Defined Talents - Additional:

On Page 97 of Rifts - World Book 13 - Lone Star, there are a number of human special abilities including the category of Defined Talents. In the listing of the book, this does not include defined talents in various vehicle combat including power armor, robot, or space fighter combat.

Note that someone can take a pilot skill with the corresponding vehicle combat as two closely aligned skills. For example, a character can take pilot power armor along with power armor combat.

Power Armor Combat or Robot Combat:

Gives +1D4 to initiative, +3 to roll with punch / fall / impact, +1 to strike and dodge, and +1 attack in power armor / robot.

Space Fighter Combat:

Gives +1D4 to initiative, +3 to dogfighting rolls, +1 to strike and dodge, and +1 attack in space fighter.

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