Hannah “Zhora” Rutka:

Name: Zhora.

True Name: Hannah “Zhora” Rutka.

Alignment: Miscreant (Evil).

Hit Points: 40. S.D.C.: 56.

Attributes: I.Q.: 15, M.E.: 22 (+4), M.A.: 13, P.S.: 18 (+3), P.P.: 22 (+4), P.E.: 20 (+10%/+3), P.B. 17 (35%), SPD: 18.

Height: 5 foot 8 inches (1.73 meters). Weight: 132 lbs (59.9 kg).

Age: 28 Race: Human. Sex: Female. P.P.E.: 8.


Zhora is all about herself and she does not care who gets hurt or killed along those lines. She could be described as a class sociopathic personality. In addition, she is quite capricious and not consistent. In some cases, she might allow a bounty to go free if they pay her. In other cases, she might take the money and take them in anyway. It might be if she thinks she can get more money from them in the future. Still, there is something about the hunt which appeals to her.

Zhora cannot be called truly cruel but is definitely uncaring. Pain and suffering are treated quite casually. In pursuit of her goals, she sees nothing wrong with torture but is unlikely to do it for the fun. She is also quite willing to use innocents, for example kidnaping and torturing a family member including young children, in order to get a bounty to come to her. Unless a bounty is listed as “Alive Only” or if she gets paid better for them being alive, she is most likely to bring them back dead. She will shoot even a completely disarmed opponent. She will not go after people unless there is a sizeable bounty on their heads.

Zhora has gotten in trouble repeatedly due to her callousness and has killed people who she should not in pursuit of her targets. As such, she is wanted in a number of systems herself. In addition, she is wanted for questioning for some of the captives she let free after they bribed her. She has also worked for pirates and privateers in the past and may be quite willing to again. She has no special loyalty to anyone and is quite willing to betray those who might considered her friend, associate, or even lover.

Zhora is a bit vain and does know that she is attractive. While she is not above using sex as a tool to get what she wants, it is not a primary tool. Of course her pleasure is what is important not her lovers. She dislikes cybernetics and will not get any herself due to the potential interference with her psychic abilities.

O.C.C.: Galactic Tracer. Experience Level: Fifth (5).

Combat Skill: Hand to Hand; Expert & Boxing.

Attacks per Melee: Six (6).

Bonuses, Combat: +7 to Strike, +10 to Parry, +10 to Dodge, +3 to Damage, +4 to Roll with punch, fall, or impact, +2 to Pull Punch, +2 to Initiative, Knockout on Natural 20, Critical of Natural 20. Kick Attack inflicts 1D6+3

On the first round she usually gets a +6 to Initiative, a +2 to Parry, and a +3 to dodge from Sixth Sense if on the defensive.

Intuitive Combat gives bonuses of +3 on initiative, +1 to strike, +1 to parry, +4 to dodge, +4 pull punch, +2 to roll with punch, fall, or impact, and +2 to disarm.

Bonus; Save: Lethal Poison [14] +3, Non-Lethal Poison [16] +3, Harmful Drugs [15] +3, Insanity [12] +4, Psionics [12] +4, Magic [12] +3, Horror Factor [Varies] +4.

Psionics (Major): ISP: 62 (Gains 1D6+1 Per level) Powers: Physical: Mind Block (4), Summon Inner Strength (4), Sensitive: Intuitive Combat (10), Machine Ghost (12), Sixth Sense (2), Total Recall (2).

Background Skills: Pilot: Pilot Hovercraft (+5%) 75%, Science: Mathematics - Basic (+15%) 80%, Technical: Language: Trade Four [Native] 98%, Literacy: Trade Four [Native] 98%.

O.C.C. Skills: Communication: Radio - Basic (+10%) 75%, Surveillance Systems (+10%) 60%, Espionage: Detect Ambush (+10%) 60%, Intelligence (+10%) 58%, Physical: Hand to Hand: Expert, Pilot: Pilot Small Starship (+10%) 82%, Technical: Language: Trade Two (+15%) 98%, Language: Trade Six (+15%) 80%, Literacy: Trade Two (+15%) 85%, Literacy: Trade Six (+15%) 65%, Weapon Proficiencies, Ancient: Sword (+2 [+9] Strike / +2 [+12] Parry), Weapon Proficiencies, Modern: W.P. Energy Pistol (+4 aimed / +2 bursts), W.P. Energy Rifle (+4 aimed / +2 bursts).

O.C.C. Related Skills: Espionage: Escape Artist (+5%) 55%, Interrogation Techniques (+5%) 45%,

Military: Demolitions [Learned at third level] 66%, Physical: Boxing, Pilot: Contragravity Pack (+10%) 68%, Pilot Related: Read Sensory Systems (+10%) 60%, Weapon Systems (+10%) 70%, Rogue: Streetwise (+6%) 42%, Technical: Computer Programming [Learned at third level] (+10%) 50%.

Secondary Skills: Mechanical: Basic Mechanics [With Armorer] 70%, Medical: Paramedic 60%, Military: Armorer 60%, Physical: Athletics - General, Zero-G Movement & Combat 98%, Rogue: Concealment 35%, Weapon Proficiencies, Modern: W.P. Energy Pistol - Paired.


Zhora is around average height at just over 1.7 meters and masses just under sixty kilograms. She is slim but still muscular. While not really a body builder type, she looks far from being weak. She is quite attractive and has a nice figure generally. Zhora has black hair with red highlights which she keeps fairly short, just above her shoulders. She has blue green eyes and quite pale skin. Her appearance is more or less Caucasian but there is a hit of oriental in her features. She wears generally very light makeup.

In dress, she likes to wear black or grey. She will often wear a simple body stocking that shows off her figure and she does like to dress to impress. She often has the top open to reveal a bit of cleavage. Even though she likes to be attractive, her clothing is worn with an eye towards mobility as well.

Weapons, Normal:


2 C.A.F. HI-10B Heavy Laser Pistol: Weight: 3.8 lbs (1.72 kg).

Mega-Damage: 3D6+3 per single shot or 6D6+6 for a rapid fire two shot burst. Rate of Fire: Standard Effective Range: 1,000 ft (305 m). Payload: 15 shots short E-Clip and 25 shots long E-Clip.

HW-19 Stun Pistol: Weight: 2 lbs (.9 kg).

Damage: Reduces PP and SPD by 3D6 and -3 to combat actions each hit. Once they reach zero, person is conscious but unable to move. Rate of Fire: Single shot only. Range: 1000 ft (305 m). Payload: 20 shots.

Ammunition (Used by Multiple weapons): 4 Short E-Clips, 8 Long E-Clips, and 0 Canister E-Clips

Weapons, Magical:

Enchanted Claymore: Weight: 6.5 lbs (2.9 kg). Length: 4.0 feet (1.2 m).

It is of the highest quality by Dwarven construction; +4 to damage, +3 to Parry, +3 to strike, and +2 to initiative. Enchanted through spell of Enchant Weapon (Minor) permanently and has 300 M.D.C. and is only damaged by attacks against the weapon. Mega Damage: 6D6+8.

Armor of Note:

CAF Jumpsuit: M.D.C.: 25, Weight: 12 lbs (5.4 kg) each, & -2% Prowl Penalty.

N-F50A Superheavy Force Field: Weight: 15 lbs (6.8 kg)

Can be worn over jumpsuit and light body suit. M.D.C.: 160 (Shield regenerates one M.D.C. per melee unless overloaded [cannot be activated for 12 hours]) Duration: 6 hours per E-Clip.

Equipment, Psionic:

Psionic Augmenting Helmet: Allow the character to focus their I.S.P. energy, allowing her to augment her psionic powers. It gives her 2 I.S.P. for every one I.S.P. spent, effectively doubling the characters I.S.P. The helmet has 30 M.D.C.

Other Equipment:


Modified "K-Standard" Light Combat Exo-Skeleton:

Kittani power armor similar to the Northern Gun “Gladius” Light Exo-Skeleton. Halfway between a set of body armor and power armor. Uses batteries instead of a fusion reactor with a duration of 96 hours before batteries need to be replaced / recharged. Strength: 25, Weight: 85 lbs (38.6 kg), Speed: 45 mph (72.4 kph) running / 200 mph (320 kph) contragrav. Bonuses: +1 to Initiative and +1 attack per melee.

Build into the armor is a pair of “Death Disk” weapon systems on each forarm. Fires a mono-molecular disk which is incredibly sharp. Inflicts 5D6 M.D.C. per attack. Range: 500 feet (152 meters) Can be guided with number of attacks of wielder or be set on seek out and destroy with three attacks per melee. Disks have 8 M.D.C. and she carries four additional disks.

M.D.C.:Main Body: 200. Head: 80. Contra-Grav Pack: 30 Arms: 80. Legs: 100.

Has 160 M.D.C. N-50A Superheavy Naruni force field (Regenerates 1 MDC per melee unless overloaded [cannot be activated for 12 hours])

Enchantments: Impervious to Energy (5th Level / 20 P.P.E. or 40 I.S.P.)

Clothing: Various Clothing.

Other Items: Equipment as per O.C.C.

Valuables: 20 million credits.

Zhora’s Background:

Hannah Rutka was born on the planet Brantelle, located on the borders of the Consortium, not an official member but with strong ties and the Consortium would likely give aid if the planet was in need. It is also not quite first tier as far as technology but is still quite advanced. They lack a bit in the genetic engineering of the more advanced Consortium worlds. It also has little in the way of advanced cybernetics.

She always lacked empathy with others and showed signs of selfishness from an early age. In addition, she was often a bully in order to get what she wanted. For some reason, the idea of becoming a bounty hunter or tracer always appealed to her. Maybe it was the hunt for the ultimate prey, a fellow sentient.

When she finished her education, Hannah found a bounty hunter to learn the trade. A fair number of individuals attempting to escape Consortium justice use her home planet. Their customs and immigration asks few questions. It makes for fertile ground for bounty hunters however.

She soon got a reputation as a highly skilled bounty hunter although even then there were questions about her morals. There were reports of bounties that she had captured alive who she claimed resisted and ended up dead while in her custody. The bounty hunter who trained her decided that he no longer wanted to be associated with her. Planetary law enforcement also decided that they had a number of questions for her and she decide it might be a good time to leave.

Taking the name of “Zhora,” she has since then has traveled around the Three Galaxies, going from place to place hunting bounties. Most often, she spends her time on more lawless worlds and frequenting Center on Phase World. Phase World is a frequent pass through point for people who are wanted but she does not like to spend too much time on a single world.

Part of this is because she has made a fair number of enemies, both in law enforcement and criminal elements, and some of them have bounties on her head as well. As such, it is best not to stay in a single place for too long a period of time and has a huge number of different identities. Her own skills as a bounty hunter help her to be one step ahead of other bounty hunters and her sense of danger also help.

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