Name: Winter.

True Name: Sarah Winters.

Alignment: Aberrant (Evil).

Hit Points: 48. S.D.C.: 90.

Attributes: I.Q.:20 (+6% / +3), M.E.: 14, M.A.: 12, P.S.: 29 (+14), P.P.: 28 (+7), P.E.: 20 (+3/+10%), P.B.: 23 (65%), SPD: 41.

Weight: 172 lbs (78.1 kg). Height: 5 ft 11 in (1.8 meters).

Age: 19 years. Race: Half Meltran. Sex: Female. P.P.E.: 7.


Very disciplined and honorable in her own way. She is very thorough when dealing with an enemy and is a strong believer in the only good enemy is a dead enemy. She is not afraid to assassinate an enemy if she sees it as the most effective means to remove them. Was loyal to the Coalition States but since bring betrayed, she is not sure what to believe. Loyal to friends but hard to make friends.

 Has a deep seated distrust for all supernatural beings and mages but usually can hide her feeling. The less showy a magic user or a supernatural being is, the more able too accept the being. She has toyed with the idea of acquiring some magic items but is still not sure if she trust them. She is less concerned about using alien technology.

O.C.C.: Coalition Special Forces. Experience Level: Fifth (5).

Combat Skill: Hand to Hand; Commando and Boxing.

Attacks per Melee: Seven (7).

Bonuses, Combat: Critical Strike: Natural 20, Knock Out / Stun: Natural 20, Bonuses: Damage: +14, Strike: +8, Parry: +12, Dodge: +13, Roll (With Punch / Fall / Impact): +6, Pull Punch: +2, Initiative: +9.

On the first round, when on the defense, she gets an additional +6 to Initiative, a +2 to Parry, and a +3 to dodge from Sixth Sense. 

Special Moves (Commando): Automatic dodge, automatic body flip throw (+1), backward sweep kick, body block/tackle, body flip/throw, critical body flip/throw, disarm, karate kick, and paired weapons.

Power Armor Combat, Elite - Striker SAMAS Power Armor: Attacks per Melee: Nine (9). Bonuses: Strike: +2 (+10), Parry: +2 (+14), Dodge: +2 / +5 (+15 / +18), Roll (with punch, fall, or impact): +3 (+9), Pull Punch: +0 (+2), Initiative: +9.

Power Armor Combat, Basic: Attacks per Melee: Eight (8). Bonuses: Strike: +1 (+8), Parry: +1 (+13), Dodge: +1 / +3 (+14 / +16), Roll (with punch, fall, or impact): +2 (+8), Pull Punch: +0 (+2), Initiative: +9.

Bonus; Save: Lethal Poison [14] +5, Non-Lethal Poison [16] +5, Harmful Drugs [15] +5, Insanity [12] +0, Psionics [12] +0, Magic [12/16] +3, Horror Factor [Varies] +3.

Psionics (Major): I.S.P.: 58 (Gains +1D6+1 I.S.P. per level of experience.)

Sensitive: Clairvoyance (4), Empathy (4), Mind Block (4), Object Reading (6), See Aura (6), Sixth Sense (2), Telepathy (4), Total Recall (2).


Muscle Augmentation: Basic musculature of the body is enhanced by addition of super-strong organic polymer muscle fibers with four Muscle Booster augmentations. Bonuses: +8 to P.S., +4 to P.E., and +8 to SPD.

Cybernetically Enhanced Reflexes: Enhanced reflex response achieved by using nano-tech robots to drastically shorten neural/nerve response time needed to carry out actions - total of three enhancements to reflexes. Bonuses: +2 Initiative and +1 Attacks.

Sensory Implants: Clock Calender, Gyro-Compass, and Radar Detector.

Infra/Ultra Eyes: Gives ability to see into the infrared and ultraviolet colors. Eyes are a lavender blue.

Universal Headjack & Ear Implant: Has a special connector / jack built into the skull at the base of the head.

Special Features:

Special Augmentation: Built in long range wide band radio transmitter / receiver - can transmit a whisper and voices of other people up to 6 feet (1.8m) away. Has a range of 20 miles (32 km) and with an additional antenna range is increased to 100 miles (160 km).

Amplified Hearing: Sound amplifiers give ability to hear almost inaudible sounds and recognize specific sounds and voices at 35%+5% per lvl. Also gives +1 to parry, +2 to dodge, and +6 to initiative.

Ultra-Ear: Can hear into the ultrasonic ranges. Can hear sound that cannot normally be heard. Ability can be turned on or off at will.

Sound Filtration System: Protects ears from potentially damaging sounds by filtering or blocking the sound.

Optic Nerve Implant: Connects head jack to optic nerve implant. Gives ability to see video transmissions.

Cybernetic Gun-Link: Link between gun and user’s vision. Specially modified weapons required for system. Sensors in weapon determine exactly where aimed. Data transmitted via hookup in the palm and displayed in field of vision as dot or small crosshair. Also displays how many rounds / blasts remain in weapon magazine and able to mentally issue commands to eject magazine from weapon. Bonuses: +3 to strike on aimed shots and +2 to strike on bursts.

Lung Oxygen Storage Cell: Special chemical cell, controlled by micro-processors, that stores oxygen from normal breathing. When oxygen is low, the oxygen is released back into lungs. It give the ability to survive without breathing for up to 30 minutes. Must breath normally for one hour to recharge cell between uses.

Lung Toxic Filter: Lung implant designed to filter out most toxic gases before they get to the lungs. It has an 80% chance to work against nerve gases and toxic gases.

Molecular Analyzer: Sensor used for testing and analyzing impurities in the air. Transmits to an ear implant.

Biocomp Self-monitoring system: Gives medical information on the person implanted in - pulse, blood pressure, body temperature, blood sugar, respiratory rate, trouble breathing, and presence of foreign elements in blood (including poisons and drugs).

Cyber-Disguise Type AA-1: Can to change the shape of face, uses artificial hair to change the color the hair. Can change eye color and adjust larynx to imitate voices at 44% chance.

O. C. C. Skills: Communication: Radio; Basic (+20%) 91%, Radio; Scrambler (+15%) 76%, Espionage: Intelligence (+10%) 64%, Wilderness Survival (+15%) 71%, Physical: Hand to Hand; Commando, Boxing, Climbing (+15%) 88%, Prowl (+15%) 71%, Running, Pilot: Pilot Hover Craft (+10%) 86%, Pilot Robots and Power Armors (+10%) 84%, Robot Combat (Elite - Striker Samas), Robot Combat (Basic), Pilot Related: Read Sensory Instruments (+10%) 66%, Weapon Systems (+10%) 76%, Rogue: Streetwise (+16%) 58%, Science: Mathematics - Basic+20% 91%, Technical: Language: American 98%, Language: Spanish (+20%) 96%, Lore: Demon and Monster (+10%) 61%, W.P.; Modern: W.P. Automatic Pistol (+4 aimed/+2 burst), W.P. Energy Pistol (+4 aimed/+2 burst), W.P. Energy Rifle (+4 aimed/+2 burst), W.P. Heavy Energy (+4 aimed/+2 burst), Wilderness: Land Navigation (+10%) 68%.

O. C. C. Related Skills: Espionage: Detect Ambush [Learned at Fourth Level] (+15%) 56%, Tracking [Learned at Fourth Level] (+15%) 51%, Mechanical: Basic Mechanics (+20%) 76%, Medical: Paramedic (+10%) 76%, Military: Armorer [MOS Skill] (+30%) 96%, Demolitions [MOS Skill] (+30%) 108%, Demolitions Disposal [MOS Skill] (+30%) 108%, Trap/Mine Detection [MOS Skill] (+30%) 76%, Technical: Literacy: English (+15%) 71%

Secondary Skills: Physical: Athletics (General) [Learned at Third Level], Gymnastics, Swimming [Learned at Third Level] 66% W.P.; Ancient: W.P. Archery and Targeting [Crossbow] (+2 [+10] strike / +1 [+13] parry / 5 attacks), W.P. Knife (+1 [+8] strike / +2 [+14] parry / +1 [+8] throw), W.P.; Modern: W.P. Paired Weapons [Pistol].

Special Officers Skills: Espionage: Escape Artist [Learned at Second Level] (+15%) 66%, W.P.; Modern: W.P. Automatic Rifle [Learned at Fifth Level] (+3 aimed/+1 burst).


Winter is a tall (5 ft 11 in) and muscular women (172 lbs) but still appears definitely female. Her skin is a medium complexion Caucasian. While with her cyber disguise she can appear virtually any way she wants, she prefers blond hair that hangs down to the middle of her back. She will wear it in a variety of different styles. She normally wears fairly light makeup.

Winter prefers to wear black clothing including skin tight body suits and high black boots. Unless she is trying to disguise herself, she will normally be dressed all in black.

Weapons of Note:


Three (3) Garrotes: Damage: Strangulation - One concealed in hair, one concealed in each boot.

Hand Axe: Damage: 1D8 S.D.C. + Strength Bonus. Weight: 2 lbs (.9 kg).

Part of NGR Survival Kit.

Survival Knife: Damage: 1D6 S.D.C. + Strength Bonus. Weight: 1 lbs (.5 kg).

Part of NGR Survival Kit.

Four (4) Throwing Knives (Small): Damage: 1D6 S.D.C. + Strength Bonus. Weight: 0.5 lbs (.23 kg) each.

Weapons are concealed in back of suit. Two are silver plated.

Two (2) Vibro-Knives: Mega-Damage: 1D6. Range: Hand to Hand.


Two (2) NG-H5 Holdout Ion Pistols: Weight: 1 lbs (.45 kg) each.

Uses special mini-energy clip. One is concealed in right sleeve and one is concealed in left boot. Mega-Damage: 1D4+1 Rate of Fire: Single Shot. Effective Range: 200 feet (61 m). Payload: 6 shots.

Two (2) Pump Pistol Cartridge Double Barrel Derringers: Weight: 2 lbs (0.91 kg) each.

One is concealed in left sleeve and one is concealed in right boot. Mega-Damage: 4D6 for one barrel and 8D6 for both barrels. Rate of Fire: Single Shot or Two Shots Simultaneously. Effective Range: 50 feet (22 m). Payload: 2 Rounds.

Two (2) Wilk’s 237 “Backup” Pulse Laser Pistols: Weight: 3.0 lbs (1.4 kg) each.

Mega-Damage: 3D6 per single blast and 6D6 per double blast. Rate of Fire: Single blast or two blast burst. Effective Range: 500 feet (152 m). Payload: 8 double blasts per short E-Clip or 16 double blasts per long E-Clips.

Rifles and Others:

JA-12 Laser Rifle: Weight: 14 lbs (6.4 kg).

Mega-Damage: Laser, 4D6 for single blast and 1D6x10+10 for 3 simultaneous blasts. Grenade, 3D6 to 10 ft (3 m) radius or by special effect. Rate of Fire: Laser, single blast or three blast burst. Grenade, single shot. Effective Range: Laser, 4,000 feet (1220 m). Grenade, 2,000 feet (610 m). Payload: 10 blasts short E-Clip, 30 blasts long E-Clip, has built in energy Canister (Cannot be removed but can be recharged) that holds an additional 30 energy blasts, and has a 4 shot pump magazine for grenade launcher. Bonus: +1 on aimed blasts with laser only.

Pump Pistol Cartridge Submachine gun: Weight: 20 lbs (9 kg).

Submachine Gun uses the same cartridges as the TX-5 Pump Pistol but is instead uses a similar action to the German MP-5 Submachine gun and has a selector for three round burst. Mega-Damage: 4D6 and 1D6x10 for three round burst. Rate of Fire: Aim, Burst, Wild, Three Round Burst. Effective Range: 1600 feet (488 m) Payload: 17 shots magazine, uses explosive shells.

Ten (10) Heavy Fusion Blocks:

Mega-Damage: 4D6 x 10 with a 10 ft (3 m) blast radius - Has a 30 second delay built in.

[All Ranged weapons are modified to use cybernetic gun link]

Ammunition (Used by Multiple weapons): 12 Short E-Clips, 8 Long E-Clips, 10 Cartridge Speed loaders, 6 Cartridge Submachine Gun Magazine, 40 Cartridge rounds, and 20 Silver Cartridge rounds

Rifle Grenades: 12 Explosive Grenades (3D6), 8 Sleep Gas Canisters, 8 Tear Gas Grenades, 4 Smoke Grenades, 4 Concussion Grenades, 4 Flare Warheads, 8 Silver Injecting Warheads, and 4 Neural Disruption Warheads

Armor of Note:

Light M.D.C. Body Suit: M.D.C. (Main Body): 30. Weight: 4 lbs (2 kg). Penalties: No Prowl Penalty.

It can be concealed under clothing / armor. Full body suit copy of Altara Warrior Woman armor. Black in color with skull design on breast.

Two (2) T-42 Commando Armors: M.D.C. (Main Body): 70. Weight: 27 lbs (12.2 kg). Penalties: No Prowl Penalty.

Painted Black and has a plume pony tail. Each have a 160 M.D.C. N-50B Superheavy Naruni Force Field (Regenerates 1 M.D.C. per melee unless overloaded [cannot be activated for 12 hours]).

Equipment, Magical:

Silver Amulet:

Silver amulet that gives the wearer +10% to save vs coma and death and +2 to save vs poison and disease. Item has very little of a magic aura and she does not know that it is magical.

Other Equipment:


Modified PA-08A Striker SAMAS:

See writeup for full details on the armor.

Clothing: Clothing as per picture, utility harness and belt, combat boots, red beret, other clothing (including civilian clothing).

Other Items: Infrared distancing binoculars, RMK Robot Medical Kit, IRMSS Internal Robot Medical Surgeon System, protein healing salve, portable language translator, air filter and gas mask, PPD Pocket disk player and recorder, 12 wooden stakes, lock pick release gun, NGR basic survival pack (two person tent, sleeping bag, flashlight with pocket knife, compass, short range radio, mini first aid kit, hunting & fishing kit, saw-wires (3), fire starter, wooden cross, 4 signal flares, 30 ft climbing cord, climbing gloves, 4 ceramic spikes, small mallet, soap, canteen, 5 weeks food rations), makeup and feminine items, comb and brush.

Valuables: 16,000 Credits (earned 2,500 credits a month when in the Coalition), 10 lbs of silver, silver jewelry.

Character Background:

Unknown to Sarah Winters is the fact that her mother was from another world. Sarah’s mother is a Meltran from the Macross universe that was rifted and was trapped on Rifts Earth. She never told Sarah that she had come another world. Sarah’s mother was injured and while not visible, it damaged her health and she is unable to work as a mercenary full time. Better medical care could have helped. It is likely magic or psychic healing could have solved the problem completely but she could never afford it. She traveled around a bit and ended up in the Burbs of Chi-Town and to supplement her small time mercenary work had to sometimes work as a prostitute as well. Because of the multitude of possible fathers, Sarah Winters’ father is unknown but it was likely a Coalition officer that was also a major psychic. He engaged the woman’s services multiple times during the time Sarah was conceived and was the only psychic that her mother new had sex with her.

Sarah lived a poor but not completely destitute childhood but decided that she did not want to be poor for her whole life. There are several ways to make your family Coalition Citizens. One is to become a Juicer in Coalition service but that has a very limited lifespan due to the drugs and was not what Sarah wanted to do. Another way is to join the Coalition Special Forces and pass the training. The training is one of the most demanding in the Coalition Train but she was able to complete training in the top ten percent of graduates. Over eighty percent of the recruits failed the training and was out. As well, about ten percent got killed in her Special Forces training group. These number about normal percentages for the training and the deaths are caused by both the use of live ammunition and hazardous conditions.

Since the last name that her mother assumed was Winters and was listed as Sarah’s as well, Sarah was call that during Special Forces training as well as once she reach active duty. She became comfortable with that and decided to use that as her code name to the point that most of her associates started using it.

While not volunteering for the Juicer conversion, she did volunteer for some special cybernetics enhancements that the Coalition is experimenting with to create a more stable Super Soldier than juicers. The enhancements included nerve boosts, muscle boosts, lung filters, and enhanced senses. In reality, they are copies of some incredibly advanced pre-Rifts Cybernetics that were uncovered by some Coalition Scientists. The fitting of the cybernetics was done soon after graduating from Special Forces school and took several months.

When on a mission, she was captured by a raiding party of Splugorth Minions and was brought back to Atlantis. It was decided that a Coalition Special Forces soldier would be good entertainment and was used as one of the prey on a hunt / safari. While it was very difficult, she succeeded in escaping from the chase and eventually escaping Atlantis. In addition, she got away with data records on both equipment and creatures found in Atlantis.

In recognition of both her survival and the data she brought back about Atlantis, she was awarded with the Imperial Medal of Honor, was sent to Officer’s Training School, and was awarded the rank of Second Lieutenant. Previously, she had been a Sergeant. She was glad to continuing service and went on several more missions for the Coalition after being promoted to being an officer. On some of the missions, she was assigned to work with a Psi-Hound pack. On one mission, the dog boys deserted and defected to an underground Elven community. She could not stop the defection because the numbers were too much for her to deal with and was forced to go back to her superiors to report what happened. The incident caused a certain amount suspicion from her superiors and caused them to watch her closely.

In the Elven community, she met a person that went by the name of Lone Wolf. He was rifted from Pre-Rifts time and in Rifts terms, the best description for her would be that of Armorer. While they argued over many things, over time they became friends. Eventually, they even became lovers although Lone Wolf was extremely cautious of becoming lovers with someone he worked closely with. They worked on several missions for the Coalition after the disastrous mission and she thought she was back on the path towards being trusted by her superiors again.

Some of her superiors were paranoid and were unable to believe that she was not part of some kind of malicious plot against the Coalition. They decided that she was likely a spy from either Atlantis or the Elven community. The only thing they were not sure was if she was a willing spy or if she had been brainwashed. After she could not give them the answers that they wanted, They imprisoned her and tortured her to get her to reveal information. The problem was that she did not know the information that they wanted. In the process of her being tortured, they disabled many of her cybernetics which prevented her from attempting an escape on her own. Luckily, she was not forgotten and Lone Wolf was able to effect an escape for her. Both the New German Republic and Free Quebec gave covert support for her escape because they wished to get the information that she had on Atlantis. This information had been requested from Chi-Town by the New German Republic but had never been given to them.

Winter had been badly injured and many of her cybernetics were damaged. As a result, she had to recover for several months and had to have medical personnel replace many of her damaged cybernetics. The repairs and medical services were paid by for by Free Quebec and the New German Republic in return for the information that she gave them. In addition, both Lone Wolf and her were given some supplies to put them back on their feet and were offered a place to in case of emergency.

As soon as she was recovered, Winter and Lone Wolf went off to work as mercenaries. They have had to be careful because the Coalition will attempt to capture both of them if they have the chance. While she keeps using the name Winter, along with several other Mercenaries, she has changed her facial appearance and style of armor so that she is not recognized by the Coalition.

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