T.W. Van Helsing Vampire Fighting Vehicle:

Most Techno-Wizard designs are designed with some form of aesthetics. Some might be considered on the twisted side but virtually all Techno-Wizards consider themselves to have a sense of style. This vehicle is the exception. It was designed for pure practicality. Its job is to hunt vampires. For this job, it is fitted with a variety of weapons for use against vampires. It is so effective that it can practically destroy a pack of wild vampires by itself. Because some vampires use technology, the vehicle is armed so that it can deal with conventional targets as well although this is strictly secondary. Several anti-vampire teams use this vehicle as their main support vehicles. As one might expect, the Van Helsing is named after the fictional vampire hunter from the story Dracula.

The Van Helsing is an eight-wheel design and is similar to the US Marine Corps LAV-25 from the late Twentieth Century and early Twenty First Century. Wheels were considered easier to replace and maintain than tank style treads. It also makes the vehicle less expensive to manufacture. Even so, this vehicle can go virtually any where a tank can go. The eight tires are made from Mega-Damage rubber like materials. The vehicle is available with several different propulsion systems including standard liquid fuel propulsion, electrical propulsion, fusion propulsion, or magical T.W. Electrical propulsion. The final system is most useful for magic using individuals who can cast "Call Lightning." Many crews prefer the versions powered by a fusion reactor due to the fact that being stuck in vampire controlled territory is never a good situation even in a vehicle designed to fight vampires. The fusion reactor is the same design that is used on the Mountaineer all terrain vehicle.

The armor of the vehicle is of conventional armor materials but most places are sheathed with wood plates with the spell of “Ironwood” cast on them. Each wood plate is covered in small wooden spikes. If a vampire tries to punch the wrong location of the vehicle, he will end up with spikes sticking in his hand. The nose of the vehicle has eight larger spikes sticking from the nose which are designed for use in ramming vampires. There was some consideration of just using enchanted wooden armor but it was considered to be too vulnerable to fire. The vehicle is equipped with two headlights and a spot light. Each is normally fitted with a special snap-on fitting with a variety of holy symbols possible.

The main weapons of the vehicle are mounted in a turret in the middle of the vehicle. These weapons are a powerful grenade launcher and high powered Techno-Wizard water cannon. The grenade launcher is a modified version of the Wellington automatic grenade launcher with two ammo feeds. One feed is standard rounds which armor piercing ammo is usually preferred. The second feed is normally special anti-vampire rounds developed for the vehicle. The ammo is basically a giant shotgun shell which is filled with wooden flechettes which have the spell of “Ironwood” can on them. The T.W. water cannon is fueled by a tiny rift which opens into the elemental plane of water and the payload is virtually unlimited although the weapon has a far shorter range than the grenade launcher. The water can instead be fed into special water sprayers which protect the vehicle from direct contact by vampires. If the main water cannon is being operated at the same time as the water sprayers, the duration is limited to about five minutes at which time it will run out of water. At that time, the crew will have to choose between the two systems. It takes about five minutes to recharge the water sprayers if the systems are not in use. The driver is equipped with a double weapon as well. The driver has an NG-202 rain gun and a T.W. water rifle mounted together. The NG-202 is equipped with double feeds with one being standard rail gun rounds and the other being wooden rounds. The water rifle also pulls its water from the main system but its drain is far less and does not affect the other systems. For long range targets, the vampire fighting vehicle is equipped with mini-missiles with about half of the payload normally being special wooden anti-vampire warheads. Some normal mini-missiles are normally carried in case the vampires have allies with conventional equipment. The mini-missiles are also considered quite useful in knocking down structures where vampires may he hiding. As a final measure, the vehicle is equipped with a special flare launcher. The flare launcher has a total payload of sixteen flares with normally half of the flares being T.W. Storm Flares and half being T.W. Globe of Daylight flares.

The vampire fighting vehicle has all the sensors that one might expect in a robot vehicle. There has been special emphasis on preventing vampires from being able to use their gaze against the crew and all visuals are through display monitors instead of direct viewing. Even the gunner who controls the main weapon systems looks through video screens and uses remote controls instead of looking directly out of the vehicle. Because of the potential for the vehicle to be attack from invisible opponents, the Van Helsing is equipped with “See the Invisible” optics. A special feature available is ground penetrating radar mounted in a pod in the rear of the vehicle. It is similar to those used by archaeologists during the Twenty First Century and is extremely useful in detecting vampires underground lairs. The compartment is fully environment so that a vampire in gas form cannot enter the vehicle. While not designed as a troop transport, the Van Helsing has space for four passengers.

Author Note: Due to the fact the water comes from the Elemental Plane of Water, the water can be considered to affect vampires even by game masters (like the author) who only have holy water effect vampires.

Model Type: T.W. Van Helsing VFV
Vehicle Type: Vampire Hunting Vehicle (Ground)
Crew: 2 (Driver and Gunner)
Troops / Passengers: 4

M. D. C. by Location:

Weapon Turret:150
Automatic Grenade Launcher (Turret):70
T.W. Water Cannon (Turret):40
Front Combination Rail Gun / TW Water Rifle70
Flare Dispenser:20
Mini-Missile Launcher (2):50 each
[1] Wheels (8):50 each
Long Wood Spikes (8, front):10 each
Headlights (2):10 each
Ground Penetrating Radar Sled (Rear - Optional):20
Main Hatch:150
Reinforced Crew Compartment:125
Reinforced Passenger Compartment:80
[2] Main Body:350

[1] Up to one tire can be destroyed on each side of the vehicle without any appreciable loss in mobility but top speeds with be reduced by 10%. If two tires on a side are destroyed, the vehicle is reduced in top speed by 20% and has a -25% to piloting rolls when being operated off-road.
[2] If all the M.D.C. of the main body is depleted, the vehicle is completely shut down and unsalvageable, but the crew may survive in their reinforced compartment. 150 M.D.C. of the main body and 75 M.D.C. of the turret of wood that has been enchanted with the spell “Ironwood.”

Ground: Cruising speed on land is 60 mph (96.6 kph) on roads and 50 mph (80.5 kph) off road maximum. The vehicle is designed to traverse virtually all terrain and can climb at up to a 60% grade although at a much slower speed (About 10% of maximum road speed). It can also climb barriers and ford trenches. The vehicle can also handle side slopes of up to 30%. Can travel underwater up to 10 mph (16 kph).
Maximum Range: With gas or electric, 600 miles (966 miles), with T.W. Electric, 1,000 miles (1,610 km) and requires casting "Call Lighting" to recharge, and with fusion, effectively unlimited.

Statistical Data:
Height: 8 feet (2.4 meters) for main body and 9.4 feet (2.9 meters) including the weapon turret
Width: 9.5 feet (2.9 meters)
Length: 19.2 feet (5.9 meters)
Weight: 10.5 tons (9.5 metric tons) fully loaded
Power Source: Four versions. Nuclear with 20 year fusion reactor, Electric, Conventional liquid fuel that uses aviation gas, and TW Electric with is powered by a lightning bolt every 1000 miles (1610 km)
Cargo Capacity: Without troops / Passengers, can carry up to 2000 lbs (910 kg).
Black Market Cost: 4.6 million for Electrical or Internal Combustion powered, 4.8 million for T.W. Electrical powered versions, and 6.6 million for fusion powered version. Ground Penetrating Radar Module costs 400,000 Credits.

Weapon Systems:

  1. Main Turret: On the main turret, an automatic grenade launcher and T.W. water cannon which point in the same direction. The turret has the ability to rotate 360 degrees and barrels can be raised up to 85 degrees to target attackers virtually overhead. The barrels can also be pointed downwards up to 45 degrees. One reason the turret cannot fire directly overhead is so than grenades do not fall back on the vehicle. Gunner uses special optics that use video cameras instead of direct visuals to prevent vampires from attempting mind control.
    1. Automatic Grenade Launcher: Weapon is WI-GL21 Automatic Grenade Launcher mounted in the turret. The Grenade launcher has a special feed system to enable the gunner to switch between conventional rounds or special anti-vampire rounds with the flick of a switch. Most common conventional rounds are armor piercing. Anti-Vampire rounds are special shotgun style flechette rounds made from wood which the spell of “Ironwood” has been cast on the rounds.
      Maximum Effective Range: Conventional Rounds: 3,000 feet (914 meters) Anti-Vampire Rounds: 600 feet (182 meters)
      Mega-Damage: Conventional Rounds: 4D6 for Fragmentation with a blast area of 12 feet (3.7 meters) and 1D4x10 for Armor Piercing with a blast area of 3 feet (0.9 meters), burst of 10 rounds does 2D6x10 for Fragmentation with a blast area of 40 feet (12.2 meters) and 3D6x10 for Armor Piercing with a blast area of 8 feet (2.4 meters). Anti-Vampire Rounds: 8D6 S.D.C. to normal targets and 2D4x10+10 direct to hit points to vampires. Round does double damage to targets at close range (less than 25% of effective range), normal damage at medium ranges (25% to 50% of effective range), half damage at long range (50% to 75% of effective range, and quarter damage at extreme range (Greater than 75% of effective range). Burst of 10 rounds increase damage by 5 time to a single target or can inflict normal damage to 1D4 targets and have a 20% of hitting an innocent bystander if in the spray of the weapon. At long range (20 ft / 6 m or greater), a flechette will penetrate the heart on a 18 through 20 on a normal shot and on a 15 through 20 for a called shot. On close range attacks (20 ft / 6 m or closer), chances of hitting the heart are even better. Without a called shot, a flechette will penetrate on a 16 through 20. On a called shot, a flechette will penetrate on an 8 through 20. Burst shots cannot be used as called shots against vampires but the game can allow five rolls to see if a flechette lodges in the heart.
      Rate of Fire: Equal to combined hand to hand attacks of gunner
      Payload: 1,000 rounds total, usually divided up with 250 Conventional Rounds and 750 Anti-Vampire Rounds.
    2. T.W. Water Cannon: Similar to the standard T.W. Water cannon but uses a tiny rift to the Elemental Plane of Water as its source and has an effectively unlimited charge. The rift needs to be reopened approximately every five years. The rift also provides water to a set of sprayers around the vehicle and if the system runs out of water then the gunner has to chose between the T.W. water cannon and the sprayers. The water cannon fires a powerful stream of water.
      Maximum Effective Range: 300 feet (91 meters)
      Mega-Damage: None but inflicts 3D6x10 direct to hit points on vampires, inflicts no damage to other targets but will knock them of their feet.
      Rate of Fire: Maximum of six (6) bursts per melee
      Payload: Effectively unlimited but shares water supply with T.W. sprayer system.
  2. Front Weapon Mount: An NG-202 Rail gun and a T.W. rifle style water blaster are mounted together. These weapons are controlled by the driver of the vehicle and are remote controlled like the weapons on the armored vehicle's turret to protect the driver from vampire mind control. The weapon mount can move 45 degrees to either side and up or down.
    1. NG-202 Rail Gun: This gun is set up like the NG-202 on the Samson power armor with a greater rate of fire. Like the grenade launcher, the rail gun is modified so that it can switch between conventional ammo and wooden rounds for use against vampires. Anti-vampire rounds use a small amount of metal so that they can be accelerated by the rail gun.
      Maximum Effective Range: Conventional Rounds: 4,000 feet (1200 meters) Anti-Vampire Rounds: 2000 feet (610 meters)
      Mega Damage: Conventional Rounds: 1D6x10 M.D.C. per burst of 60 rounds (Does not fire single shot.) Anti-Vampire Rounds: 1D6 M.D.C. or 4D6x10 direct to hit points on vampires per burst of 60 rounds (Does not fire single shot.)
      Rate of Fire: Equal to pilot’s hand to hand attacks
      Payload: 3600 rounds total, usually divided up with 1,200 Conventional Rounds (20 bursts) and 2,400 Anti-Vampire Rounds (40 bursts).
    2. T.W. Rifle Style Water Blaster: Like the T.W. Water Cannon, this weapon pulls its water from the Rift to the Elemental Plane of water but draws very little water and has little effect on the other water powered weapon systems.
      Maximum Effective Range: 600 feet (182 meters)
      Mega Damage: None but inflicts 4D6 direct to hit points on vampires
      Rate of Fire: Equal to pilot’s hand to hand attacks
      Payload: Effectively unlimited.
  3. T.W. Anti-Vampire Water Sprayers: The vehicle is designed with water sprayers which spray water in all directions to create a mist of water to protect the vehicle. Water sprayer pulls water from the same rift which the main water cannon uses but has a small storage tank so that both systems can be used simultaneously. After five minutes, the gunner will have to chose between operating the spray system or the main water cannon. The Sprayer tank requires 5 minutes to fully refill if the main water system is not being used.
    Maximum Effective Range: 3 feet (0.9 meters) around the vehicle.
    Mega Damage: None but inflicts 3D6 direct to hit points on vampires which enter the area of effect of the water sprayers.
    Rate of Fire: When active, effects all targets entering area of effect
    Payload: Special, has a tank which carries 5 minutes of water but after 5 minute must share the water supply with the main water cannon. Gunner must chose between main water cannon or water sprayer system. Water sprayer system requires 5 minutes to fully recharge when water systems are not in use. Any time spent recharging will give a duration on the system of that amount of time.
  4. Side Mounted Mini-missile Launcher (2): Mounted on each side of the fighting vehicle near the top in box style launchers. These launchers are designed for both engaging vampires at long range and give the vehicle the ability to fight other armored vehicles quickly. Normally the vehicle will carry a mixture of ammunition types. The launcher is controlled by the gunner who also controls and operates the main turret.
    Maximum Effective Range: Varies with mini-missile type; for Conventional Mini-Missiles normally armor piercing or fragmentation are carried (See revised bomb and missile tables for details on conventional missiles.) See New Armor and Weapons for Rifts - Others. for Anti-Vampire Mini-Missiles.
    Mega Damage: Varies with mini-missile type; for Conventional Mini-Missiles normally armor piercing or fragmentation are carried (See revised bomb and missile tables for details on conventional missiles.) See New Armor and Weapons for Rifts - Others. for Anti-Vampire Mini-Missiles.
    Rate of Fire: Can fire missiles one at a time or in volleys of two (2), four (4), eight (8), or sixteen (16) missiles.
    Payload: Launchers carries sixteen (16) mini-missiles each for a total of 32 mini-missiles (Normally 24 Conventional Mini-Missiles and 8 Anti-Vampire Mini-Missiles are carried).
  5. TW Flare Launcher: These launchers are mounted on either side of the vehicle and are designed to fire flares straight up in the air. In many ways, this weapon is considered the last ditch defense of the vehicle.
    Maximum Effective Range: Launches flares straight up in the air. Altitude that flares explode and radius affected are based on the type of flare. TW Storm Flares explode at 2000 feet (610 meters) and covers a radius of 100 feet (30.5 meters) around the location flare is launched. TW Globe of Daylight Flares explode at 200 feet (61 meters) and then drop to 20 feet (6 meters) and hover with an effective radius of 120 feet (36 meters) for the globe.
    Mega Damage: None. TW Storm Flares create a rainstorm which inflicts 4D6x10 hit points to vampires for every half melee the vampires are caught within the rain storm. Effects last 1D6 minutes. TW Globe of Daylight Flares force vampires to the edge of the globe. Duration is 3D4 minutes.
    Rate of Fire: One (1) flare at a time.
    Payload: 8 flares total
  6. Holy Symbol Headlights and Spotlights: The front of the vehicle has two headlights and the turret has a spotlight mounted to it. They can have a variety of holy symbols attached to them including a cross style lense cover. The headlights face directly forward but the spotlight can faces in the same direction the barrels on the turret face.
    Maximum Effective Range: 200 feet (61 meters)
    Mega Damage: None but light inflicts 4D6 hit points to vampires for every melee the vampires are caught within the light of the holy symbol
    Rate of Fire: Use Gunner's hand to hand attacks to determine how many targets can be targeted with the spotlight per melee. The vehicle must be pointed toward the vampires in order for headlights to be used against a vampire.
    Payload: Effectively unlimited.
  7. Wooden Spikes: The vehicle is protected with wooden spikes enchanted with the spell of “Ironwood.” If a vampire attempts to punch or use another physical attack against the vehicle will end up hitting wooden spikes. As well, the front spikes can be used to ram vampires.
    Mega Damage: None, unless a vampire makes a called shot not to hit the spikes, they will take 2D6 hit points every time they attempt to hit the vehicle. Ramming vampires will inflict 1D6x10 direct to hit points.
  8. Techno-Wizard Modifications: The Van Helsing has the following Techno-Wizard Modifications built into the tank. These require P.P.E. or I.S.P. from the pilot or crew
    Special Features:
      Chameleon (6th Level) - 6 P.P.E. or 12 I.S.P.
      Invisibility-Superior (6th Level) - 20 P.P.E. or 40 I.S.P.

Sensory Equipment:
The tank carries all standard equipment of a robot vehicle plus this special equipment:

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