Robotech Vehicles:



In some cases, the authors have some rewritten materials already covered by Palladium press because they do not fit with the concept or are not as well written up as well I might wish but the majority of materials are original. Most designs have extensive background on them as well.

The Author of this website has very high standards to what will be accepted on their web page but if you think you have a design that qualifies, the author will be glad to look at it and let you know if it is good enough to accept on my page and try and give some constructive criticism. The website author will attempt to get back to all who submit designs although it is not always possible.

In some cases, the author of the Website may wish to make some alterations to designs so they fit better within my website. As well, any space capable vehicles for the must work with my revised starship systems and not have top speeds but instead have acceleration in Gs (Gravities).

Date in Parentheses () is the last date modified or when the file was added to the website.