Ward Scored / Dragon Forged “Fiery Weapon” Long Sword

Ward Scored / Dragon Forged “Fiery Weapon” Long Sword:
Often cheaper than magic items created by alchemists, there are “Ward Scored” magic weapons using a plaque of dragon bone as well as “Dragon Forged” weapons which use dragon dust in the creation of the magic weapon. These are often cheaper than those made by alchemists and also have the advantage of being able to be made by non alchemists. In some cases, the two types of enchantments are combined in a single weapon.
The “Fiery Weapon” long sword is among the most common of magic weapons which combines the “Ward Scored” and “Dragon Forged” styles of enchantment. These weapon are made by expert weapon smiths, usually Kobold smiths, using dragon dust with a dragon bone plaque imbedded in the blade itself. The dragon bone plague holds the enchantment of “Fiery Weapon.” There are bastard swords and claymore swords with similar enchantments which are slightly more expensive and inflict slightly greater damage.
One should note that while the dragon dust makes the weapon extremely resistant to rust, if not properly cared form the weapon will corrode. Still, they are much tougher than most non magical weapons and can be prized across generations. As such, some of these weapons could potentially be centuries old. The “Fiery Weapon” makes these weapons completely immune to fire.
While available without one, it is most common for a special scabbard to be made along with the weapon. The enchantment is always active and cannot be sheathed in a scabbard that is not immune to fire. The scabbard also uses a dragon bone plaque with the enchantment of “Impervious to Fire.”

Weight: 3.5 lbs (1.60 kg). Length: 3 feet (0.9 meters).
Damage: 3D6+3 normal damage for hand to hand attacks. Add 2D6 fire damage for 5D6+3 combined damage. If applicable, add strength bonuses to damage.
Bonuses due to Quality: +2 initiative, +3 damage, +1 strike, and +1 parry for a Kobold forged weapon.
Cost: 20,215 for the sword itself. “Impervious to Fire” scabbard costs an additional 10,000 gold.

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