Depth Charge Penalties:

In most cases, late twentieth navies have stopped using Depth Charges and instead use Torpedoes against underwaters targets (mainly submarines). The reasons for this are simple. Depth Charges are high explosive preset to explode at a depth that the surface ship thinks the submarine is at and torpedoes track and follow their target. In combat situations, this means that depth charges have a very low chance of actually striking the target. A good analogy is that depth charges are like unguided bombs and torpedoes are like missiles with their ability to strike targets. Authors for Palladium books have put depth charges on most naval ships including submarines. These weapon systems need to be placed in perspective and should be assigned penalties similar to those from unguided bombs so I have completed a table for this with an example for each case. Called shots cannot be done with depth charges.

Very large stationary target (Triax submersible carrier stationary)-2 to Strike
Large target stationary (Trident class submersible stationary) or
very large moving target (Triax submersible carrier moving)
-4 to Strike
Large moving target (Trident class submersible moving) or
medium target stationary (Piranha class submersible stationary)
-6 to Strike
Medium moving target (Piranha class submersible moving) or
small target stationary (Mini sub stationary)
-8 to Strike
Small moving target (Mini sub moving) or
very small target stationary (Man sized or smaller target stationary)
-10 to Strike
Very small moving target (Man sized or smaller target moving)-12 to Strike

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