Name: Takumi (tah-koo-mee)
True Name: Tateria Venoria
Alignment: Scrupulous (Good)
M.D.C.: 452 (552 dragon form)
Attributes: I.Q.: 15, M.E.: 24 (+5), M.A.: 17 (45%), P.S.: 20 (+5), P.P.: 21 (+3), P.E.: 16, P.B.: 17 [*24] (35% [*70%]), SPD: 16 *Favorite Humanoid Form [Physical Strength and Endurance are Supernatural]
Weight: 800 lbs (362.9 kg) in dragon form Length: 15 feet (4.6 meters) in dragon form
Age: 27 years Race: Chiang-Ku Sex: Female
Disposition: Takumi is what one might consider to be a rarity. She is a Temporal Wizard yet most who meet her consider to be nice although it is due to her going though a very education with the Temporal Arts. She is not afraid to speak out but she is usually very quiet, allowing a few simple words to explain what she means. Those few words come out normally very thoughtfully and intelligence. As well, her eyes seem to glow with intelligence and there is a curiosity at odds with her quiet demeanor. While she is scholarly and studious, she is also very adventurous and loves to learn about things first hand not second hand. She has a strong code of what she considers to be right and wrong and will follow them with convictions. She is virtually fearless and is not scared of either monsters, likely because of what she is in reality, or heavily armored soldiers. If someone sees her tatoos and asks her about them (and they know about magical tatoos), she will claim that she adventured for a while with a True Atlantean who gave her the tatoos.
O.C.C.: Temporal Wizard Experience Level: Fourth (4) Experience Points: 9,750
Combat Skill: Hand to Hand; Kendo
Special Moves (Kendo): Has abilities of paired weapons and has +2 to parry with sword or staff. Also has abilities of Disarm (+1 bonus), breakfall, karate punch, kick attack, and elbow strikes.
Attacks per Melee: Six (6)
Bonuses, Combat: +4 to Strike, +5 to Parry, +4 to Dodge, +7 to Damage (Restrained Punch: 4D6+7 S.D.C., Normal Punch: 2D6 M.D.C., Power Punch: 4D6 M.D.C., Kick: 2D6 M.D.C.), +2 to roll with punch, fall, or impact, +2 to pull punch, +2 to initiative, Critical on Nat 20
On the first round she usually gets a +6 to Initiative, a +2 to Parry, and a +3 to dodge from Sixth Sense.
Intuitive Combat gives bonuses of +3 on initiative, +1 to strike, +1 to parry, +4 to dodge, +4 pull punch, +2 to roll with punch, fall, or impact, and +2 to disarm.
Bonus; Save: Lethal Poison [14] Immune, Non-Lethal Poison [16] Immune, Harmful Drugs [15] Immune, Insanity [12] +5, Psionics [12] +5 (+6), Magic [12/16] +3 (+4), Horror Factor [Varies] +9 (+11)
Psionics: I.S.P.: 139 +1D6+1 per Level, Considered a Major Psionic, Powers: Physical: Alter Aura (2), Mind Block (4), Sensitive: Intuitive Combat (10), Object Reading (6), Read Dimensional Portal (6), Sixth Sense (2), Speed Reading (2), Telepathy (4), Total Recall (2)
Racial Abilities: Impervious to poisons, toxins, drugs, and gasses, Night vision 90 feet, Fire and Cold Resistant (half damage), Bio-Regenerate 1D4x10 per five minutes, Metamorphosis (Including mist) - No Duration, +1 melee attack, +1 save vs magic, +2 save vs horror, Create Magic Tattoos / Elixir of Life
Special O.C.C. Abilities: Increased P.P.E. Recovery (5 P.P.E. Rest/ 10 P.P.E. Meditation), +2 to save vs magic, +2 to Save vs horror, +2 to save vs mind control, +1 Spell Strength, Sense Rifts at 20 miles, Sense Time Holes, Ley Line Phasing (4 per hour / 7 per day)
P.P.E.: 191 +2D6 P.P.E. Per level Spells: First: See the Invisible (2), Sense Magic (4), Second: Befuddle (3), Chameleon (6), Detect Concealment (6), Third: Armor of Ithan (10), Fourth: Carpet of Adhesion (10), Fools Gold (10), Fifth: Eyes of Thoth, Sixth: Impervious to Energy (20), Tongues (12), Teleport: Lesser (15), Seventh: [1] D-Phase (20), [1] D-Shift Phantom (20), [3] Spinning Blades (20), [3] Sub-Particle Acceleration (20), [1] T-Dep (20), Eighth: [1] Attune Object to Owner (30), [2] Ley Line Tendril Bolts (26), Negate Magic (30), [1] Retro-viewing (30), [1] See Dimensional Anomaly (30), [1] Wink Out (20), Ninth: [3] Desiccate the Supernatural (50), [1] Remote Viewing (45), [1] S-Dep (50), [1] Time Warp: Slow Motion (45), Tenth: [3] Armorbane (100), [1] Dimensional Pockets (20 /140), [1] Time Maelstrom (55), Eleventh: [3] Reopen Gateway (180), [2] Rift Teleportation (200/100), [1] Time Barrier (100), Twelfth: Amulet (290+), Thirteenth: Close Rift (200), Talisman (500), Fifteenth: Dimensional Portal (1000)
[1] Temporal Spells from Rifts England, [2] Spells from Siege on Tolkeen, [3] Spells from Federation of Magic Source book
Magical Tatoos: Each Tatoo gives 6 P.P.E. and 13 M.D.C.
Magic Weapon: Wakizashi covered in Flames (10 PPE, 15 minutes per level, Damage: 2D6 M.D.C.),
Power: Eye of Knowledge [Language] (15 PPE, 15 minutes per level, speak at 96% and literate at 82% in all languages), Eye of Mystic Knowledge [Magic] (20 PPE, 10 minutes per level, recognize magic circles, symbols, wards, and runes involved in magic, 74% skill in recognizing enchantments and possessions), Heart encircled by chains [Invulnerability] (40 PPE, 10 minutes per level, invulnerability to all but magic and pisonics, 75 M.D.C. force field per level)
O.C.C. Skills: Technical: Languages: American (+20%) 85%, Languages: Dragonese 98%, Languages: Japanese (+20%) 85%, Literacy: American (+20%) 65%, Literacy: Dragonese 98%, Literacy: Japanese (+20%) 65%
R.C.C. Skills: Domestic: Cook 50%, Dance 45%, Fishing 55%, Play Musical Instrument [Flute] 55%, Sewing 55%, Sing 50%, Espionage: Disguise 40%, Wilderness Survival 45%, Medical: Holistic Medicine (+5%) 40%, Physical: Hand to Hand: Kendo, Climbing (+10%) 72%, Pilot: Pilot Hover Craft 65%, Rogue: Streetwise 32%, Science: Mathematics: Basic (+10%) 70%, Technical: Art (+10%) 60%, Lore: Demon and Monster (+15%) 55%, Lore: Faerie (+15%) 55%, Lore: Magic (+15%) 55%, Understanding Principles of Magic 82%, W.P.; Ancient: Archery and Targeting (6 Attacks/+2 [+6] Strike / +1 [+6] Parry), Blunt (+1 [+5] Strike /+2 [+9 with staff] Parry), Sword (+2 [+5] Strike / +2 [+9] Parry), W.P.; Modern: Energy Pistol (+4 Aimed /+2 burst), Energy Rifle (+4 Aimed /+2 burst), Wilderness: Land Navigation 48%
In human form, Takumi is a short (4 ft 8 in) Japanese woman and she looks like she weighs all of around 70 pounds. She is very beautiful (24) and she has fairly pale skin, has green eyes which show intense curiosity, and has hair so black that it has blue highlight. She has features that make her look like she is likely nobility and her posture seems to confirm this. She looks to be about 25 years old.
She is dressed in a white, silver, and grey outfit of very fine quality. The clothing is a cross between traveling cloths and the robes of an Oriental Sorceress (Japanese term is Wu Jen). Her clothing hides all of her tatoos although does not prevent access to them. The only weapon she has visible is a blade (Katana) across her back.
She speaks both quietly and has a sweet and very musical voice (not quite professional level though). Often when she is thinking, she will hum, sing, or play her flute. ven though her flute playing is not quite professional either, it is sweet sounding and is usually of oriental songs.
Weapons, Normal:
H-13 Ion Pulse Pistol (Weight: 5 lbs, Mega-Damage: 2D6 Single Shot / 6D6 for 3 Shots, Range: 800, Payload: 20 shots, It has a laser targeting system - Gives +3 to Strike).
Wilk’s 457 Laser Pulse Rifle (Weight: 6 lbs, Mega-Damage: 3D6+2 Single Shot / 1D6x10 for 3 Shots, Range: 2000 ft, Payload: 30 Shots short E-Clip, 40 Shots long E-Clip Bonus: +1 on Aimed Shots)
Samurai Long Bow (Weight 7 lbs, Damage: 2D6 + 5 Normal Arrow, Range: 800 ft, has 40 Arrows)
Ammunition (Used by Multiple weapons): 6 Short E-Clips
Weapons, Magical:
Samurai Rune Katana (Modern): Weight is 3 lbs (1.4 kg).
Damage: 6D6 S.D.C. + Strength Bonus to mortal foes, 6D6 M.D.C. [1D4x10] to creatures of magic or Supernatural beings. Has 600 M.D.C., impervious to all attacks except attacks of a god, rune sword, or living legend sword maker directed at the sword or a living sword maker braking it in their hands. The M.D.C. recharges at the rate of 10 M.D.C. per hour. Can be used to parry energy blasts at -5. Scrupulous alignment, IQ 12. Gives +1 on all saving throws.
Armor of Note:
None (Armor restricts her access to Tattoos)
Magic Items:
Cloak of Guises: It is a full length cloak that will turn into any set of clothing limited only in the color. In color, it can only change through different shades within the same color. Since this one is grey, it can turn anywhere from black to white. The color also includes silver.
Magical Amulet: Simple silver necklace with several gems imbedded with each having a separate amulet spell enchanted into it. Spells were enchanted by Takumi
Amulet of Charm: Gives a bonus of +1 to save against magic and psychic attacks
Protection from the Supernatural: Gives a bonus of +2 to save vs Horror Factor
Turn the Undead: The charm prevents the undead from physically touching them while they wear or touch the amulet. The amulet works much like a cross does against a vampire. Effective against all undead, including mummies, zombies, and vampires.
Techno-Wizard “Armor of Ithan” Bracer: Silver Bracer which she wears on her left arm with a special flexible construction which allows her to transform while wearing the bracer. Uses 5 emeralds which stores a total of 100 P.P.E. which regenerates at the rate of 2 P.P.E. per hour normally, 10 P.P.E. per melee at a ley line. Costs 10 P.P.E. when activated and creates an 80 M.D.C. “Armor of Ithan” force field with a duration of 8 minutes. Magic, Fire, Lighting, and Cold inflict half damage. Can be activated by individuals who are not talented in magic.
Techno-Wizard Power Weapon Scabbard: Specially made for her Katana. Anytime an M.D.C. inflicting melee weapon, its damage is increased by 25% as long as the scabbard has enough P.P.E. to activate the spell and S.D.C. weapons will have their damage converted into M.D.C., Her Katana inflicts 6D6 MD normally would be increased to 1D4x10 when drawn from the scabbard. See Federation of Magic, page 144 for details on the spell. The scabbard has 7 emeralds that each store 20 P.P.E. that allows the weapon to be activated 4 times. The P.P.E. cannot be used for other purposes. Duration: 16 melees, Cost of Activation: 35 P.P.E., draws P.P.E. from storage in crystals. Each crystal stores 20 P.P.E. for a total of 140 P.P.E. The Scabbard regenerates at the rate of 2 P.P.E. per hour normally, 10 P.P.E. per hour at a ley line, and 20 P.P.E. per hour at a nexus point.
Utility Belt with Battle Harness with 6 Dimensional Pocket Cast on it: Will hold up to 90 lbs worth of items each pocket, It has a duration of 4 1/2 years (Cast by Herself)
Other Equipment: Rice cakes, High Quality Silver Flute, Book of mythical beastiary, Book of first level spells, Book of second level spells.
Valuables: 20,000 Credits, 20,000 Credits worth of Gold and Silver

Takumi's History:

Tateria is a relatively young dragon born only 27 years ago. She is one of a new generation of Chiang-Ku after most of her race was killed protecting the multi-verse that they know of. Chiang-Ku, unlike the other dragon races, do not lay eggs but are instead live births and generally only give birth to only one or two at a time. Because of this, the parents have a much stronger link with their children. Chiang-Ku are far more social creatures than the other dragon races and she had a childhood like most Chiang-Ku, treasured by her parents while trained in all that she need to know.

As she grew up, she always had a fascination for temporal magic and when she grew old enough to be trained, she decided to learn temporal magic. Unlike humans, temporal magic is not generally taught by Temporal Raiders but is instead taught by older dragons better versed in the magic. This is held in common with the beings that the Chiang-Ku call 'Their Children", the True Atlanteans. This means that their Temporal Mages and Warriors are far less corrupt than they are in other races. Along with studying to become a mage, she also read much about the history of her race and their 'children' and as a result has learned much about why the Rifts occurred on Earth. She had some special interest in Japanese culture so she read books on them and asked the elder dragons who had been there but even granted that it had been hundreds if not thousands of years since many had been there the information was invaluable to understanding the culture.

After she had passed her training, she asked to be sent to Japan to find out what is going on in that distant lands since the coming of the Rifts. Before then, she was warned about a group of assassins known as the Chiang-Ku. In her travels in Japan, she found a Tengu that was being attacked by a group of Shoganate soldiers. Tateria was able to rescue him and recovered from one of the escaping soldiers an H-13 Ion Pulse Pistol. In gratitude, the Tengu (Who was also an elder) had a Rune Katana constructed for her. Since then, she has adventured with a group of human adventures trying to bring a magic book to the Emperor of Japan. They succeeded and she has traveled through Japan though a series of other adventures.

Once she felt that she was finished in Japan, she decide that she wanted to visit North America and Ley Line teleported to the continent far to the East of Japan. There she embarked on a whole new series of adventures and she ran afoul with the Coalition and managed to acquire both a set of Coalition body armor and energy rifle which she later traded for a Wilk’s 457 energy rifle. She also had problems with the Xiticix which she worked for a while for the city of Lazlo to deal with the creatures. She managed to acquire both her enchanted bracer of “Armor of Ithan” and the enchanted scabbard for her sword while working for the city of Lazlo.

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