Crackling Weapon (6th level Wizard / 3rd Level Air Warlock Spell)

This spell enveloped a melee weapon in lightning. This spell can be cast on normal or enchanted melee weapons (However cannot be cast on already flaming swords, light blades, psi-swords and the like). The major advantage of the spell over flaming weapon is that impervious to fire does not offer protection against the enchantment. The lightning field does no damage to the weapon and makes the weapon impervious to lightning while the enchantment is active. The weapon inflicts the regular damage plus 2D6 per strike. In M.D.C. Setting, even if a conventional weapon, damage is converted to M.D.C. Unlike many other spells, this spell can be combined with other spells such as “Enchant Weapon: Lesser” and “Power Weapon.”

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