TW-T-500 "Goliath" Techno-Wizard Super Tank:

During World War Two, the Germans developed plans for super heavy tank designs which actually were planned to mass around 1000 tons. The design was planned with an armament of two 280 mm cannons (approximately 11 inches) and a host of secondary weaponry. Plans were also that it would be armored with 380 mm of armor in some places. It would have been powered by marine diesel engines similar to those used on submarines. Ultimately, the design was canceled and the prototype turret ended up at a coastal battery. While the design was completely impractical, it has interested scholars since the end of World War Two.

During the Nineteen-Fifties, the United States developed a weapon known as the "Atomic Cannon." It was a 280 mm artillery which was designed to fire a 15 kt nuclear warhead. It was only deployed for around five years but was an interesting concept. Only a total of twenty "Atomic Cannons" were produced but several were saved at War Museums. Like the German Super Tank, most scholars consider the subject interesting but that the project was ultimately impractical. It is likely that one or two of these war museum "Atomic Cannons" even survived the coming of the Rifts. Very few powers are interested in continuing the nuclear arms race after the coming of the Rifts and likely missile designs would be more effective.

Before the coming of the Rifts, most militaries had learned that "Super Weapons"are generally impractical and are often incredibly expensive. New concepts may developed but rarely does a single design become an ultimately war winning weapon. There were exceptions such as the USS Ticonderoga and the Soviet Komsomolets submersible carriers but most consider the designs to be ultimately impractical. There has always been a public love for "Super Weapons" but most military leaders were always more of a practical nature. Unfortunately, the leaders after the coming of the Rifts have lost this "Common Sense" and have become attracted to the "Super Weapon" concept once again. This can be seen in several tank designs including the Iron Armory "Mammoth" super heavy tank, the Triax submersible carriers which rival the Ticonderoga, the Coalition "Stratobomber", and a host of other designs.

A group of Techno-Wizards where inspired to create what they considered to be the ultimate tank design which they named the "Goliath". The Iron Armory "Mammoth" tank already massed 130 tons and they wanted to develop a design which dwarves it. The inspiration behind their design is believed to be both the 1000 ton German super tank and the "Atomic Cannon." The super heavy tank is deliberately styled to look like a World War Two design. Only one has been build and even though much of the materila the tank was constructed for was salvaged, it still cost the income of many wealthy techno-wizards to realize their dream. In battle, the results of the design have been mixed. While extremely powerful, its huge size makes it an obvious target and is heavily attacked. It is also too heavy to travel over any bridge so it often has to travel far off the direct path to get to its destination. The best use of the super heavy tanks appears to not be in the heat of battle but instead behind the main combat lines in the roles of long range artillery and command and control.

While huge, the tank is far smaller and lighter than the original German super tank concept. Instead of mounting twin 280 mm cannons, the Goliath mounts a single cannon although of the same incredible caliber. The Techno-Wizard tank is just a bit smaller than the German design as well. The use of lightweight composites further lighten the weight of the super tank until it weighs a mere 560 tons. Designers first wanted to use enchanted metal plates but their weight was too great. The Super Tank is incredibly heavily armored and can take huge amounts of damage but due to often being the target of attack, it is often the target of attack and it needs all of its armor to survive. In addition to the heavy armor, the tank is protected by a heavy force field. There are no roads heavy enough for the tank to drive down and has enormous tracks to be able to travel over soft ground. Power is produced by a powerful fusion reactor designs for the power demands of a high speed jet fighter. Still, the design is fairly slow with a top speed of only around thirty miles per hour and the tank has problems with overheating when operated at top speed. Measures were taken to hide the thermal signature of the tank but they have only been partial successful and the tank is easily detected with thermal equipment. Because the tank cannot cross any bridges and cannot float, it is designed to be able to ford water and is designed with full environmental life support. The crew of the tank is eight and the super heavy tank has a rear compartment which can carry up to sixteen troops commonly equipped with mystic power armors. The Goliath is equipped with an excellent communication system to act as a command and control vehicle. The super heavy tank is enchanted with the spells of impervious to energy, chameleon, and invisibility. These enchantments are activated by the crew and use their magical energies. There has been a case where the tank was engulfed in plasma weapons and to the amazement of the attackers, the tank emerged undamaged. There is also a case where the tank used chameleon to set up an ambush and virtually annihilated an entire Coalition armored unit.

The main cannon is a 280 mm conventional weapon which is believed to have been adapted from the design of a 280 mm "Atomic Cannon" which one of techno-wizards is believed to have discovered while adventuring. At one time, an electro-thermal cannon was proposed but due to technical problems was never developed. The turret is mounted towards the front of the tank. A new armor piercing round was develop for the cannon along with a powerful plasma round. In addition, several enchanted naval shells have been adapted for the cannon including the spell of "Annihilate." Usually have the payload of projectiles are enchanted with the "Annihilate" spell and can be devastating. Even with the huge size of the tank, payload is rather limited and the tank only carries twenty-four rounds. If the troop compartment is used for carrying additional rounds instead of troops, an additional eight rounds can be carried. Each round is far to heavy to be hand loaded and the tank has a special auto-loader to load the projectiles. Range of main gun is around twenty miles although normally used at much closer range unless used as long range artillery. Instead of mounting a coaxial weapon next to the 280 mm cannon, the Goliath mounts a lighter secondary turret above the main turret. The main turret is considered to be too ponderous. The secondary turret is armed with a glitter boy boom gun which while much smaller, it is incredibly powerful for its size. It is normally operated by the tank’s commander. For additional defense, the tank carries four telekinetic machine gun mounts. These mounts are generally used against attacking infantry or against incoming missiles. These mounts are more powerful than the standard telekinetic machine gun and need to be recharged once per month even if their are not used. On the sides of the turret, the tank carries high capacity short range missile launchers. The two launchers have a total payload of eighty short range missiles and are often used as defense against incoming missile strikes. For additional defense against missiles, the tank is equipped with a magical chaff and flare system designed to trick incoming missiles.

Model Type: TW-T-500 "Goliath" Techno-Wizard Tank
Vehicle Type: Magical Battle Tank
Crew: Eight (Driver, Commander, Five Gunners, and Communication Operator)
Troop Carrying Capacity: Sixteen soldiers in full gear (Usually using mystic power armor)

M.D.C. by Location:

[1] Tractor Treads (2):400 each
Main Weapons Turret:800
280 mm Cannon Barrel400
External Short Range Missile Launchers (2, Sides of Turret):180 each
Secondary Weapons Turret (Above Main Turret):250
Secondary 60-mm Heavy Rail Gun (Secondary Turret):100
[2] Defensive Telekinetic Machine-Gun Mounts (4):100 each
[2] “Fireworks” Magic Chaff and Flare Dispensers (2):20 each
Magical “Armor of Ithan” Force Field (3 times per day):200
[4] Main Body:2,000

[1] Depleting the M.D.C. of a tread will immobilize the tank until it is replaced. Replacing a tread will take 1D6x10 minutes by a trained crew (2 replacements are carried on board) or three times as long by the inexperienced. Changing the tread is only advisable when the vehicle is not under attack.
[2] These are small and difficult targets to strike, requiring the attacker to make a “called shot,” but even then the attacker is -4 to strike.
[3] Once the missiles have been expended, or in an emergency, before they have been fully expended, the launcher can be ejected from the tank. Though disposable, they do not have to be disposed, and can be re-used indefinitely.
[4] If all the M.D.C. of the main body is depleted, the vehicle is completely shut down and unsalvageable, but crew may survive in their reinforced compartments.

Ground: Cruising speed on land is 35 mph (56.3 kph) on specially prepared surfaces and 30 mph (48.2 kph) off road maximum. Vehicle will destroy normal roads when driving on them. Only M.D.C. concrete reinforced surfaces will allow for full speed driving. The vehicle is designed to traverse virtually all terrain and can climb at up to a 60% grade although at a much slower speed (About 10% of maximum road speed). It can also climb barriers and ford trenches. The vehicle can also handle side slopes of up to 30%.
Underwater: Buttoned up, it can travel under water at 10 mph (16.1 km).
Maximum Range: Effectively unlimited but the Goliath will overheat after twelve hours of operation at above 20 mph (32.2 kph). Armored Vehicle carries about two weeks worth of emergency supplies onboard.

Statistical Data:
Height: 27.9 feet (8.5 meters)
Width: 41.0 feet (12.5 meters)
Length: Main Body: 93.2 feet (28.4 meters) and With Gun Forward: 105.6 feet (32.2 meters).
Weight: 560 tons (508.0 metric tons)
Power Source: Nuclear fusion reactor; Must be refueled every twenty years, otherwise effectively unlimited.
Cargo Capacity: Minimal storage space in pilot’s compartment; four cabinets with about three feet (0.9 m) in side dimensions ecah for extra clothing, weapons, and personal items. Eight carbines and four hand-held missile launcher with four loads each are also carried. In cargo compartment, up to 3,000 lbs (1,360 kg) can be carried instead of troops or ammunition.
Black Market Cost: Not for sale, cost around 600 to 800 million credits to construct. If sold on the black market would likely cost two to three times construction costs.


  1. Primary 280 mm Heavy Cannon (1): Mounted in the main turret of the tank and extremely powerful and long ranged. The turret can rotate 360 degrees and the barrel can elevate up to 45 degrees. Is not considered effective against aircraft. This cannon is less powerful than a 16 inch gun mounted on an Iowa class battleship but is still extremely powerful. Most targets can be destroyed in just a few shots although rate of fire is comparatively slow compared to smaller weapons. No extended range projectiles have been developed for the cannon but are still extremely long ranged. Special magical projectiles have been developed for the cannon with the "Annihilate" being the most common.
    Maximum Effective Range: 20 miles (32.2 km).
    Mega-Damage: Standard Projectiles: 4D4x10 to a blast radius of 30 feet (9.1 m) for High Explosive, 5D6x10 to a blast radius of 6 ft (2 m) for High Explosive Armor Piercing, and 6D6x10 to a blast radius of 30 feet (9.1 m) for Plasma. Magical Warheads: Treat as spells of the same level cast at eighth level: Negate Mechanics, Annihilate, Electromagnetism, Hurricane, Tornado, and Tidal wave. Others are possible as well but are not common. Cannons can also use special purpose warheads, double the statistics for 203 mm artillery warheads for damage and effects (Go to Battlefield Artillery for Rifts for more information - standard or rocket assisted as appropriate).
    Rate of Fire: Once per melee (four per minute)
    Payload: 24 rounds in the main magazine (Can carry eight additional rounds in the troop compartment instead of passengers.
  2. Secondary High Velocity 60-mm Heavy Rail Gun (1): This is the famous RG-14 “Boom Gun” designed for the USA-G10 Glitter Boy. The cannon is mounted in a secondary turret above the main turret and has the ability to rotate 360 degrees independently of the main cannon and can elevate up to 80 degrees. Cannon is useful against aircraft as well as ground targets. Weapon is usually controlled by the tank’s commander. Common rounds include flechette rounds and solid slug rounds and high explosive and other rounds are also available. Extended range rounds are also available. Has an autoloader system which allows the gun to chose between a variety of rounds. The weapon system is also gyro-stabilized and has an advanced fire control computer.
    Maximum Effective Range: By Boom Gun Round Type (See Boom Gun Rounds). Flechette Rounds have a direct fire range of 11,000 feet (3,352.8 meters). Solid Projectiles have a direct fire range of 12,500 feet (3,810 meters) and indirect fire range of 22,000 feet (6,705.6 meters).
    Mega Damage: Flechette Rounds: 3D6x10 (Has +2 to strike fast moving targets) Solid Slug: 3D6x10+30 (optional rule is that cannon gets a critical on a natural 18, 19, or 20 due to its high penetration.) Several other types of rounds are also available (See Boom Gun Rounds).
    Rate of Fire:Equal to combined hand to hand attacks of tank commander
    Payload: 400 rounds
    Bonuses: Has a special fire control computer that helps to aim the cannon. Gives +2 to strike with rail gun and vehicle does not have minuses to fire when tank is moving.
  3. TK Gatling Cannons (4): The Goliath carries four Gatling cannons in mounts on either side of the tank with two near the front of the tank with two just behind the main turret. The turrets are each controlled by a gunner and have a 360 degree arc of fire (except where blocked by the main turret) and can elevate up to 85 degrees. While useful against ground troops, weapons main purpose is against missile strikes which are not stopped by the short range missile launchers or decoyed by the magical decoy system. Mounts have been enchanted by a series of spells so the cannons act as a more powerful version of the TK Machine gun (Not as powerful as those carried on the Merlin fighter and techno-wizard naval vessels. This increases the weapons damage and instead of being reloaded, the cannons must be recharged by the spell Telekinesis and 50 P.P.E. once per month. The cannon does full damage to targets that are impervious to energy. Special optics and fire control have been added to enable the system to track and target aircraft and missiles
    Maximum Effective Range: 3,000 feet (914.4 meters).
    Mega Damage: 6D6
    Rate of Fire: Equal to the combined hand to hand attacks of the gunner (usually 4 or 5) each.
    Payload: Unlimited, although the spells (100 P.P.E. each cannon) on each must be renewed every month whether the cannon have been used or not.
  4. Short Range Canister Missile Launchers (2): Mounted on side of the turret, these launchers give the tank a reasonable missile payload while not taking up huge amounts of internal space. The launchers can be ejected when no longer needed or if they are in danger of exploding. They are usually retained when empty so that they can be reloaded and act as additional side turret armor.
    Maximum Effective Range: Varies with short range missile type; Usually High Explosive or Armor Piercing are carried (See revised bomb and missile tables for details.)
    Mega Damage: Varies with short range missile type; Usually High Explosive or Armor Piercing are carried (See revised bomb and missile tables for details.)
    Rate of Fire: Can fire missiles one at a time or in volleys of two (2), four (4), eight (8), or sixteen (16) missiles.
    Payload: Forty (40) short range missiles per launcher for Eighty (80) total.
  5. Firing Ports (6): The Goliath has six firing ports that allow soldiers in the troop bay to fire their guns out of the vehicle. There are two firing ports on each side of the vehicle and two in the rear door. Firing ports can be closed in order to make the vehicle a sealed environment. Firing ports are fairly small and grenade launchers and missile launchers cannot be fired from firing ports. The Goliath has power connectors so that troops can fire energy weapons without draining their energy clips.
  6. “Fireworks” Anti-Missile Chaff/Flare Dispensers (2): The system is mounted on either side of the tank behind the main cannon. In many ways this system is similar to technological versions of the Chaff/Flare system. When the system fires, it looks like fireworks firing. The anti-missile system works by combining three spells. The three spells are Fire Bolt, Apparition, and Telekinesis. The physical effects of the system are similar to the Triax Anti-Missile chaff but instead of being reloaded, it is recharged by spells.
      01-35 - Enemy missile or missile volley detonates in chaff cloud - Missiles are all destroyed.
      36-60 - Enemy missile or missile volley loses track of real target and veers away in wrong direction (May lock onto another target.)
      61-00 - No effect, enemy missile or missile volley is still on target.
    Also note that the chaff cloud will also blind flying monsters that fly through cloud. They will suffer the following penalties: reduce melee attacks/actions, combat bonuses, and speed by half.
    Duration: 1D4 melee rounds.
    Payload: 10 Uses before being recharged. Each launcher is recharged by the spells Apparition (20 P.P.E.), Fire Bolt (7 P.P.E.), and Telekinesis (8 P.P.E.).
  7. Techno-Wizard Modifications: The Goliath has the following Techno-Wizard Modifications built into the tank. These require P.P.E. or I.S.P. from the pilot or crew
    Special Features:
      Chameleon (10th Level) - 6 P.P.E. or 12 I.S.P.
      Impervious to Energy (10th Level) - 20 P.P.E. or 40 I.S.P.
      Invisibility-Superior (10th Level) - 20 P.P.E. or 40 I.S.P.

Sensory Equipment:
The tank carries all standard equipment of a robot vehicle plus this special equipment:

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