Extended Range Rules (For M.D.C. Weapons):

In the Palladium RPG, there are a lot of direct fire (essentially what-you-see-is-what-you-hit) weapons that are supposed to do enormously much more damage than contemporary weapons, and yet they often have only a fraction of the useful range of weapons of our own time. Even large weapons, like those mounted on tanks suffer from this problem. A range of 6000 feet for the cannon on a tank sounds great, but if you consider that modern tanks like the Leopard and the Abrams can hit targets at ranges of more than 30,000 feet, the Palladium ranges suddenly sound rather anemic.

Another perfect example of this are railguns. A popular model like the Triax X-500, has a range of 4000 feet, and should be considered a crew-served weapon if used by unaugmented people. A Conventional weapon like the .50 caliber Browning heavy machine gun, which fills a similar niche, has a range of more than 6000 feet, well over a mile!

The answer is off course, that as distance increases, accuracy suffers. With a conventional machine gun the gunner will be hard put to hit anything (smaller than a tank...) at a range of over a mile, while the projectile itself has plenty of killing power left. The modern tank will often only be able to hit targets at extreme range if they (tank and target) are standing still. Yet the Mega Damage weapons have the same To Hit rating over their entire range. The logical conclusion, and the answer to give such weapons a slightly more reasonable range compared to conventional weapons, is that the given range for a Mega Damage weapon is really the range over which it accurate enough to be fired without penalties.

Penalties for extended range would be as follows:

Exclusions to these rules:

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