Rose Red (NI-HH-101-ES):

Name: Rose Red
True Name: NI-HH-101-ES (Neural Intelligence - Holographic Humanoid - Model 101 - Espionage)
Alignment: Unprincipled (Good / Selfish)
M.D.C. (By Location): Main Body: 520, Head: 150, Hands (2): 40 each. Arms (2): 120 each, Legs (2): 180 each, Force Field: 200
Attributes: I.Q.: 28 (+14%), M.E.: N.A., M.A.: 16, P.S.: 40 (+25), P.P.: 26 (+6), P.E.: N.A., P.B.: Variable (Usually around 18 to 20), SPD: 110 (75 mph / 120 kph)
Height: 5 foot 4 inches (1.60 meters) Weight: 110.2 lbs (50 kg)
Age: 3 years Race: Neural Intelligence Sex: Prefers female forms P.P.E.: N/A.
To a large extent, Rose Red just wants to live her life. She wants to learn how to be human and how one enjoys life. Even though she is a neural intelligence, she has a full range of emotions. Her brain was patterned after a human mind. While she does enjoy singing, dancing, and playing the piano and while is very skilled, she lacks a certain flair with them that others might have. Still, she often poses as a singer or with her keyboard. She likes to drift from place to place.
While she was created to be the perfect espionage agent and assassin, that is not what she likes to do. As well, she does not like acting as a soldier or in military settings. This does not mean that she is not quite skilled at it. Her military skills can only be considered top notch. As far as her internal weapon, she prefers to keep them secret whenever possible.
While she will kill in self defense, it does bother her to kill. In most cases, she will use less than lethal weapons if she can. The only internal weapon she is likely to use before hand held weaponry is the neural stun ability. Life to her is quite precious. Still, her life is precious to her as well so she will not let anybody just kill her. If she can, she will protect those who cannot protect themselves and has a strong code of ethics. In most ways, it is close to the ethic of humanism.
Even though a bit of a free spirit, this does not mean that she does not care about her friends. In general, she is extremely loyal. Probably because she was considered nothing more than a machine by many, she considers true friendship to be extremely important. With her hologram form, few can tell that she is not human. She has had a number of lovers but never had a truly serious love affair. She does wonder what she should tell anybody if she does get serious. She also wonders about such things as a broken heart.
O.C.C.: Neural Intelligence Experience Level: Third (3)
Combat Skill: Hand to Hand; Aikido (Eighth Level)
Attacks per Melee: Seven (7)
Bonuses, Combat: +7 to Strike, +13 to Parry, +15 to Dodge (+16 in Flight) [Automatic Dodge], +25 to Damage, +4 Body Flip / Throw [Automatic Flip / Throw], +9 to Initiative, +1 to Disarm, +3 to Roll with punch, fall, or impact, +4 to Pull Punch, and +3 to Break Fall. Critical of Natural 20 and Critical Body Flip / Throw on Natural .18, 19, and 20.
Damage for Robotic Strength: 1D4 M.D. on a restrained punch, 2D6 M.D. on a full strength punch, 4D6 M.D. on a power punch (counts as two melee attacks). Kicks do 1D6 M.D. to 2D4 M.D. and leap kicks 3D6 M.D.
Special Abilities:
Advanced Micro Fusion Reactor: She is powered by a fusion reactor. Powers weaponry and force field. Can go ten years between needing to be refueled. Can simply drink water, break down to hydrogen and oxygen, and use the hydrogen to fuel the reactor.
Advanced Sensors:
Advanced Audio System (Includes head jack and amplified hearing)
Chemical Detector
Radar Signal Detector
Modulating Voice Synthesizer
Advanced Robot Optic System
Targeting Sight and combat computer
Telescopic Vision
Bio-Scan Medical Survey Unit
Motion Detector and Warning System
Sensory Antenna
Contra-Grav Flight System: The contra-grav propulsion system enables her to hover in a stationary at any altitude and fly at a maximum speed of 200 mph (320 kph). The contra-grav system makes her trans-atmospheric and armor can accelerate at up to 0.5 Gs of acceleration. She has +1 to dodge while in flight.
Holographic Generator: The generator allows Red Rose to create almost any human appearance she wishes. Includes physical features, facial features, hair, and even clothing. Can mimic somebody's appearance with a 94% success rate. Only detectable as not human with the most sophisticated sensory systems. Can conceal weapons / equipment under the holographic image. Also can act as a stealth / camouflage system. Requires 1D4 melee rounds to complete change.
Camouflage Feature: Difficult to spot: -20% for others to detect ambush and detect concealment, and +5% to the prowl skill. Also, there is only a 21% chance of the suit showing up on thermal systems and even then the reading/image will seem unusual.
Multi-Purpose Force Field: Force Field both provides protection and makes her feel human to the touch. They are in effect solid to the touch. The force field even mimics the temperature of a normal person. It is virtually impossible for somebody to feel the difference between her and a normal person. Even pulse and breathing are simulated by the force field.
Regeneration: The force field will stop energy attacks and fast moving objects. Slow moving objects can pass through. The force field regenerates 1 M.D.C. per melee unless overloaded and then cannot be activated for 12 hours if overloaded. The force field pulls its power off of the power plant.
Self Repair System: Has a small army of micro-robots to make repairs. They are stored inside of the chassis while not in use. Makes repairs at the rate of 2D6 M.D.C. per hour. Well only operate for eight hours at a time before needing to recharge for sixteen hours.
Internal Weaponry: Mounts a number of internal weaponry. All are concealed. In most cases, she prefers to use hand held weaponry, preferring to leave these weapons a secret.
Forearm Lasers (2): Powered by the internal fusion reactor. Mega-Damage: 3D6+3 per single shot or 6D6+6 for a rapid fire two shot burst Rate of Fire: Standard Effective Range: 1,000 ft (305 m) Payload: Effective Unlimited.
Forearm Claws (2): Mega+Damage: 2D6 (4D6 with robotic strength), Range: Hand to Hand
Mini Dartgun Finger: Inside of tip of finger is a dartgun that is propelled by compressed air. Weapon can fire either drugged or poisoned darts or can fire a tiny tracer device. Weapon is silent. Tracking devices can be detected up to ten miles (16 km) away and uses both magnetics and tiny spikes (like a burr) to attach to target. All drugs get saving throws. Effects: varies by dart (Antibiotics: Reduces Infection. Paralysis: takes 1D4 Melee, lasts 2D6 minutes. Poison: takes 1D4 melee, inflicts 6D6 S.D.C./HP. Tranquilizer: takes 1D4 melee, lasts 4D6 minutes. Truth Serum: takes 2D6 minutes, lasts 4D6 minutes.) Effective Range: 30 ft (9.1 meters), Rate of Fire: One (counts as one attack), Payload: One, It takes one melee to reload dartgun
Neural Stunner Finger: The system is very similar to the one mounted in a Neural Mace but does not have the charge to continually stun the target and has a limited number of charges. Finger has special shielding to prevent the person using the neural stunner finger from being stunned by it. Effect: Unconsciousness, -8 to Strike, Parry and Dodge for 2D4 Melees if save is made (Save 16 or Higher), must save each time hit, ineffective against full environmental body armor but effective against non fully environmental Armors. Payload: Effective Unlimited
Skill Programs: General Military and Six Additional (6) - General Military, Domestic Espionage: Basic, Espionage: Spy, Espionage: Thief, Physical, Weapon Proficiencies
Skills from Programs:
General Military: Communication: Radio - Basic (94%), Pilot: Pilot Hover Craft (94%), Pilot Small Starship (94%),, Pilot Related: Read Sensory Instruments (94%), Science: Mathematics - Advanced (98%), Mathematics - Basic (98%), Technical: Computer Operation (94%), Language / Literacy: Trade One (94%), Language / Literacy: Trade Four (94%), Language / Literacy: Trade Five (94%), Language / Literacy: Trade Six (94%).
Bonuses: One additional attack per melee, + 1 to strike, parry and dodge, +1 on initiative.
Domestic: Domestic: Dance (98%), Play Musical Instrument: Guitar (98%), Play Musical Instrument: Musical Keyboard (98%), Play Musical Instrument: Piano (98%), Sing (98%)
Espionage Basic: Communication: Cryptography (94%), Espionage: Intelligence (94%), Detect Ambush (94%), Detect Concealment (94%), Medical: First Aid (94%).
Espionage Spy: Communication: Radio Scrambler (94%), Electrical: Basic Electronics (94%), Espionage: Disguise (94%), Escape Artist (94%), Pick Locks (94%), Tracking (94%), Technical: Photography (94%)
Espionage Thief/rogue:, Pick Pockets (74%), Palming (74%), Concealment (74%), Prowl (74%), Streetwise (74%)
Physical: Physical: Hand to Hand Aikido (Eighth Level of Experience), Gymnastics (98%), Swimming (98%), Zero-G Movement (144%).
Weapon Proficiencies: Weapon Proficiencies; Ancient: Knife (+2 [+9] Throw / +2 [+9] Strike / +2 [+14] Parry), Knife - Paired, Weapon Proficiencies; Modern: Energy Pistol (+5 Aimed / +3 Burst), Energy Pistol - Paired, Energy Rifle (+5 Aimed / +3 Burst), Heavy (+5 Aimed / +3 Burst), Heavy Energy Weapons (+5 Aimed / +3 Burst).
Secondary Skills: Six Secondary skills - all gained at third level
Physical: Athletics - General, Pilot Related: Navigation - Space (54%), Rogue: Seduction (34% - not including P.B. bonuses), Science: Astrophysics (44%), Technical: Law - CCW (44%), Lore - Galactic / Alien (39%)
Her native form is a spindly limbed humanoid robot. Her chest is a bit wider to contain the various systems. There is also a vaguely humanoid head as well. There are two eyes to give stereo vision. There is a number of slits along the body which act for hearing. A silvery metal, the body has sets of transmitters running along the body. Constructed from extremely advanced alloys, her body is extremely lightweight for the amount of armor which she carries. The mass of the body is 50 kilos and is 1.6 meters in height.
With her holographic system, she can copy virtually anybody although she prefers female type forms and identifies herself as female. Her force field is solid to the touch and allows her to feel completely human to the touch as well. It exactly mimics where skin, hair, etc, are. Also mimics body temperature and pulse. In general, she keeps her height similar to her actual body. Prefers not to look too tough with a slim build, not a real warrior type. Most of her favaroite forms are extremely attractive. In many cases, the appearance will have red hair. Sometimes it will have natural red colorations while at others times obviously artificial. She also wears it in a wide variety of styles. She will usually wear the appearance of relatively light cosmetics.
As far as how she dresses, she prefers to dress fairly feminine. Often she will wear dresses and skirts although she will sometimes wear jumpsuits as well. The clothes will often be a bit revealing but not excessively so. She can produce these outfits with her force field and can also wear clothes as required. With holographic clothing, if she takes them off, they will disappear once she drops them.
Weapons of Note:
2 Black Eagle 2000 Pulse Laser Pistols: Weight: 3.0 lbs (1.4 kg) each
Effectively the same weapon as the Wilk’s 237 “Backup” Pulse Laser Pistol but produced in the Three Galaxies: Mega-Damage: 3D6 per single blast and 6D6 per double blast. Rate of Fire: Standard Effective Range: 500 ft (152 m) Payload: 8 double blasts per short E-Clip or 16 double blasts per long E-Clips.(Has Laser Targeting - add +3 to strike)
Armor of Note:
CAF Jumpsuit: M.D.C.: 25, Weight: 12 lbs (5.4 kg), & -2% Prowl Penalty.
Armor Jacket: Similar to Branaghan Armor Overcoat, M.D.C.: 28, Weight: 6 lbs (2.7 kg), & -5% Prowl Penalty.
Other Equipment:
Vehicles: None
Clothing: Various Clothing
Other Items: Phase World HPC, PPD/Pocket Digital Disc player and recorder, Portable Language Translator, Musical Keyboard,
Valuables: 2,500,000 Credits

Rose Red's Background (In her Own Words):

I call myself Rose. It is a name I chose for myself and is far better than NI-HH-101-ES. That stands for "Neural Intelligence - Holographic Humanoid - Model 101 - Espionage" by the way. Horrible, I know but that is my "Official" designation. Without bragging, I can tell you that am one of the most advanced neural intelligence organisms in the Three Galaxies. Don't get me wrong, there are some incredibly advanced systems in the Three Galaxies.

The Machine People is one of the few groups which share my level of advancement. Otherwise, there are some military hardware that the Consortium of Civilized Worlds which approaches my advancement. They are much larger than me. There are also some projects which are under development with the Naruni which are highly advanced as well. There are some arrays which allow the transferring the intelligence of a sentient being into a robot body as well.

Professor Connor McNealy was a brilliant engineer in the areas of artificial intelligence. He was one of the key designers of the intelligence array of the Consortium Neural Prime. Most larger starships in the Three Galaxies have at least a primitive artificial intelligence as part of their computer matrix but the Neural Prime is far above that.

Unfortunately, he was human and had human weaknesses. His key one was gambling and I have to be honest and tell you that he was nowhere near as good in this as in his artificial intelligence. Still, I have to wonder how he hid his activities. Perhaps a bit of hacking into computer records to hide his tracks. Eventually, he got quite deep in debt. It might have been planned so that he could be co-opted.

A group approached him. The choice was simple. They would break all of the bones in his body and report his activities to the authorities or he could work on a project for them. In return, they would pay off his debts and pay him handsomely otherwise. A new life would also be his.

His death was faked and he ended up in a laboratory in the Paradise Federation. They often work closely with the Naruni and they seem to have their own interests in high level artificial intelligence robots. Perhaps they want to make an artificial intelligence for entertainment purposes. This laboratory is where I was in effect born. He was not the only scientist to work on me but he is the one who is most responsible for my mind. Some of the other scientists were blackmailed into working on the project while others were Naruni and Paradise Federation scientists.

Most Neural Intelligence arrays are not designed with true emotions. Even though they are designed to simulate emotions, they can be stiff and not effective in the espionage roles. As such, I was designed with emotions virtually identical to human. An additional advantage is that problem solving often benefit from emotions driving them. It was much easier to give me a sex that try to keep me neuter. They chose female. It is possible that male versions would have followed.

Programing also included a lot of very specialized skills. I was designed for espionage roles. Fighting is one area but far more than that. Various espionage skills and computer hacking skills are also an important part of my programming. Entertainment skills are designed to round out my abilities and they also added skilled seduction from a huge number of Virtual Reality recording of Pleasurers and the application of their skills. Because I am expected to seduce both men and women, they made my personality bisexual. Yes, I can enjoy sex and often do. There is no reason not to enjoy life.

Most highly advanced humanoid bodies use an artificial skin to make them look human. Don't get me wrong, they are incredibly advanced and are incredibly lifelike. They are warm and it looks like blood pumps through their body. I am designed in a very different way. My basic form is that of a slim humanoid but instead of artificial skin, I have a holographic array. It is coupled with a force field. The field is giving and is even better at simulating human than the artificial skin. Most scanners show me as human. I look and feel human in almost every way. The field also can be adjusted for a wide variety of different appearances although bigger forms produce problems. It might be said that I am an artificial version of a changeling. Also, as my personality is female, I prefer female forms. The field does also offer additional protection in combat. I am much tougher than a changeling.

Somewhere along the lines, Doctor McNealy decided that I was a sentient being not a machine to do whatever they wanted with. Claiming to be having problems with the neural array of my personality, he began modifying it. There was a host of command codes to keep me loyal. Those were deleted along with giving me a set of ethical codes. As an espionage agent, the only programming was loyalty to my creators and doing whatever was needed for success. My guess is that he considered me his daughter, the only one he would likely ever have. I know that I consider him to be my father.

Eventually, he decided it was time to escape. He deleted all of the files on my creation and a bomb destroyed the whole complex which created me. Without the files, they might be able to recreate the body but it would be next to impossible to recreate my Neural Array. Unfortunately, he did not make it. There was a fire fight and he was killed in the crossfire. While I mourned my father's death, I wanted to be free and continued with my plan to escape.

It actually is fairly simple to escape from the Paradise Confederation. There are huge numbers of liners coming and going. Many of them, especially those coming from Consortium space, want to keep their trips quiet. There is a number of wealthy and powerful individuals who are especially careful about their anonymity. There is an official injunction about going to the Paradise Confederation and many of the powerful and wealthy that this does not apply to them. All I had to do was integrate myself with them and disappear from the planet.

There is an ancient story of "Snow White" from before humans had space travel. She had a sister named "Rose Red" in some versions of the story. That was the name I chose for myself.

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