Federation Officers & Enlisted O.C.C.s - Includes Ranks:  

The training level for the Federation is very similar to that of the C.A.F. in Phase World and the same O.C.C.s are used with only slight modifications. Officers in medical and other science branches would not be considered Federation officers but would instead be considered Federation Science & Medical Officers. Enlisted also includes Warrant Officers but they are normally high in level.

Starfleet Rank Structure

Flag Officers
Commissioned Officers
Enlisted Crewmen
Limited Duty Officers

Flag Officers

Naval Rank


Marine Rank


Fleet Admiral (FAdm)


Admiral (Adm)

Lieutenant General (LGen)

Vice Admiral (VAdm/VA)

Major General (MGen)

Rear Admiral (RAdm/RA)

Brigadier General (BGen)

Commodore (Como)

Fleet Colonel (FCol)

Commissioned Officers

Both the naval and marine ranks follow the U.S. Navy.


Naval Rank


Marine Rank


Captain (Capt)

Colonel (Col)



Lieutenant Colonel (LCol)


Lieutenant Commander (LCmdr)

Major (Maj)


Full Lieutenant (Lt)

Captain (MCapt)


Lieutenant, junior grade (Ltj)

First Lieutenant (1Lt)


Ensign (Ens)

Second Lieutenant (2Lt)

Enlisted Crewmen

The Fleet Admiral approved this ranking system and decided it would suffice. It does not mirror the USN or USMC exactly and it completely ignores the system of 'rates.'



Naval Rank

Marine Rank


Master Chief Petty Officer (MCPO)

Sergeant-Major (SGT-MAJ)


Senior Chief Petty Officer (SCPO)

Master Sergeant (MSGT)


Chief Petty Officer (CPO)

Gunnery Sergeant (GST)


Petty Officer First Class (PO/1)

Staff Sergeant (SSGT)


Petty Officer Second Class (PO/2)

Sergeant (SGT)


Petty Officer Third Class (PO/3)

Corporal (CPL)


Crewman (CN)

Lance Corporal (LCPL)


Crewman Apprentice (CA)

Private First Class (PFC)


Crewman Recruit (CR)

Private (PVT)

Limited Duty Officers

Limited duty officers have 'warrants' rather than commissions; however, within their departments, or 'limited duty spheres,' they have rank equivalent to the commissioned ranks. Obviously, commissioned officers of equivalent rank, who are in the chain of command, have precedence over them.

Because the marines are a 'corps' not a service unto themselves, there are no 'limited duty spheres' and hence no warrant officers, in their current conception.

The CWO1-CWO4 refers to the pay grade. They receive the same pay as the equivalent O-rank. Therefore, a CWO4 is paid as much as an O-4 (LCmdr). However, CWO1-CWO2 are warrant officers; CWO3-CWO4 are chief warrant officers.

All limited duty officers have come up through the enlisted ranks. They are generally much older than their commissioned equivalents. In role playing terms, they are generally more experienced, but usually not as intelligent as the player characters.



Naval Rank


Chief Warrant Officer, Second Class (CW2)


Chief Warrant Officer, First Class (CW1)


Warrant Officer, Second Class (W2)


Warrant Officer, First Class (W1)

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