Optional Missile Blast Damage:

The Author has discussed missile damage with many people. A concern among many is that if a missile's blast radius should envelop the target than all hit locations should take the same damage as the main hit location. An alternate opinion is that all other hit locations should receive half the damage of the main explosion. There are two main problems with these ideas. The first is that targets should be taken as a whole not as individual locations. The second is in many cases a power armor might have 400 M.D.C. while the rail gun might only have 20 M.D.C. This means that damage that would only be minor damage to the power armor could completely disarm the vehicle. The Author has tried to come up with a system that would be reasonable and fair. This system is only used if the weapon has a blast radius and it will envelope more than one hit location.

The system is relatively simple:

If the locations has more M.D.C. than the location that is hit, then just simply use the warhead damage. A weapon cannot inflict more damage than its initially rolled damage. The damage should be applied normally only to the facing that is hit. For example, if the front of a power armor is hit, the damage would not be applied to the rear.

The first step is to divide the damage that was inflicted by the hit location by the original M.D.C. of the hit location (often main body). You will get a percentage of damage the hit location targeted received

The second step is that you multiply the other locations by that percentage and that is the amount of damage inflicted on the other locations


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