A Brief Look at a Heroine (Megan Smith Story)

The light is slowly fading. In the workout area is heard the thump of steel against wood. A young girl, maybe around ten is hitting a practice sword against a pell. A pretty girl with blue eyes and dirty blond hair. As the last light fades from the sky, she puts down her sword. Its dull potmetal blade shines dully from the light of the house next door. She sits on the woodchopping block. She closes her eyes for a second and opens them to see a very tall woman in white armor standing over her. A light emanates from her that lights up the entire yard. Golden hair streams down the most beautiful face she has ever seen.

"Megan, you will someday be my champion. Practice hard and always have faith in your own abilities and you will go far", the woman said to Megan in a powerful yet still female voice. A blinding flash of light and the woman is gone. As Megan opens up her eyes from the flash, she hears her name being called by her mother and the all important word 'Dinner'. Megan walks to the house.

"Mom, Did you see any light in the backyard", Megan asked her mother.

Her mother answered her, "No, but I was beginning to get worried about you staying out. It has been dark for about half an hour."

Two years later, Megan, now a much taller girl taking on a womans features with beautiful golden hair is standing in a hall in her her local school. Behind her, laying on the ground, is a young skinny boy with cracked glasses and in front of her a boy, a foot taller than her with his fists balled. She knew she was the only person who would stand up to him. Fear made her quake in her boots from fear. He punches at her, she can see it coming as if in slow motion. As she dodges the punch, she brings her foot up and into his kidney.

"Megan, fighting", the principle yelled in his office, "You realize that is the second time in a month and it is the fifth time this year. I am calling in your father to deal with this."

"But, Mr Johnson"...

"I don't want to hear it"

Running around Megan's mind a war was going on. 'Megan, now you will never be a Knight.''But I was just trying to protect the boy.'

As the battle raged, her father walked into the office. Out of his mouth came the words "Squire Megan, Were you fighting."

"Yes sir" she whispered scared that he was taking the military approach.

"Why, squire."

"A boy who was smaller than I was being beaten up. I stood up to the boy who was hurting him. I yelled for a teacher but none of them were coming. I had to, father"

Megan's father turned to the principle and asked "Is there any proof against what she said?"

After tugging at his sleeves, the principle answer, "No, but no fighting is permitted in the school."

"I cannot punish my daughter when she was acting how I have taught her to act. Unless she actually causes a fight, I will not punish her".

That night, long after she went to bed, she felt a tap on her shoulder. The lady of light stood over her. Megan could she the whole room in the brightness of the lady.

"My young warrior, never forget your duty to others. I give you a gift, from now on your true name will be never be recorded and no supernatural being will have access to it. Now go back to sleep."

By Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

Copyright © 1998, Kitsune. All rights reserved.