Generic Babylon Five Hyperspace Jumpgate:

This is a standard jumpgate design from Babylon 5. With only small cosmetic differences similar gates are constructed by all of the races from Babylon 5, with exception of the First Ones who no longer have a need for them. The basic structure of all jumpgates consists of 3 or 4 rod like generators that are stationary in space. The generators are positioned at equal distances from each other. Power for each generator is supplied by a combination of fusion and solar energy, which explains the rows of high efficiency solar panels attached to each generator. Even with this addition it takes several minutes of recharging the gates capacitor before a gate can be opened, and this for only limited amounts of time. None of the younger races have a power source which is strong enough to permanently open a gate.

The gates are excessively expensive to build, due to the active component of the generators: Quantium-40. This material is present only in star systems whose sun has gone nova, or are closely situated to old novae. Even the raw mineral is easily the most expensive material in the B-5 universe, and it is regarded as a highly strategic resource by all younger races. Large quantities of the ore have been detected in the crust of the lonely planet orbiting Sigma-957, but none have dared to try and collect it: One of the elder races is said to occupy that place, and they value their privacy highly.....

When a gate opens a energy discharge races simultaneously along all the generators. It starts on one end and flows towards the other, picking up intensity. When it has reached the end of the generators it leaps from the generators and converges towards the center of the construction. At that moment the gate opens: A swirling vortex of energy that fills the entire length of the jumpgate. Any waiting ship can now enter the vortex and be transferred into hyperspace.

Model: Stationary Hyperspace jumpgate
Crew: None, fully automated

M.D.C. by Location (Per Generator):

[1] Generator main body:9,000
[2] Thrusters (8):500
[3] Solar panels (12):300 each
[4] Fusion reactor2,000

[1] Destroying the main body of the generator will shut it down and the entire jumpgate with it. The generator will be a valuable wreck. There is a 5% chance of a explosion which will do 2D6x1000 M.D.C. in a 4 mile radius and which utterly destroys the exploding generator with no chance to recover the Quantium-40
[2] Destroying the Thrusters means that the generator cannot change position any more. 10 % chance that any ship using the gate will impact the generator.
[3] Destroying a Solar panel means that recharging will take one round longer between being able to be activated
[4] Destroying the fusion reactor doubles recharge time to 32 melees

Driving on the Ground: Not Possible.
Sublight: Combined use of thrusters can propel the generator at 0.05 G.
Atmospheric Propulsion: Not possible, will crash when entering a atmosphere.
Stardrive: Not applicable.
Maximum Range: Not applicable.

Special note:
The jumpgate is always located close to a station from which maintenance and resupply of reaction mass is carried out.

Statistical Data (per generator):
Length: 2 Miles (3.2 kilometer)
Height: 200 feet ( 60 meters)
Width: 600 feet (180 meters )
Weight/Mass: 10 million tons (9.1 metric tons)
Power System: combination fusion and solar with 15 year lifespan before fusion reactor runs out of fuel
Cargo: None
Market Cost: 40 billion credits per generator or 160 billion for a complete jumpgate.


Special Equipment:

Extra Notes:

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Technical information sourced partially from Babylon 5 Technical Manual!

CGI of Jump Gate by Craig P. Condu . More of his CGI pictures of B-5 Ships at Epsilon Jumpgate.

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