Zilkia Industries Z-Universal Light Power Armor:

The only known independent manufacturer of Kittani weapons and equipment, Zilkia Industries is located near the city of Tolkeen. One of the founder's, a Kittani named Ki-Tarn Zilka, first power armor designs which was produced was the K-Universal Light Power Armor. In many ways, the design is extremely similar to the Triax T-21 Terrain Hopper. They both are extremely lightweight suits and extremely maneuverable. Also elThe company branched out to a variety on new designs, many based on other Kittani designs, but the K-Universal Armor remained one of the companies largest sellers. As a result, there was much pressure to develop an advanced model of the K-Universal. The result was the Z-Universal Power Armor.

Several other members of his family, including both his wife and several of his children, are engineers with the company. They are believed to be the driving force behind developing the more advanced version of the K-Universal. It is believed that the main inspiration behind the more advanced design is the Triax T-C20 Power Armor. Zilkia also manufactures a number of Triax designs although the Terrain Hopper was never licenced to Zilkia Industries. The design of the K-Universal and the T-21 are so close that a pilot requires no training to switch between the two designs. The Z-Universal suit also requires no retraining for those skilled in the Tarrain Hopper or the K-Universal suits.

Most of the basic systems are unchanged between the K-Universal and the Z-Universal suits. Both have the same basic mini-fusion reactor, have the ability to leap at extremely high rates of speed, and have limited flight abilities. Standard life support and sensor systems are also retained. The armor is also unchanged although the design is available with a lightweight Naruni force field for additional protection. Drawing directly from the armor's fusion reactor, the allows the light power armor to withstand far more damage than would be otherwise possible. While optional, most purchasers of the power armor purchase the force field option.

Weapons are the largest change in the design and includes both a pair of short range ion pulse weapons and a number of mini-missiles. The ion pulse weapons are developed from the KEP-Special Energy Pistol and are mounted on each forearm. They pull their power directly from the power armor's tiny fusion reactor and have virtually unlimited shots. Mounted as part of the jet pack are eight mini-missiles which up to four can be launched as a single volley. Otherwise, the operator of the armor relies on hand held weaponry.

Model Type: Z-Universal Power Armor
Class: Strategic Armor Military Exo-Skeleton
Crew: One (Pilot)

M.D.C. by Location:

[1] Rear Jet Pack (1):50
[2] Chest Headlight (1):2
Rear Mini-Missile Launcher (1):60
[2] Forearm Ion Beams (2, one each arm):15
[3] Head:80
[4] Main Body:220
[5] Optional: N-50A Super heavy Naruni force field:160

[1] Destroying the jet pack will make power jumps impossible.
[2] These are small and difficult targets to strike, requiring the attacker to make a “called shot,”, but even then the attacker is -4 to strike.
[3] Destroying the head/helmet has a 1-70% chance of knocking the pilot unconscious. If conscious, the pilot has two problems, one: no power armor combat bonuses to strike, parry, and dodge, and two: the human head is now vulnerable to attack. Note: The head is a small and difficult target to hit (shielded by exhaust tubes). Thus, it can only be hit when a character makes a called shot and even then the attacker is -3 to strike.
[4] Depleting the M.D.C. of the main body will shut the armor down completely, making it useless. Note: Destroying the jet pack will make flight and power jumps/leaps impossible.
[5] The force fields will stop energy attacks and fast moving objects. Slow moving objects can pass through. The force field regenerates one (1) M.D.C. per melee round unless overloaded and then cannot be activated for 12 hours if overloaded. The force field pulls its power off of the power plant.

Running: 40 mph (64 kph) maximum or leap running at 170 mph (272 kph - described under power jumping). Note that the act of running does tire out its operator, but at a fatigue rate of 20% less than normal, thanks to the robot exo-skeleton.
Leaping: The integrated jet pack enables the power armor to leap a height of approximately 50 feet (15 m) high or 300 feet (91.5 m) long in a power jump.
Power Jumping and travel: Getting a running start will enable the individual to leap up to 300 feet (91.5 m) up or lengthwise. The height of the leap is controlled by the pilot.
By leaping, landing, continuing to run a few dozen yards/meters, and power leaping again, the operator can attain and maintain, an impressive ground speed of 170 mph (272 kph), even through light forest (speed should be reduced 40% through dense vegetation or hazardous terrain to avoid accidents). Directional control is nearly total, but engaging the jet pack to avoid a collision or bad landing may slow one's speed. Also the flight capabilities enable the pilot to stop in mid-air if necessary.
Flying: The rocket propulsion system enables the K-Universal to hover in a stationary position up to 300 feet (91.5 m) or fly at a maximum speed of 100 mph (160 km).
Flying Range: The nuclear power pack gives the armor a decade of life. It is the jet rockets getting too hot and needing to cool down that causes the overheating problem. A half hour of constant flying is the maximum before the jets overheat and automatically shut down. Remember, traveling by power jumps can be maintained for an unlimited number of hours at 170 mph.
Underwater: The armor can travel up to a maximum speed of 40 mph (64 kmph) to a maximum depth of 1000 feet (310 meters).

Statistical Data:
Height: 8 feet (2.4 m)
Width: 4.4 feet (1.34 m)
Length: About 3 feet (0.9 m)
Weight: 260 lbs (117.9 kg) with jet pack and force field generator.
Physical Strength: Equal to P.S. 30.
Cargo: None
Power System: Nuclear; average life is 10 years.
Special Sensors and Optics: The helmet is equipped with full optical systems, including laser targeting, telescopic, passive night vision (light amplification), thermo-imaging, infrared, ultraviolet, and polarization. Plus all other features common to all power armor.
Sensor Bonuses: + 1 to strike is applicable to long-range weapon combat only. Hand to hand: + 1 to parry and dodge, automatically (Costs no attack) + 2 to dodge while traveling by means of power jumps. See Power Armor Combat Training in the Robot Combat section for other bonuses.
Black Market Price: 1.8 million credits. N-50A Super Heavy Force Field costs an additional 250,000 credits.

Z-Universal Weapon Systems:

  1. Forearm Ion Beams (2): Short ranged but extremely powerful energy weapons which are copies of the KEP-Special Ion Pistol mounted in the Forearms of the armor. For virtually unlimited payload, the weapons pull power directly from the armor's fusion reactor. The suit's operator need only point and shoot. The forearm lasers can be used in combined attacks if the person has the skill Paired Weapons: Energy Pistol
    Maximum Effective Range: 200 feet (61 meters)
    Mega-Damage: 5D6
    Rate of Fire: Equal to the number of combined hand to hand attacks of the person in the suit (usually 4-6) .
    Payload: Effectively unlimited.
  2. Back mounted Mini-Missile Launcher: A small mini-missile launcher is hooked onto the back of the jet pack. Slightly larger payload than the mini-missile launcher on the T-C20 Terrain Hopper. Any mini-missile can be used, but standard issue is armor piercing or plasma. Fragmentation will be used for anti-personnel operations .
    Maximum Effective Range: Usually about one mile (See revised bomb and missile tables for details.)
    Mega-Damage: Varies with missile type (See revised bomb and missile tables for details.)
    Rate of Fire: Can fire missiles one at a time or volleys of two (2) or four (4) mini-missiles.
    Payload: Eight
  3. Energy Rifle, Light Rail Gun, and other man-size weapons can be carried into combat. Sidearm (pistol), knife, sword, hand grenades, etc . , can be carried on a belt at the waist or across the chest. The Z-Universal is - 3 to strike when leaping or flying.

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Original company idea by Ki-Tarn Zilkia (Kitarn@netscape.net)

Writeup by Kitsune (E-Mail Kitsune).

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