Revised Rules on Heavy Particle Beam Strikes:

Deflecting with force fields:

Ships with powerful force fields can use those force fields to stop the blasts of a Heavy Particle beam, Reflex Connon, and any of the weapons that are listed destroying all targets within the beam. In the Sentinels gamebook, the Ikazuchi command carrier can protect itself but using its four pinpoint barrier shield and placing all four shields between the blast and the starship. All four shields have a combined total of 20,000 M.D.C. but because the beam lasts a full melee and the shields regenerate at the rate of 5000 M.D.C. per shield every 4 seconds, the shields will actually withstand 80,000 M.D.C. total. A couple of starships listed within the Phase World Sourcebook can also create force fields that can withstand 80,000 M.D.C. in a melee. These ships and any other shields that can withstand 80,000 M.D.C. in a melee can be used to protect a ships from a Particle beam or Reflex Weapon blast. With variable shields, at least 80,000 M.D.C. must be transferred into the shield facing that is absorbing the blast. Once the strike hits, the table for damage to the shield generators is rolled on. This strike will effect the whole shield system not just the shield facing that has been hit. The only case where the shield generators may be intact is if the shield can actually take the full planetary damage of the blast. Some Invid hives have 3 million M.D.C. force fields and when the planetary damage is rolled (2D6x1 million for Zentraedi particle beam) it can be below 3 million in some cases. The only other case is when the ship has two totally different shielding systems such as the full shield and pinpoint barrier of the SDF-3. A strike will only destroy one system not both but with variable shields, the weapon effects all shield facings.

01 to 15Moderate Damage, the system requires 4D6 hours of repairs and resetting before becoming operational again
16 to 30Major Damage, the system will require 4D6x10 hours of repair beforebecoming operational again
31 to 70Completely destroyed. The entire system will have to be replaced
71 to 97The Shield generator is Horribly Damaged but can be repaired. The system will require 4D6 weeks of repairs and due to unknown damages may require an additional 4D6 weeks to repair. In most cases, it is easier to replace the system
98 to 00Relatively Minor Damage, the system will require 2D4 hours of work before the system will be operational again

Dodging Heavy Particle Beams:

In most cases, large capital ships are limited to partial dodges of attacks against them. This can be attempted by Starships against the heavy particle beams and reflex cannons but while this allows the ship to survive, the damage to te ship is normally still horrible. If the ship misses its dodge, it will still be destroyed. If the ship makes the dodge, the ship will suffer 1/3 of the ships original main body (Much of the damage will be structural and will require shipyard work) and all shield generator will be destroyed. Roll on the shield damage table above for the effects of the damage. The next step is to determine which side of the ship has been hit. The ships pilot can make a piloting roll, if a success the pilot can chose what side of the ship was hit. If the piloting roll is missed, the side of the ship the weapon is hit is either determined by the side of the ship that was facing or by random roll. The weapon will hit two sides out of the six possible sides of the ship. Both sides must be connected (example: Weapon cannot hit the front and the rear of the ship but could hit the front and top of the ship). The sides of the ship will be a virtual complete ruin and will be open to space. All hit locations on those sides with less then 10,000 M.D.C. will be destroyed and those greater than 10,000 M.D.C. will suffer 2/3 damage.

1Front2Top3Left Side
4Rear5Bottom6Right Side

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