Techno-Wizard "Spartan II" Magical Exo-Skeleton Battle Armor:

Prior to being given this set of enchanted body armor, Megan preferred the Gladiator body armor but it was nothing like this incredible armor. She was given the armor by the Egyptian God Thoth just before her battles with the "Four Horseman of Apocalypse"and he literally formed the armor around her through magic. She has worn the armor ever since that time and has kept her alive in several battles where she might have otherwise died.

The suit fits incredibly and is extremely comfortable. It is very form fitting and will only fit Megan Smith or people that are virtually the same dimensions. A changeling might be able shape change to fit into the armor. Due to the armors virtually perfect fit, the suit has no penalties to prowl or to swimming or other physical activities.

The armor is basically a high tech suit of plate mail and is flattering to her figure far more than most suits of body armor and is highly decorative as well. The armor is polished silver and is highly reflective. The joints of the armor are polished gold. On either side of her abdomen are the design of lions facing each other, also in gold. On either side of the armor's shoulders, silver strips hang down as additional protection. This is mimicked around the waist of the armor. On the helmet of the armor is a long plume similar in style to ancient Roman style armors.

The Spartan Suit is fully environmental but is magically powered instead of conventionally powered. A magical engine using advanced techno-wizardry developed by Thoth powers the power armor. While the armor can be considered more or less body armor not power armor, the armor magically boosts the wearers strength. Magical also enables the armor to fly although limited to speeds of around fifty miles per hour. Few armors can withstand the damage that the Spartan armor can withstand and the armor magically repairs damage. The armor is also impervious to fire type weapons including magical fire and heavy plasma weapons. This has saved her life on occasion. In addition, the armor is protected by a powerful magical force field which can take as much damage as many heavy power armors. A lightning blaster is built into the armor's right arm. A variety of magical optic systems and other systems complete the magical systems on the armor. They give her the ability to see invisible targets.

While the armor is dominated by magical systems, does contain a mixture of both. The armor has the full communication system carried in most non-powered body armors. An advanced computer is built into the armor including a program which is designed to identify most spells. While in most cases, Megan prefers to use hand held weapons, the armor has two light lasers with one in each wrist in addition to the lightning blaster.

Model Type: TH-1000
Class: Enhanced Magical Heavy Body Armor
Crew: One

Mega Damage by Location:

Arms (2)80 each
Legs (2)100 each
[1] Main Body:150
[2] Armor of Ithan Force Field300

[1] Armor takes no damage from fire or heat due to enchantments and takes half damage from laser weapons. Also regenerates 10 M.D.C. per hour.
[2] Armor of Ithan Force field can be activated three times per twenty four hour period

Running: The wearer speed stat is doubled and character fatigues as if they had a supernatural endurance.
Flight: The armor has a limited ability to fly, can activate fly as the eagle twice per day for a six hour duration. Flight speed is up to 50 mph.

Statistical Data:
Height: Same as character
Width: Same as character
Length: Same as character
Weight: 25 lbs (11.4 kg) and has no prowl penalties
Physical Strength: Increase wearers strength by 10 points and is considered supernatural
Cargo: None.
Power System: Magical Technowizard Engine, must recharge for six hours every six weeks at a ley line or ley line nexus.
Cost: Never been sold on the black market, value would be limited due to Thoth's protections and due to the fact it is fitted for one person.

Weapon Systems & Special Equipment:

  1. Lightning Blaster (1): Special concealed weapon that is on the right arm. Weapon retracts when not being fired.
    Maximum Effective Range: 500 ft (152.4 m)
    Mega-Damage: 5D6 per bolt.
    Rate of Fire: Equal to pilots Hand to Hand.
    Payload: Can fire up to 20 blasts, recharges at the rate of one per minute.
  2. Laser Wrist Blasters (2): Concealed in the wrists of the armor on each hand. Weapons retracts when not being fired.
    Maximum Effective Range 1200 ft (366 m).
    Mega-Damage: 2D6 per blast.
    Rate of Fire: Equal to pilots Hand to Hand.
    Payload: Can fire up to 60 blasts, recharges in four hours.
  3. Technowizard Modifications: Several standard Technowizard devices have been added to the armor when built. In addition to characters ISP, armor has a 100 P.P.E. magic battery that recharges as a mage on a ley line or nexus.
    • Communication System: Uses tongue spell (12 PPE) or 24 I.S.P.. Translates any Spoken Language, Human or Alien. Duration is 15 minutes per level of wearer of armor.
    • Magic optic system with globe of daylight feature: Uses energy bolt spell (5 PPE) or 10 I.S.P.. To activate globe of daylight cost an additional 2 P.P.E. or 5 I.S.P.. Gives abilities of See aura, See the Invisible, Detect Concealment. Duration: 15 minutes
    • Psionic Mind Shield: uses 30 I.S.P. and 10 I.S.P. for each additional minute. Makes character impervious to all types of psionic attacks Duration: 1 minute
    • Vampire Cross: Detects Vampires by glowing at 12 Ft. It also acts like a normal cross.
    • Spell Identification Computer: System allow wearer to identify most common spells (GM's discretion)
  4. Armor bonuses & Hand to Hand: Gives character +1 to initiative and one extra hand to hand attack. Also gives +1 to parry and +2 to dodge while in flight. With Megan Smith, strength becomes supernatural 34, giving a restrained punch of 5D6 S.D.C., a full strength punch or Kick of 4D6 M.D.C., and a power punch or kick of 1D4x10 M.D.C. (Costs 2 attacks)

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