Name: Silk
Full Name: Hanna Glenn
Alignment: Unprincipled (Good/Selfish)
Hit Points: 26 S.D.C. (Physical): 38
Attributes: I.Q.: 15, M.E.: 13, M.A.: 20 (60%), P.S.: 15, P.P.: 21 (+3), P.E.: 21 (+3/+12%), P.B.: 26 (80%), SPD: 14
Weight: 98 lbs (44.5 kg) Height: 5 ft 2 in (1.57 meters)
Age: 19 years Race: Human (Bio-Wizard Augmented) Sex: Female
Hair: Blond Eyes: Grey Skin: Caucasian
Silk is an extremely interesting character, extremely vain as a result of her beauty. She might even be considered a bit spoiled. Still, when given the chance between continuing as a pampered slave of the High Lord and escaping, she chose freedom. Her vanity shows itself of her love of cloths including silk. Silk also likes to dress in ways to attract attention
In many ways, she is in the process of still rebuilding her personality. She is in many ways extremely lonely and while she does enjoy sex, she is looking for someone who she can have a more meaningful relationship. It is unlikely that even if she finds someone like that, she will be able to be entirely monogamous. It goes almost without saying that her sexual prowess is incredible. Still after all she when through, when she finds a friend, she is extremely loyal to that friend.
While she has never caught up with him, one of her plans is to catch up with the Mystic Knight that enslaved her and get revenge on him for all he has done. As a result, some of her time is spend hunting for leads to where he might be. When she does, she plans to allow him to seduce her and maybe even gain his loyalty. Perhaps she can suggest that his own allies are planning to go against him. She has quite well been taught the ways of subterfuge and plans to use them to the max against him. There is a dark satisfaction on using her training against him.
O.C.C.: Super Spy Experience Level: First (1) Experience Points: 1,000
Combat Skill: Hand to Hand; Basic and Boxing
Attacks per Melee: Five (5)
Bonuses, Combat: Strike: +3, Parry: +6, Dodge +6, Roll (With Punch, Fall, and Impact): +4, Pull Punch: +2, Initiative: +2. Knockout on Natural 20 and Critical Strike on Natural 20.
Bonus; Save: Lethal Poison [14] +3, Non-Lethal Poison [16] +3, Harmful Drugs [15] +3, Insanity [12] +0, Psionics [12] +0 (+1 with Amulet), Magic [12/16] +3 (+4 with Amulet), Horror Factor [Varies] +0 (+2 with Amulet)
Psionics (Major Psychic): I.S.P.: 34 (Gains 1D6+1 Per level) Powers: Physical: Alter Aura (2), Mind Block (4), Sensitive: Empathy (4), Sixth Sense (2), Telepathy (4), Total Recall (2)
Special Abilities:
Defined Talent: She has +20% to Disguise and Seduction.
O.C.C. Special Abilities: Increased P.P.E. Recovery (5 P.P.E. Rest/ 10 P.P.E. Meditation), Ley Line Transmission, and Read Ley Lines
Biowizard Augmentation:
Increased Physical Attributes: Augmented P.P.: 21, P.E.: 21, P.B.: 26
Bio-wizard Reconstruction:
Stinger: Retractable needle concealed in her mouth
Paralysis: The victim's motor system is temporarily short-circuited preventing movement. The character collapses to the ground and cannot move for 1D4 minutes.
Bio-Wizard Sensor Systems:
Heat Detection - Hidden in Hair (Range 60 ft / +1 to Initiative)
Internal Clock
Instinctive Sense of Direction
Molecular Analyzer (Range: 20 ft / Recognize Scent 70% / Track by Scent 70% / Recognize Poison 88%/ Detect Change in Temperature 80%)
Motion Detector - Hidden in Hair (Range 60 ft / +1 to Initiative / Blindness Penalties are Half)
P.P.E.: 71 (Gains 2D6 per level) Spell Knowledge: First Level: Blinding Flash (1), See Aura (6), Sense Magic (4), Second Level: [1] Cleanse (6), Concealment (6), Detect Concealment (6), Third Level: Armor of Ithan (10), Invisibility: Simple (6), Telekinesis (6), Fourth Level: Charismatic Aura (10), Ley Line Transmission (30), [3] Makeover (15), Fifth Level: Charm (12), Escape (8), Eyes of Thoth (8), Mask of Deceit (15), [3] Moon Phases (18), Sixth Level: Tongues (12)
[1] Federation of Magic, [2] Web Related spells
O.C.C. Skills: Communication: Cryptography (+10%) 35%, Radio; Basic (+10%) 55%, Radio; Scramblers (+10%) 45%, Espionage: Disguise (+10%) 70%, Forgery (+5%) 25%, Intelligence (+15%) 47%, Pick Locks (+10%) 40%, Physical: Hand to Hand; Basic, Prowl (+10%) 45%, Science: Mathematics Basic (+20%) 65%, Technical: Computer Operation (+5%) 45%, Languages: American [Native] 98%, Languages: Dragonese / Elvish (+20%) 70%, Languages: Euro (+20%) 70%, Literacy: Dragonese / Elvish (+10%) 40%, Lore: Magic (+10%) 35% W.P.; Modern: Energy Pistol (+3 Aimed/+1 Burst), Paired Weapons [Energy Pistol]
O. C. C. Related Skills: Domestic: Dance (+5%) 35%, Espionage: Escape Artist (+5%) 40%, Physical: Boxing, Rogue: Seduction (+6%) 55%
Secondary Skills: Medical: First Aid 45%, Physical: Athletics, General, Technical: Literacy: American [Native] 30%, Lore: Demon and Monster 25%
Silk is extremely beautiful, one might even say 'Super Human' with a well endowed figure. It should be after the Bio-Wizardry used to transform her. She is a pale Caucasian with blond hair and soft grey eyes. Keeping her hair down to the small of her back, Silk's hair style is normally tousled. She both has wide hips and quite prominent breasts which don't really need much support. As far as cosmetics, she really does not need much but darkens her lips and wears a bit highlighting her eyes. She also tends to keep her nails quite long and painted pink.
Likely tied to her nymphomania, she likes to dress in extremely revealing clothing and is a bit of an exhibitionist. In some cases, she wear nothing more than sheer lingerie, silk stockings, and high heels. Unless in her stealth clothing, she almost never wears pants, preferring dresses. Her preferred color is pink or hot pink. Silk's preferred material is silk and normally extremely sheer. She loves how the material feels on her skin.
Normal Weapons of Note:
2 Wilk’s 237 “Backup” Pulse Laser Pistol: Weight: 3.0 lbs (1.4 kg)
Mega-Damage: 3D6 per single blast and 6D6 per double blast. Rate of Fire: Standard Effective Range: 500 ft (152 m) Payload: 8 double blasts per short E-Clip or 16 double blasts per long E-Clips. Has laser targeting system (Gives +3 to Strike)
Wilk’s-Remi 104 Derringer: Weight: 10 ounces (.27 kg) each
Derringer is designed to be able to be plugged into a standard E-Clip recharger. One is concealed in each boot. Mega-Damage: 2D4. Rate of Fire: Two simultaneous shots Effective Range: 300 ft (91.5 m). Payload: 4 Shots.
Ammunition (Used by Multiple weapons): 4 Short E-Clips / 4 Long E-Clips
Armor of Note:
Light M.D.C. Body Suit: M.D.C. (Main Body): 30 Weight: 4 lbs (2 kg) No Prowl Penalty
Grey Jumpsuit.
Techno-Wizard additions: Armor of Ithan (5th Level), 10 PPE or 20 I.S.P. [+50 M.D.C.]
Branaghan Armor Overcoat: M.D.C. (Main Body): 28 Weight: 6 lbs (2.7 kg) -5% Prowl Penalty
Magic Items (Non Weapons):
Magical Amulet: The amulet appears to be a necklace.
Charm: Gives a bonus of +1 to save against magic and psychic attacks
Protection from the Supernatural: Gives a bonus of +2 to save vs Horror Factor
See the Invisible: Enables the wearer to see the invisible
Techno-Wizard Enchanted Jewelry: Enchanted Necklace and four Enchanted Bracelets - Necklace has 20 P.P.E. and Bracelets have 15 P.P.E each. (80 P.P.E. Total)
Other Equipment:
Vehicles: None
Clothing: Grey Jumpsuit, Tabi style Boots, Silk Dresses (Prefers Pink), Silk Lingerie (Prefers Pink), Silk Stockings, Fingerless Gloves, Stiletto type High Heels
Other Items: Makeup and Other Personal Care Items, Comb and Brush, Mini-Radio, Pocket Digital Disk Recorder/player (with Headphones), Video Disk Player, Portable Language Translator, Wilks PC-3000 Computer, Micro Digital Camera, Digital Video Camera, Pen Flashlight, Large Flashlight, Knapsack, Backpack, Canteen, Utility Belt, Tinted Goggles, Gas Mask, Lock Pick Tools.
Valuables: 12,000 Credits & 6,000 Credits worth in Black Market Items.


Silk lived her early childhood in a relatively small town within the area known as the "Magic Zone." The most common activity was farming but the town was reasonably advanced with electricity and other modern equipment. While in the Magic Zone, there was only a handful of practitioners of the mystic arts. The town had a group of guards who also acted as the town law.

She was the second born of four children. Both her mother and father were minor psychics. Extremely hard working, her parents had a small farm on the outlying areas of the town and was the most likely to be attacked. As a result, both of her parents and her older brother knew ho to use rifles. Surprisingly, she was taught a little bit how to read and the though was that she might go to Lazlo when a bit older and perhaps become a scholar.

When she was fourteen, the town was attacked by an extremely evil Mystic Knight and a small army which he managed to organize. It is quite possible that he first tried to extort payment but when they refused to pay, he decides to destroy the town. As a young girl, she does not know much about the exact background of what happened.

Her parents and her older brother were among the first to fall to the raiders. Anyone who raised arms against the attackers were slain out of hand. As well, the handful who were practitioners of magic were murdered even if they did not resist. Taking everything of value, the town was completely razed to the ground. Even all of the livestock were killed. The Mystic Knight wanted nothing left.

The Mystic Knight only kept alive those who he saw as having enough value to be worth selling to Atlantis. While just about all sentient beings can be bought and sold in the slave markets, the weak and elderly only have minimal value most used for food or other horrible purposes. All of those were slain by the mystic knight in addition to all of the others. Of course, most the women were mostly kept alive although many of them were used by the Mystic Knight and his men before they were sold to Atlantis.

It was a couple of weeks between when her parents were slain and when she actually found herself in the slave markets of Atlantis. It was a harrowing time with suffering the same as the other women who were captured even though she was but fourteen. She was becoming quite attractive and her body was blossoming into that of a woman. She does not know what happened to her young brother or sister, who were eight and ten years old.

She was sold to a High Lord who wanted her for an experiment. The High Lord was interested in creating a special spy, one who could seduce loose tongues into divulging valuable information. The High Lord had developed a network connections among the human realms. Still, there was the possibility that they could not be truly trusted. The thoughts was that a spy could be given as a gift, a sex toy as it were, and not be perceived as a spy.

For that role, he chose a female which could be modified and trained for the role. As such, he did not want someone who had much in the way of previous training but intelligent. Someone who was not intelligent would not make a very good actress or spy. A final requirement was someone who was at least a major psychic if not a master psychic. Many of the psychics got killed in the raid and there was not too much choice. Silk herself was only discovering her own psychic abilities. Silk was one of the few choices that there were.

While she was pretty cute, the requirement was for someone incredibly beautiful. As a result, the first step was a complete bio-wizard transformation. In addition to being made incredibly attractive, her prowess and endurance were boosted as much as possible. There were a handful of other augmentations including a stinger in her mouth which she could use to paralyze someone with a kiss.

Another step in her was to have a mind bleeder enter her mind and remove any sexual inhibition. This was combined with intensive sexual training. There was an unintended result of all of this to make her become a nymphomaniac. Unlike most slaves of Atlantis, she was not mistreated. The High Lord did everything possible make her loyal to him. The Mind Bleeder also attempted to program into her mind further loyalty. Unlike the nymphomania, that did not work although she pretended to be converted.

In addition to all of these, she was taught magical arts along with training in general intelligence gathering activities. Her magic training was similar to that of a Ley Line Walker but less extensive. She was taught prowl, disguise, pick locks, how to escape, and forgery along with a host of additional training. While her primary tool was seduction, the High Lord wanted a spy who had more abilities than just that.

Finally, it was seen as she was ready for her first mission. She was sold to one of the High Lord's human minions, at least that is what the minion though. In truth, her job was to spy on him because there was suspicion that he was working on the side for one of the High Lord's enemies. Immediately smitten by her sexual prowess and charms, she was able to get in his confidence. At the same time, she sent messages back to those who assumed that were still her masters through Ley Line transmissions. All the while, she plotted her own escape.

When everybody's guard relaxed, she escaped.

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