REEF base at Canaveral:


General Information:

REEF stands for Robotech Extra-Dimensional Expeditionary Force. The symbol of the base is the RDF symbol with a 1980 era space shuttle in front of it. This is worn on the right shoulder of all R.E.E.F. uniforms. This is also prominently displayed on signs and flags around the base.

The base is set up where the main rocket launching facilities were located at Canaveral Florida. It retains many aspects of this original base and has huge areas of landing fields that have been restored by the R.E.E.F. all runways are now constructed from M.D.C. concretes. On one side of the field is the huge building that was used to build space rockets and refit space shuttles prior to the coming of the Rifts. This giant building has been restored and reinforced with M.D.C. materials and has about 25,000 M.D.C. and is where some of the manufacturing equipment is located at. Beside this building are many other large buildings that house the rest of the manufacturing equipment. Beside the runways are series of large bunkers that large air and space vehicles are stored and small bunkers also near the runways have all of the fighters. All bunkers are constructed from reinforced M.D.C. materials. Missile launchers are scattered around various areas of the base are both the bases main means of defense and defense not including mobile forces. At the seacoast is a number of large bunkers in which the Trident class subs are protected and more small bunkers in which the Piranha subs are protected. Surface Ships are kept outside of Bunkers. Besides the docks are a number of small, medium, and large dry docks which the largest and several of the medium and small dry docks are covered.

The main base is surrounded by a 40 ft M.D.C. chain link fence that has several layers of razor wires and 8 standard electrified wires running on the outside. Outside of this is an area filled with watchdog mines. Furthest layer outward is a 30 ft M.D.C. chain link fence that has several layers of razor wires and 6 standard electrified wires running on the outside. The fences are meant to prevent people and creatures away from the mines as well as for base defenses.

The base has a special radar system derived from the Hunter class frigate (The hunter while not part of listed inventory is stored on the base for an ally). The radar system has a range of 1200 miles and it can track huge numbers of targets. The base also has a conventional large radar system (Range about 500 miles) for backup and uses regular ground and air patrols of the area. The patrols patrol for an area with a 500 miles radius from the base although they avoid Atlantis. Surface ships patrol near the base and submersibles patrol out to about 1,000 miles (These forces avoid Atlantis as well)

The R.E.E.F. pays for its facilities and troops mostly through the selling of weapons through Southern Cross manufacturing. They also have a small amount of sales which gathers a decent income. This is mostly through the sale of dinosaur meat which the military assists in the gathering of the meat.

Military Forces:
Ground / Air Forces:
Fortified Defenses; Personnel: 114 (48 Controllers, 48 technicians, and 8 Gunners)

500 REEF-ATV-2 Missile Launchers: Each is controlled by one of four main frame computers (Three Backups) that allows for targeting of each missile independently at up to 4000 targets.
100Spider Defense Systems
Veritech Fighter Forces; Personnel: 287 (192 Pilots, 10 Reserves, and 75 technicians)
96 ADCAP Logans
48 VF-1AS (I) Interceptor Super Veritechs
Fighter/Attack Forces; Personnel: 393 (288 Pilots, 15 Reserves, and 90 technicians)
96 REEF-SF-10 Super Corsairs
96 REEF-F-40 Sabertooth Fighter
192 REEF-QF-3000G Super Ghost Unmanned Fighter
Air Transport and Bomber Forces; Personnel: 148 (68 C.T.C. Crew members, 80 Glamour crew members)
2 REEF-SFL-10 Knight Class Space Corvette
4 REEF-CTC-002TA Combat Troop Carrier Shuttles
1Coalition Death Head Transport.
20 REEF-VC-33B Glamour Transports
Air/Ground Forces; Personnel: 785 (640 Crewmembers and 145 Techs)
400 REEF-PA03 Katana SAMAS Power Armors
24 M.I. VAC-33X Firehawk Gunships
Mechanized Ground Forces; Personnel: 1583 (1178 Crewmembers and 201 Techs)
400 VR-052-II Battler Cyclones
200 VR-038-LT-II Light Combat Cyclones
100 VR-041-II Saber Cyclones
80 REEF-PA04 Defender Glitter Boys
40 SDR-25-MK I Missileer Robot Vehicles
40 REEF-R01 Scorpion Robot Vehicles
40 REEF-R02 Sentinel Air Defense Robots
40 REEF-APT-2 Tank Carriers
2Coalition APC mark V
Non-Mechanized Ground Forces: Personnel: 1000
1,000Ground Soldiers

Ocean Forces; Vessels: Personnel: 1259.
6 Trident Class Submersible Carriers
RFS (ex USS) Narwhal (SSC-108), RFS (ex USS) Porpoise (SSC-113), RFS Sea Lion (SSCR-03), and RFS Tiger Shark (SSCR-04), RFS Killer Whale (SSCR-05), RFS Skate (SSCR-06)
12 REEF-PTB-25 Super Piranha Class Submersible Attack Boat
RFS Sword (SS-01), RFS Dagger (SS-03), RFS Sabre (SS-04), RFS Cutlass (SS-06), RFS Spear (SS-07), RFS Battleaxe (SS-08), RFS Epee (SS-09), RFS Rapier (SS-10), RFS Morning Star (SS-11), RFS Halberd (SS-12)
Surface Ships:
1 Salem Class Heavy Cruiser
RFS Sea Witch (CA-139) [Ex USS Salem]
1 Tiger Class Guided Missile Cruiser
RFS Tiger (FFG-1)
1 Tomlinson Class Guided Missile Frigate
RFS Wolverine (FFG-69) [Ex USS Tomlinson]
2 Tarantula Class Corvettes
Tarantula (FFL-1), Black Widow (FFL-2)
Ocean Forces; Marines, Power Armors & Aircraft: Personnel: 622 (126 Pilots, 386 Katana Pilots, 110 Marines).
76 ADCAP Logans
386 REEF-PA03 Katana SAMAS Power Armors
52Aqua-Tech LEA

Civil Defense Units:
40 REEF A-20 Adventurer III with fusion reactors
40 REEF H-01B Commanchero B Helicopters with fusion reactors
40 SDR-25-MK I Missileer Robot Vehicles
1,000 REEF-PA01 Wasp Power Armors
10,000T-C20 Terrain Hopper Power Armor with TX-41 Giant Laser Pulse Rifles
50,000Militiaman (Mostly armed with L-20 with bushman body armor)

Independent Mercenaries: Total: 7
All vehicles belong to the pilots and are serviced by the main technicians of the base. Originally most of the forces were Independent mercenaries and these people are hold-overs from that time.
1Flying Titan Power Armor
1NG-V7 Robot
1Samson Power Armor
1Titan Combat Robot
1Titan Light Combat Robot
1Titan Recon Robot

Standard Issue for Personnel (Does not include Civil Defense Units):
Body Armor: Gladiator Armor (M.D.C. 70) styled like Southern Cross armor (Cyclone riders are provide with CVR-3 Style armors) and 2 light body suits (30 M.D.C.) as a uniform. One of the light body suits is styled after southern cross uniforms. Former REF personnel retain the style of body suit worn for the REF. The other Body suit is camouflage or dark grey.
Weapons: Gallant H-90B or M-160 Assault Rifle with 4 long E-Clips, Putman Stun Gun, NG Long Pistol (replaces NP Ion pistols), Copies of M1911A1 .45 Automatic Pistols with 4 magazines (1 Silver), 1 Vibro-Bayonet, and 1 Silver Plated Dagger. The Gallant H-90b is slowly replacing the M-160 in service. All Psychics and have T.W. Flaming Swords issued to them.
Other Equipment: The commander and second of each ten man unit carries a copied SNARLS unit. All combat mages have a set of Mystic Power Armor issued to them so they can operate with combat units.


10%Original RDF, Southern Cross, or REF Personnel:These personnel are from the RDF, Southern Cross, or REF and are O.C.C.s from those books.
65%Recruited and Trained Personnel: These personnel have been trained by the REEF and have all the skills of Special Forces from the Rifts Mercenaries book (Mage potential and Master Psychics are trained to be Superspies out of Rifts Mercenaries and naval people are being trained by instructors from the New Navy and would be the equivalents of the New Navy OCCs with the exception of Sea Titan)
25%Personnel from Other Militaries / Mercenary Companies: These people are Headhunters, Wilderness Scouts, and various mercenary O.C.C.s from Rifts Mercenaries and other game books.

Magic & Psychic Special Unit (Does not include Major and Minor Psychics):60 total

10Superspies (Magic)
4Ley Line Walkers
10Superspies (Psychic)
8Wild Dogboys
5Mind Melters
4Non Coalition Psi Stalkers

Military Ranks:
The REEF is organized on virtually standard military lines but does not have Warrant Officers and does not have any title difference between support or combat troops. When the Robotech Defense Forces were formed on Earth, the forces were formed in a very short time from the various military forces that made up the United Nations. A large portion of the RDF forces were from the United States Military and the ranks that were used were U.S. for this reason. The R.E.E.F. uses the same rank structure as the R.D.F. did and the U.S. did previously.

A very large portion of the R.E.E.F. officers corp are ex-enlisted and it is relatively easy for a character to go from being enlisted to being an officer. Mustangs (Officers that started as enlisted) have also been known to reach the highest ranks in the service in the R.D.F. and the R.E.F. such as General Rick Hunter

Navy Personnel:Air Forces, Army, and Marines Personnel:
O-9Vice AdmiralLieutenant General
O-8Rear AdmiralMajor General
O-7CommodoreBrigadier General
O-5CommanderLieutenant Colonel
O-4Lieutenant CommanderMajor
O-2Lieutenant Junior GradeFirst Lieutenant
O-1EnsignSecond Lieutenant


Navy Personnel:Air Forces, Army, and Marines Personnel:
E-9Master Chief Petty OfficerCommand Sergeant Major
E-8Senior Chief Petty OfficerMaster Sergeant
E-7Chief Petty OfficerSergeant First Class
E-6Petty Officer First ClassStaff Sergeant
E-5Petty Officer Second ClassSergeant
E-4Petty Officer Third ClassCorporal
E-3CrewmanPrivate First Class
E-2Apprentice CrewmanPrivate Second Class
E-1Recruit CrewmanPrivate

Senior Officers:

Treaties & Policies:

Southern Cross Manufacturing:

Areas around Base:


Lieutenant Krystal Moor from Tactical Armored Space Corps. (T.A.S.C.) of the Southern Cross was rifted to Rifts Earth just after the end of the Robotech Master War.

She joined with a team of other people who had come from the Robotech Universe and they formed a temporary base near Archie's facility in Aberdeen.

The group fought multiple groups of Archie's robots and captured various technologies of his including the Shemarrian rail gun.

The organization had found various transport aircraft and the transports were attacked on occasion by the Coalition. They then researched about the Coalition and discovered a group that was dangerous to them

After having explored the area, the group discovered a U.S. Navy Frigate protected from the ravages of time and intact near the remains of New York City. They also discovered the wreck of Death Head Transport and replaced the ship’s engines with those from the Death Head because the reactor of the D.H.T. was intact. The main flight dish was intact as well. They also reinforced the ship’s hull with M.D.C. material. This ship acted as a mobile base for them for a period of time.

The ship explored Florida and they found that part of the Canaveral Installation was still intact. Lt. Moor, who was nominally in charge had a great interest in getting into space. She had various low cost rockets sent into space to find out why they are destroyed. After a few launches, she was abler to discover that there were two causes. One, debris causing damage to rockets and defense satellites were destroying the probes. They were able to bow a small hole in the debris ring using Plasma missiles launched from fighters at suborbital altitudes. They then hired a Techno Wizard to put invisibility superior on her Logan (hers was a special transatmospheric model known as the I.C.E. Logan) and she was able to achieve orbit. She discovered that an ARMD platform had been Rifted in from during the wars with the Zentraeti. The established systems by which they could use the A.R.M.D. for increasing communication ranges and they were able to get detailed information on the surface of the Earth. She was also able to get a U.S.A. G-14 and take it down to Earth.

At the same time that this was going on, she took command of the installation and began to start a military. The Name that was agreed upon was the Robotech Extradimensional Expeditionary Force (R.E.E.F.). She started by hiring a group of Mercenaries to reinforce her people. She turned rebuilt part of the complex and began to I.C.E Logans, Corsairs, Specter Jet Interceptors, Adventurer Ground Attack Aircraft, Comachero helicopters, and several types of small arms. The less sensitive of designs were sold to make money. At the same time, the R.E.E.F. began to make offers to peoples living in the Burbs of various cities for a better life.

An outer outpost of the Coalition sent a D.H.T. and escorts to "investigate" the area. The R.E.E.F. was able to destroy the force and in the process capture much of the equipment by destroying the flight dish of the D.H.T. they were also able to restore the vehicle by taking the flight dish that they had and using on the one captured.

After this battle occurred, the R.E.E.F. worked on building up its military as fast as they could. Most of the fixed installations were started at this time. They also designed and built two designs of power armors "Wasp" and "Beetle" which they traded a number of them to Iron Heart Armament in return for A.P.C.s.

The A.R.M.D. platform discovered that a splinter group from the Moon had taken a large near Earth asteroid and sent it in a course that was to collide with the Earth. The R.E.E.F attempted to get help. The Coalition would not believe them and they did not try and contact Atlantis. The R.E.E.F. was able to get help from two other sources. These were TRIAX who provided several squadrons of their new X-2800AG Space Wing and Larson's Brigade who provided all of the Crescent Moon fighters that he had. The R.E.E.F. and their allies were able to defeat the group and was able to divert the asteroid. The R.E.E.F. also managed to make a much larger hole in the debris and destroyed all of the defense satellites near their normal orbital insertion path. Other results were that the R.E.E.F. gained a non aggression pact with the New German Republic and a mutual defense pact with Tolkeen.

The R.E.E.F. got in contact with a scientists named Dart who had been just awaked from having put herself in suspended who showed the R.E.E.F. a Pre-Rifts underwater sub pen that had two Trident class submarines, four Piranha class submersible vehicles, and a cache of New Navy Equipment and smaller vehicle. The R.E.E.F. copied many of the designs and began building the Tridents and Piranha subs and sell standard Piranha class submarines. This is how the R.E.E.F. got an agreement with Columbia due to the fact that Columbia wanted the Piranha submersible for their military.

At the same time a mercenary hired by the R.E.E.F. found a badly damaged Japanese SAMAS along with a SNARLS system. The R.E.E.F. was able to copy the SNARLS system and has begun issuing it to their troops.

The R.E.E.F. had an incident that some of their power armor troops went against Juicers and lost far more troops then they expected to. They also found that the Coalition was experimenting with using Juicers. In tests they found out that Cyclones can fight successfully against Juicers so they had a Kamako Kantako, a Field Scientist from the R.E.F. in Tolkeen design a more efficient version of the cyclone using some Rifts Earth Technology. This version involved a Naruni force field which got the R.E.E.F. in contact with Metalworks, a high tech manufacturing that has dealing with the Naruni.

Soon after this, Iron Heart Armament was overrun and some of the personnel tried to make it for Metalworks. The group was pursued by Coalition troops. Metalworks was able to rescue the personnel and in the process was able to capture several of the new Coalition vehicles and the Coalitions new missiles. The R.E.E.F. traded with Metalworks to get the new missile designs and to get a wrecked version of a Super SAMAS. The R.E.E.F. copied the Super SAMAS, made some modifications, and renamed the power armor as the "Katana."

The R.E.E.F. sent scouting missions to various locations on the East Coast. During one of them, they were able to find an old US Gun cruiser and have converted it to Rifts Armor and ammo.

The R.E.E.F. purchased a stolen Coalition SF-7 Talon fighter and was able to copy the stealth features of fighter and add it to many of their designs.

Because Metalworks, an ally of the REEF, is near Tolkeen, Metalworks has asked the REEF to hold onto a Hunter class Phase World Destroyer that they have managed to acquire through trading through various Rifts.

The R.E.E.F. is presently working on a treaty with both the New Navy and Free Quebec after Free Quebec was eliminated from the Coalition.

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