Wind Spirit (Rune Sword):

Wind Spirit is believed to be of fairly recent origin but is still extremely powerful. While it has some similarities to weapons made in Atlantis, it is not believed to have been crafted on the Splugorth. The sword was discovered by the Knight Megan Smith while adventuring in the Yucatan Peninsula and has been carried by her since that time. The sword appeared to have no name and Megan named her at the time. She has long been bonded to the powerful weapon. Some scholars who Megan have met have speculated that the weapon was created by the god Thoth but there is no actual evidence of this.

Wind Spirit is larger than most swords which are usually long swords but not quite as large as a two handed sword. It is known as a "hand and half sword" or a Bastard Sword. It is unusual because it does not look like a normal Rune weapon as being constructed from a single piece of metal. The Butt of the pommel is not widened from the handle to facilitate easier use of the sword two handed. The Handle is wrapped in the same style as the Katana of the Japanese in blue cloth. Under the wrapping the sword handle appears to be of ivory. The guard is shaped in the shape of a hawk with its wings extended. It is a dark gray with detailing done in silver with the eyes in Star Sapphire. The Blades appearance is that of swirling Grayish Blue with the swirling appearing almost like clouds floating through the blade. The constructions is flat and double edged. Along the entire blade and handle runs runes inlaid with silver. Some scholars have suggested to Megan that the sword has some kind of illusion which creates its appearance.

The sword appears to have a female personality and gets along incredibly well with its present wielder. She will never deceive Megan Smith. It is hard to state what will happen when she loses her knight. Hopefully another knight will find her who is as honorable as Megan. The sword is of a Scrupulous alignment and is extremely honorable. Bloodthirsty is not quite the right term for her although she does consider battling evil to be the highest calling she also believes in protecting the innocent. About the only sour note in Wind Spirit's personality is a protectiveness of Megan, not so much physical but more emotional including having a hard time trusting any gentleman who appear to be romantically interested in the knight.

Wind Spirit is a greatest rune weapon and has the all the normal special abilities with several additional abilities. Like most rune weapons, she is extremely well balanced and can be compared to the finest weapons ever made. He powers are of the mind and of the air, hence the name "Wind Spirit." Some of her abilities include the ability to call lightning and create a cloud which makes all within the cloud fall asleep. In some ways, the most spectacular ability of "Wind Spirit" is the ability of the sword to fight on its own. Often, Megan will throw her sword up in the air and command it to attack on its own. She will then activate he psi-sword and wade into combat herself with the sword acting as effectively an additional opponent.

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