Techno-Wizard Archer O.C.C. (Rifts Earth):

"The Forest closes around you and makes you part of it. Hold still for just a few minutes and even the wild creatures forget that you do not belong. But I can't forget. I belong to the back streets and alleyways now. I'm a hunter, and that is where my quarry lives. You go where the game takes you"

Green Arrow: The Long Bow Hunters - Book Three

Inspiration can come from odd places. One of the more interesting are pre-Rifts comic books. In these comic books, there were a variety of super heros including, Green Arrow and Hawkeye, who used bows with trick arrows of various kinds. As well, there were many stories of heroic archers in literature with Robin Hood being among the best known but including others as well. The archer also found his way into many movies and was often a heroic figure in them as well. These well known comic book characters and heroes from book and film inspired a whole new generation of techno-wizards to incorporate their magic and skills into perfecting the bow and the arrow. At first they were just normal techno-wizards who preferred to get the most from the bow instead of investing their energies into vehicles or more common weapons but they have evolved into a whole new class of their own like similar sub-classes such as the combat techno-wizard, techno-wizard aviator, techno-wizard thief, and the techno-wizard gun bunny. As might be expected, this sub-class is especially popular in England where ancient tales of Robin Hood are extremely popular and other stories such as the "Black Arrow" from Robert Lewis Stevenson also capture the imagination of the population. Some scholars speculate that there may be almost as techno-wizard archers in England as there are conventional techno-wizards. In North America, the class is popular in the west with many Indians due to being one of the more acceptable high tech classes among the tribes. Many elves have also become interested in this occupation due to their great connection with the bow.

While able to create most techno-wizard magic items, the passion of techno-wizard archers are their bows and arrows. As a result of their passions, while the masters of most bows, most of their bows are extremely high tech affairs which incorporate special sights and optics, crystals built into the frame of their bows, and many other unusual gadgets. Even so, while a few have picked up skill with energy weapons, most disdain from the use of modern weapons even when they are converted to techno-wizardry. While a few techno-wizard archers specialize in the crossbow, most prefer long bows or modern compound bows. Melee weapons are much more acceptable than modern weapons with many carrying a long dagger or short sword for when quarters are too close for the use of the bow. Outfits, or costumes some might call the, vary with some emulating their comic book heroes while others dress in costumes based on the costumes of Robin Hood from the old novels and from pre-rifts movies. Others prefer a medieval look and wear high tech equivalents of ancient chain mail and plate armor. Both Gladiator and Crusader armors are extremely popular.

Techno-Wizard archers are known for using both high tech arrow heads and enchanted arrows. Common high tech arrow heads include neural disruption, tracking bugs, knockout gas, smoke producers, and explosive stun / flash warheads. The most common arrows used are those enchanted by the spell "Enchant Weapon (Lesser)" with a temporary enchantment. It is simply too common for arrows to be lost or destroyed for them to carry permanent enchantments. When enchanted this way, these arrows can damage the strongest of high tech alloys and composites. Other common enchantments include the enchantments of magic net, carpet of adhesion, and blinding flash. These are normally created using the spell "Spell Store" which techno-wizards can cast at a reduced cost compared to most spell users. Less common are more specialized arrows which transform when fired. Some transform into a bolt of lightning with the spell "Sub-Particle acceleration" while others become a whole volley of arrows using the spell "spinning blades." Most bows are also enchanted to extend the range of the arrows fired from the bow with a common enchantment being "barrage fire" which enables the archer to fire incredibly fast, about twice as fast as he or she normally could. Many techno-wizard archers will trade with more skilled techno-wizards or with a temporal wizard for an enchanted quiver with a dimensional pocket. Som techno-wizard archers in England have been able to steal Kittani plasma swords and Blind Warrior Woman armors.

Techno Wizard Archer Abilities:
Psionic Powers: The techno-wizard archer has the following psionic powers: mind block, sixth sense, total recall, and tele-mechanics. I.S.P.: 4D6 plus the character's M.E. and receives another 1D4 I.S.P. per each additional level of experience. Considered a minor psionic and needs a 12 or higher to save vs psionics.
Magic Powers: Same limitations and penalties as a standard techno-wizard. Spell Casting Penalty: All spell ranges, durations, M.D.C./S.D.C. and damage are half when cast as a spell or ritual rather than channeled through a Techno-Wizard device. Initial spell knowledge includes Blinding Flash, Globe of Daylight, Ignite Fire, Fire Bolt, Call Lightning, Energy Bolt, Wind Rush, Telekinesis, Enchant Weapon (Minor), and Spell Store (Cast at reduced cost.) At G.M.'s option, the techno-wizard can select 1D4+2 additional spells. At third level can select three additional spells from levels one through four. Additional spells and rituals of any magic level can be learned and or purchased at any time regardless of the wizard's experience level.
Magic Bonuses: + 1 to save versus horror factor at levels one, four, eight, and twelve. +1 to save versus magic at levels three, seven, ten, and thirteen. + 1 to spell strength (the number others must save against when you cast a spell) at levels four, eight, and twelve.
P.P.E.: Permanent Base P.P.E: 2D4 x 10 + 10, in addition to the P.E. attribute number. Add 2D6 P.P.E. per each additional level of experience. Of course, the mage can also draw P.P.E. from ley lines, nexus points, and other people whenever available.
Special Skill: Make superior Bow and Arrows (use carpentry skill.)
Can make special arrows with +3 to damage with a -10% penalty
can make special bows with +2 to strike and +1 to initiative with a -30% penalty.

Attribute Requirements: I.Q. and M.E. of 12 or higher. Other high physical attributes are suggested, especially endurance and prowess, but not required.
Experience Chart: Use standard techno-wizard
O.C.C. Bonuses: +1D4 to P.P. and SPD., +1D4x10 to S.D.C.
O.C.C. Skills:

O.C.C. Related Skills: Select six other skills. Plus select two additional skills at level three, two at level six, one at level nine, and one at level twelve. All new skills start at level one proficiency. Secondary Skills: The character also gets to select five secondary skills from those listed, excluding those marked "None." These are additional areas of knowledge that do not get the advantage of the bonus listed in parentheses (). All secondary skills start at the base skill level.

Standard Equipment: Work cloths, set of nice clothes, fatigues or buckskin or other outfit, tinted goggles or sunglasses, multi-optics band, magnifying glass, pocket flashlight, large flashlight, four signal flares, mini-tool kit, knapsack, back pack, 24 arrow quiver, 1D4 small sacks, one large sack, pocket mirror, silver cross, canteen, binoculars, air filter and gas mask, pocket laser distancer, pocket digital disc recorder/player, and a hand-held computer. Note: Favorite clothing is costumes from comic book characters such as Green Arrow, Hawkeye, or Speed from comics. Also popular are costumes from Robin Hood and similar books and films.
Light M.D.C. body armor (seldom wear heavy armor, because they reduces one's speed and mobility) that has two special magic features of player's choice (can include invisibility and impervious to energy).
Weapons will include a techno-wizard enchanted bow (Long Bow, Compound Bow, or Crossbow in all likely-hood) and both technological and enchanted techno-wizard arrows. The character will have 48 arrows enchanted with temporary version of the spell "enchant weapon: lesser" which inflict 4D6+6 M.D.C. (double normal S.D.C. damage), 12 conventional high tech arrows (chose from list of high tech arrows including flare, neural disruption, tracking bugs, knockout gas, smoke producers, and stun / flash warheads), and eight techno-wizard magical arrows (chose between various spells including magic net, carpet of adhesion, blinding flash, Sub-Particle acceleration, and "Volley Storm" arrows.) At G.M.'s option, the character can have a special quiver enchanted with "dimensional pocket" with a capacity for a total of 128 arrows. If the techno-wizard archer has a melee weapon skill, the character can also select one melee weapon. Melee weapons can include vibro-weapons, Kisenite weapons, techno-wizard flaming swords, or a magic weapon enchanted permanently with the spell "Enchant Weapon: Lesser." In England captured Kittani plasma swords are extremely popular as well.
Vehicles: One wing board or tree trimmer. One magic energy converted vehicle of choice with one additional magic feature, excluding invisibility and impervious to energy. Favorite types of vehicle tend to be souped-up motorcycles, hover vehicles, and robot horses.

Money: The Techno-Wizard Archer starts with 4D6 x 100 in credit, 6D6 x 100 in black market items, and 2D4 x 1000 in quartz crystals and gems; everything has been spent on equipment.

Cybernetics: Starts with none and will avoid getting cybernetic except for medical reasons.

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