“Ward Scored” Magic Weapons

“Ward Scored” Magic Weapons:
Even though classic magic weapons are made by Alchemists, Ward Masters (also known as Diabolists), who have the skills of a wizard themselves or working with wizards, have the ability to make magical weapons as well. While often considered lesser magic items, these magic weapons do have advantages as well. A major advantage is that they tend to be cheaper. In addition, there are places where one might have access to a ward master and wizard but not an alchemist.
As with similar “Ward Scored” magic armors, these enchantments cannot be combined with the better known enchantments created by alchemists. A plaque of dragon bone, or demon bone although dragon bone is far more common, imbedded in the blade is used for the basis of the magic weapon. Any spell on the weapon are made permanent through a permanency ward on the plaque. Most common weapons enchanted through “Ward Scoring” are swords but other weapons are possible as well.
While a wide variety of spells can be enchanted into a weapon, only a few are relatively common. Two of the most common are “Fiery Weapon” and “Crackling Weapon.” not though that in most cases a special scabbard for the weapon enchanted with either “Impervious to Fire” or “Impervious to Energy” is required to be able to sheathe the weapon while not in use.
For shields, the spell of “Weightlessness” is relatively common. Less common spells, but not unknown, include “Invisibility Superior.” The spell makes the weapon itself invisible with a handle made separately so at least it is visible. Spells on the weapon do not effect the wielder. If the spell “Impervious to Fire” is case on the weapon, for example, only the weapon itself is impervious to fire.
In addition to spells, wards can also be added to “Ward Scored” magic weapons. Again, the wards only effect the weapon itself and not the wielder of the weapon. Color wards are among the most common with some people wanting their weapon of a color which is almost impossible to replicate naturally.

Cost: Generally 7,500 gold base (2,500 for the dragon bone plaque, 5,000 for the ward of permanency) plus the cost of the weapon itself and any spell / ward on the weapon.
Spells: First and Second level spells cost 1,000 gold, third and fourth level spells costs 2,500 gold, fifth and sixth level spells cost 5,000 gold, seventh and eighth level spells cost 7,500 gold, and generally higher level spells are unavailable.
Wards: Color costs 50 gold, Other Wards cost between 500 and 1000 each.

Note: Weapons enchanted with “Fiery Weapon” and “Crackling Weapon” usually require a scabbard that is enchanted with a ward of permanency and impervious to fire and impervious to energy respectively. A scabbard for a weapon enchanted with “Fiery Weapon” usually costs around 10,000 gold while one enchanted with “Crackling Weapon” usually costs around 12,500 gold.

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