega-Damage: Laser, 4D6 for single blast and 1D6x10+10 for 3 simultaneous blasts. Grenade, 3D6 to 10 ft (3 m) radius or by special effect. Rate of Fire: Laser, single blast or three blast burst. Grenade, single shot. Effective Range: Laser, 4,000 feet (1220 m). Grenade, 2,000 feet (610 m). Payload: 10 blasts short E-Clip, 30 blasts long E-Clip, has built in energy Canister (Cannot be removed but can be recharged) that holds an additional 30 energy blasts, and has a 4 shot pump magazine for grenade launcher. Bonus: +1 on aimed blasts with laser only.

Special and Heavy:

Metal Water Pump-style Sawed off Shotgun: Weight: 5 lbs (2.25 kg).

Damage Vs Vampires: 4D6 (8D6 with holy water) Range: 75 feet (23 m). Payload: 10 blasts.

Shemarrian Rail Gun: Weight - Weapon: 128 lbs (57.6 kg). Belt: 30 lbs (13.6 kg).

Mega-Damage: 2D6x10 per round. Rate of Fire: Single Shot. Effective Range: 6000 feet (1828 m). Payload: 220 rounds per belt, 12 rounds each clip. Has 8 Clips with regular ammo and 4 clip with silver ammo. Bonuses: +2 to Strike.

WI-GL4 Revolving Grenade Launcher: Weight: 20 lbs (9.1 kg).

Needs strength of 20 or has a -1 to strike. Mega-Damage: 4D6 for Fragmentation with a blast area of 12 feet (3.6 m) and 1D4x10 for Armor Piercing with a blast area of 3 feet (0.9 m). Launcher can also fire smoke, illumination, and chemical rounds. Rate of Fire: Single Shot. Effective Range: 1,000 feet (305 m). Payload: 24 Round Magazine. Loaded with armor piercing ammunition.

Two (2) Heavy Fusion Blocks:

Mega-Damage: 4D6 x 10 with a 10 ft (3 m) blast radius - Has a 30 second delay built in.

Ammunition (Used by Multiple weapons): 6 Short E-Clips / 12 Long E-Clips

Crossbow Quarrels (Used with Crossbow Tattoo): 12 Normal Quarrels, 10 Silver Quarrels, 4 Sleep Quarrels, 4 Flare Quarrels, 2 Smoke Quarrels, 4 High Explosive Quarrels (3D6 M.D.C.), 4 Neural Disrupter Quarrels

Armor, Magical:

Elven Scale Armor: Weight: 6 lbs (2.7 kg).

Armor can be concealed under clothes. M.D.C. (Main Body): 75. / S.D.C. (Non M.D.C. environments): 150 (AR 15). Armor has a regeneration rate of 5 M.D.C. / S.D.C. per hour. Penalties: Full Mobility, has no penalties to climb, prowl, swim, or gymnastics.

Spartan II Magical Exo-Skeleton Battle Armor: M.D.C. (Main Body): 150 with 300 “Armor of Ithan” force field.

See full armor description for stats, M.D.C., weapons, modifications, and other information.

Other Equipment:

Magical Items:

Copy of Draupnir:

Ring (Given to her by Odin), +2 to save vs Magic +2 to Save vs Horror Factor, Gives protection from psionics equal to Mind Block Auto Defense.

Amulet of protection against the Supernatural:

Adds a bonus of +2 to save vs horror factor.

Mystic Mayan Luck Stone:

Acts as a cross against vampires, adds +1 against curses and magic sickness.

Talisman of Armor:

A magic talisman that allows the wearer to create an “Armor of Than” around themself herself three times before recharging. M.D.C.: 100. Duration: 10 Minutes (40 Melees) Charges: Three charges and then needs recharging.

White Clover Charm (3 Leaf):

Acts as a lucky charm and gives protection vs Witches. Makes person immune to possession and give +1 to save vs any spell cast by a witch.



Flying Titan Power Armor (FT-007):

Painted in the style of a suit of Samurai armor in blue and silver. Light, fast, and maneuverable power armor with missile launchers and wing lasers. Modified with an FIWS, N-50B Superheavy Naruni force field, and she carries the Shemarrian rail gun with the armor. Strength equal to PS 24 and weighs about 160 lbs (72 kg).

Speed: Running: 50 mph (80 kph). Leaping: 15 ft (4.6 m) high and across without thrusters, 100 ft (30.5 m) high and 200 ft (61 m) across with thrusters. Flying: 400 mph (640 kph) - maximum altitude 4,000 ft (1,200 m).

Weapons: Wing Lasers: Mega-Damage: 2D6 per blast, Range: 4,000 feet (1,200 m), Payload: Effectively Unlimited). FIWS:Mega-Damage: Particle Beam: 5D6 for one barrel / 1D6x10 for both barrels. Vibro-Blades: 2D6. Range: Particle Beam: 500 ft (152 m) Vibro-Blades: Hand to Hand, Payload: Effectively Unlimited). Wing Missiles: Mega-Damage: By missile type. Range: By missile type. Rate of Fire: One, two, three, or four. Payload: 6 short range missiles or 12 mini-missiles. Has 12 Armor Piercing mini-missiles on the wings. Can also use various handheld weapons.

M.D.C.: Main Body: 180. Head: 70. Wings (2): 30. Jet Packs (2): 50. Maneuvering Jets: 25. N-50A Superheavy Naruni Force Field: 160 [Shield regenerates 1 M.D.C. per melee unless overloaded - cannot be activated for 12 hours].

T.W. Magical Abilities built in:

Invisibility Superior (6th Level) for 18 minutes - 20 P.P.E. or 40 I.S.P.

Impervious to Energy (8th Level) for 16 minutes - 20 P.P.E. or 40 I.S.P.

Shadow Fire:

Transferred Intelligence robot horse, as much an animal companion as just a means of transportation, Silvery Grey. See full robot description for stats, M.D.C., weapons, modifications, and other information., see writeup for details.

Clothing: Dress Clothing, Kimono, Black clothing for covert missions, lots of extra clothing (Including some Dresses), clothing from Africa, Atlantis, and England, wilderness scout clothing,

Other Items: Infrared Distancing Binoculars, gas mask and air filter, 100 ft of rope and grappling hook, PC-3000 Computer, Portable Language Translator [Languages of Euro, Goblin, Faerie], first aid kit, suture threads and pain killers, RKM, IRMSS, wooden cross, ultrasonic flea wristband, 2 protein healing salve, tent (4 man), sleeping bag, knapsack, backpack, saddlebags, two canteens, one month emergency food rations, compass, geiger counter, makeup and personal items, disguising makeup, lock pick set, 4 sets of handcuffs.

Valuables: 23,840,500 Credits, book on Kendo (1000 credits), book on TzunSu philosophies (1000 credits), book on Norse Gods (1000 credits), book on military tactics (1000 credits), 100,000 credit necklace given to her by her father, matched set of diamond clasp earrings, diamond necklace, and diamond bracelet worth 50,000 credits as a set, 250 lbs of gold, 5 gallons of healing water of Chichen-Itza (Carries a canteen of it).

Character History:

Megan is the first born child of a cyber-knight who was a legend in his own time although not as well known today as her had been in his heyday. One might say that Sir Lars was eclipses by his own daughter. She was raised on stories of the knighthood and ever since she can remember, she always wanted to be a knight. Her father saw only one solution and that was to train her in the ways of knighthood. Some other knights disagreed with him training his own daughter but he never slacked off duty to train her. Some might even say that he was more demanding because she was his daughter. Both extremely bright and driven she excelled in both scholarly areas and in military prowess.

Even though she is still less than thirty, few knights have her level of experience or are as well traveled as Megan Smith. Even her adventures on the American continent can be matched by few. Like most knights, she has had her fair share of scrapes against the soldiers of the Coalition. Still, she always knew that were greater evils than the soldiers and has even helped them on occasion. She has been to the East Coast of the Old American Empire where she fought robot creatures which seemed bent on taking over the lands. It seems like many creatures are bent on taking over the world. Megan believes that it her goal to defeat those evils and save those who wish to live in peace. She has been to Mexico and Central America where she helped in the battle against the vampires and acquired “Wind Spirit,” a Rune Sword which has become her constant companion.

Her adventures off the North American continent have caused her to travel much of the World and even in one case off the planet entirely. For much of her adventures, she had three companions. One was a knight raised in a very different tradition that she was. He called himself a Samurai and was an extremely capable warrior in his own right. She had studied Japanese culture from her mother, who was a noted scholar, when she had been younger and the Samurai had always fascinated Megan. Her Psi-Sword formed to appear to be a Katana. Another companion was a woman who called herself “Little Dragon” and told that she was a Ninja and certainly seemed to live up to her name. She often performed the stealth jobs which the group needed to perform. Finally, there was Ki-Tarn, an exiled Kittani who acted as the group’s heavy hitter. Megan was nominally the group’s leader and they had a great many adventures together.

The group went to Atlantis to help to rescue a prisoner of the Splugorth. Few manage to escape from Atlantis and even few get into Atlantis and back out again. Unfortunately she made several powerful enemies and Sunaj assassins have been sent against the group several times. As well, there have even more unusual attempts against the group including creating clones of various members of the group. One of those is believed to be a woman named “Tarna” who also escaped from Atlantis and is being hunted herself

Other places in the World which Megan and her companions have found their way to include Africa where the knight fought against the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. In her previous adventures, she had made many friends including some in extremely high places. One of these was the Egyptian God “Thoth” who gave her a suit of enchanted armor. She was an important warrior against the elemental forces of death and was important in their defeat although she definitely was not the only one to have fought them.

Megan, along with her companions, has been to England and many other places beyond that. It is virtually impossible to list all of their adventures and it would take many pages to deal with all of her adventures. She never adventured for fame but eventually became famous even so. Several of her stories have been published by her mother who is as proud of her daughter as Megan’s mother. She has been off the Earth in a place called “Wormwood” where her honor and daring. That is the story of her life, fight valiantly and with honor.

Stories on Megan Smith:

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