REEF-R04 MAC-IV Sentinel Robot Vehicle:

With the data bases on the ARMD platform, the REEF in Florida was able to get the design of the MAC II even though the space platform did not operate any of the vehicles. It was decided by the commander in Florida to manufacture a handful of these mecha for heavy support roles. Only a comparative small number of these vehicles, less than two dozen have been built and are only operated by REEF Canaveral Base and Castle Caoth. The REEF will not export these designs.

While only a minor redesign of the RDF MAC II, the vehicle manufactured by the REEF in Florida was redesignated the MAC IV. Even so, the vehicle is far more effective than the original thanks to the host of minor improvements to the design. They are considered extremely valuable pieces and are generally only operated in close vicinity to the main base. There has been some consideration given towards developing a smaller vehicle design along similar lines.

Unlike most of the combat vehicle of the REEF, the MAC IV are not manufactured in their own facility but are more or less hand built, their construction more like naval vessels than most of the other robot vehicles. Part of this is simply a virtue of just how large they are with a mass of almost three hundred tons when fully loaded. They are one of the largest ground vehicles on Rifts Earth.

As with most REEF robot vehicle designs, the MAC IV’s armor is vastly improved using new composites and alloys which are much stronger than with the original armor materials. As a result, the MAC IV is able to withstand incredible damage. The armor is made from laser resistant materials. Even though the power output of the fusion power plants are vastly improved, mobility is not improved with a top speed of top speed of twenty miles per hour.

The most important weapon system of the MAC II, the 40 cm gun, is retained almost unmodified. New ammo however has been created. This includes both longer ranged rocket propelled rounds and more powerful warheads. With new rocket propelled rounds, the main guns can reach ranges up to twenty-five miles. As far as warheads, plasma rounds are especially effective. All four engaging a single target can be extremely devastating. With self guidance packages, similar to what is carried on most missiles, the artillery also can be incredibly accurate. Payload is still limited with forty rounds total and requires about ten minutes to reload. Big advantage of the guns over missiles is that 40 cm ammunition is far less expensive even with guided gun rounds.

The power output of the arm Tri-Lasers are increased even though range has not been increased. They do have the advantage over the 40 cm guns is the unlimited payload. In addition, both lasers arms are designed to be able to be linked together to fire at a single target. Power output is increased by around fifty percent. As with the original MAC II, there is also the option of missile launching arms. Weapon arms can be easily changed out within an hour. Each arm has a capacity for twelve long range for a maximum of twenty-four long range missiles

The final upgrade to the weapon system is the addition of a pair of point defense mounts which are modified versions of the Kittani spider defense system. Permanently mounted and connected to the robot vehicle’s fusion plant, these weapon systems have unlimited payload. These defense system are primarily designed to give a measure of self defense against incoming missiles. Secondary purpose is against infantry and can also use special grenades including smoke, tear gas, and prismatic aerosol.

As with weapon systems, electronics are also improved. Chief among these is a long range radar with a maximum range of around two hundred miles and can track up to ninety-six targets. As such, the MAC IV can be used as an effective command and control platform. The MAC IV has a standard crew of three with a pilot and two gunners. In addition, the crew compartment can carry up to eight additional in the vehicle. There are usually troops to protect the MAC IV from infantry attacks.

Model Type: REEF-R04. Nicknamed “Land Battleship” a.k.a. HWR-04-MK I

Class: Heavy Infantry Assist and Assault Destroid

Crew: Three; Pilot, and Two gunners, Eight more can be seated within the cockpit (Often troops)

M.D.C. by Location:

Main Cannon (4):

250 each barrel

Upper Arms (2):

200 each

Forearm/Tri-Laser Cannons / Long Range Missile Launchers (2):

500 each

Legs (2):

500 each

Light Point Defense Systems (2):

50 each

Reinforced Pilots compartment:


[1] Main Body:



[1] Depleting the M.D.C. of the main body will shut the mecha down completely, rendering it useless. Note: Lasers do half damage


Running: 20 mph (32.2 kph) maximum speed.

Leaping: Cannot leap.

Underwater: It can walk along the bottom of the sea floor at 25% of maximum speed and has a maximum Ocean depth of 2 miles (3.2 kilometers).

Statistical Data:

Height: 73.7 feet (22.5 meters).

Width: 31.1 feet (9.8 meters).

Length: 42.7 feet (13 meters) not including the cannons barrels. 85 feet (25.9 meters) including cannon barrels

Weight: 186.3 tons (169.0 metric tons) unloaded and 295.8 tons (268.3 metric tons) fully loaded

Physical Strength: Equal to a P.S. 60

Cargo: Has a 6 x 6 x 6 foot (1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 meters) storage bin for extra equipment and weapons. In addition, the crew also normally has the ability to keep small gear with them.

Power System: Two Nuclear Fusion engines with average life span of 40 years

Black Market Cost: If found it would probably be worth 100 million for a new, undamaged, and fully operation robot complete with all weapon systems. The REEF will not sell this design.

Weapon Systems:

  1. Four (4) 40 cm Automatic Cannons: This is the same armament that was carried on the original MAC II but new ammunition has been developed. This ammunition inflicts far greater damage and there are also extended range rocket propelled rounds available. Payload is unchanged with a payload of ten rounds per gun. These cannons are mainly used for heavy artillery support not direct combat. In many ways, the guns could be considered like battleship main guns and it is likely that the REEF studied the rounds that Wellington Industries created for Golden Age warship designs. The four cannons can be raised up or down in a 60 degree arc but they are not capable of independent movement.

    Maximum Effective Range: Non Rocket Projectiles: 12 miles (19 km), minimum range is 600 feet (183 meters). Rocket Projectiles: 25 miles (40 km) with a minimum range of 1000 feet (305 meters).

    Mega Damage: Non Rocket Projectiles: 6D6x10 for Armor Piercing to a 8 feet (2.4 meters) blast radius, 1D4x100 for Plasma to a 40 feet (12.2 meters) blast radius, and fragmentation does 3D6x10 to a 60 feet (18.3 meters) blast radius. Can also use special ammunition which treat as double payload as 203 mm artillery. Rocket Projectiles: 4D6x10 for Armor Piercing to a 5 feet (1.5 meters) blast radius, 6D6x10 for Plasma to a 30 feet (9.2 meters) blast radius, and fragmentation does 2D6x10 to a 40 feet (12.2 meters) blast radius. Can also use special ammunition which treat as double payload as 203 mm rocket artillery. (Go to Battlefield Artillery for Rifts for more information.)

    Rate of Fire: Equal to combined hand to hand attacks of pilot or gunner (can fire one, two, three, or four cannons each attack)

    Payload: Each cannon has ten (10) round for a total of forty (40) rounds. Primary load outs are armor piercing and plasma rounds. Each cannon takes 10 minutes (40 melee) to reload

  2. Two (2) Arm Weapons: The MAC IV can either mount two Tri-Laser cannons or a long range box missile launcher on each forearm. Each are considered more effective in certain roles although the Tri-Laser cannon is more commonly mounted. Missile launchers and lasers cannot be mixed but instead both arms mount the same weaponry.

    1. Tri-Laser Cannons: With three lasers in each arm, a total of six total are mount. While not as powerful as the 40 cm Automatic Cannons, they have the advantage of not needing ammunition and are also extremely long ranged compared to most energy weapons. Both arms can be linked together to fire on a single target for greater damage.

      Maximum Effective Range: 10 miles (16 kilometers)

      Mega Damage: Single Barrel: 1D6x10. Triple Barrels (one arm):3D6x10 for one arm. Six Barrels (both arms): 6Dx10.

      Rate of Fire: Equal to combined hand to hand attacks of pilot or gunner (both arms counts as one attack)

      Payload: Effectively Unlimited.

    2. Long Range Missile Launchers: Optional weapon mount instead of tri-laser mounts. Extremely long ranged, they have a limited payload. Designed to be used against aircraft and heavy targets. Each one has twelve long range missiles for a maximum of twenty-four long range missiles. Usually smart missiles only are carried with heaviest warheads such as fusion warheads.

      Maximum Effective Range: As per long range missile type (See revised bomb and missile tables for details.)

      Mega Damage: As per long range missile type (See revised bomb and missile tables for details.)

      Rate of Fire: One at a time or in volleys of two (2), four (4), or six (6)

      Payload: Twenty-Four (24) long range missiles total with twelve (12) each per missile arm.

  3. Two (2) Light Point Defense Systems: Based on the K-1000 Spider Defense Systems. Fully automatic defense system. Both systems are mounted on top of the barrel mounts. The systems are connected to the vehicle’s main power supply so that it has unlimited shots. Weapon system normally is used as an anti-missile defense. Weapon system also has four grenades each - smoke, prismatic aerosol, or tear gas.

    Maximum Effective Range: 4,000 feet (1,200 meters) for light blasts, 3,000 feet (915 meters) for heavy blasts, 20 feet (6.1 meters) for electrical current, 100 feet (30.5 meters) for smoke grenades

    Mega Damage: 4D6 for light blasts, 1D4x10 for heavy blasts, 3D6 S.D.C. for electrical current. See Grenades for details on grenades

    Rate of Fire: Autonomous: 6 Attacks per melee (+2 to strike) - grenades are fired on at a time. Manual: Equal to number of combined hand to hand attacks (usually 4-6).

    Payload: Effective Unlimited (has four grenades each - usually two smoke and two prismatic aerosol.)

  4. Hand to Hand: Not considered especially effective in hand to hand combat. Uses the same hand to hand as the M.A.C. II with the following modifications.


      Punch: 6D6

      Stomp: 2D6

Special Equipment:

The robot vehicle has all the standard features of a standard Rifts robot vehicles plus these special features listed.

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