Name: Ravenclaw
True Name: Ruth Wayne (Unknown)
Alignment: Aberrant (Evil)
M.D.C.: 220 (Regenerates at 1D4x10 M.D.C. per hour) - Also has grafted armor of 120 M.D.C. (Also regenerates at 1D4x10 M.D.C. per hour)
Attributes: I.Q.: 14, M.E.: 13, M.A.: 9, P.S.: 32 (+17), P.P.: 27 (+6), P.E.: 26 (+22% / +6), P.B.: 18 (40%), SPD: 70 [Physical Strength is Supernatural]
Weight: 194 lbs (88.0 kg) - 148 lbs (67.1 meters) before being augmented. Height: 7 foot 4 inches (2.23 meters) with spikes - 5 foot 11 inches (1.80 meters) before being augmented
Age: 24 years (6 years as a "Juicer") Race: Human (Bio-Wizard Juicer Augmented) Sex: Female
Ravenclaw has a sense of fair play and honorable. When she gives her word of honor, she will keep it. Of course, she is highly selective about who she is willing to give her word of honor to. She is extremely loyal to who she swears allegiance to as well as her friends and allies. Neither will she betray no matter what the cause. Of course if she finds an ally betraying her, she is completely without mercy. Like many minions of Atlantis, she has a hatred of vampires.
Combined with her sense of honor, her sense of fair play means that she prefers fighting in a single duel instead of simply slaying without mercy. She does not like assassinating from a distance. This does mean that she will hold back in combat and if an opponent is outmatched, it is not her responsibility. If an opponent draws a weapon against her, they are fair game. In general, she prefers battle in hand to hand over ranged combat. She considers close combat to be the purest form of combat. Victory in hand to hand combat is one of her greatest pleasures and she glories in it.
She does not like to harm others if at all possible and does not believe in causing harm for pleasure. Torture is still an extremely useful tool. Any form of punishment in the path towards a goal can be a useful tool as well and there is little she might not do. As well, using a child as a hostage to control one or both of the parents might be something she would do. She will not generally kill a child but sees nothing in enslaving one. Anyone who refuses to fight her is fair game for being a slave. Any which she vanquishes but surrender before being slain are considered slaves by her as well.
Most Bio-Wizard Juicers of her skill level have one or more insanities but she is free from them because the one she has sworn fealty to has had the insanities removed. The only thing she has which borders on insanity is a fear of death. Death in combat does not bother her but death in the form of becoming decrepit bothers her. Bothers her a lot to be honest. Her strength and fighting abilities is what much of her pride is built on. She has seen other Bio-Wizard Juicers die that way. Of course her patron has taken care of this through magic and she has aged very little in the last few years but it is still a fear.
Insanities: None
O.C.C.: Maxi-Killer (Bio-Wizard Juicer) Experience Level: Eighth (8)
Combat Skill: Hand to Hand; Martial Arts plus Boxing (One additional attack as a Juicer)
Attacks per Melee: Seven (7)
Bonuses, Combat: +8 to Strike, +12 to Parry, +12 to Dodge (Automatic Dodge), +3 to Initiative, +17 to damage, +12 to Roll with punch, fall, or impact, +3 to Pull Punch, Knock-Out / Stun on Natural 20, Critical on Natural 18, 19, or 20. Karate type kick attack, jump kick, leap kick, and entangle attack.
Supernatural Punch Damage: Inflicts 5D6+17 S.D.C. on a restrained punch, 4D6 M.D. on a full strength punch, or 1D4x10 M.D. on a power punch (counts as two melee attacks). Can create three claws on both arms which add 6D6 to punch damage.
Bonus; Save: Lethal Poison [14]: +10, Non-Lethal Poison [16]: +10, Harmful Drugs [15]: +10, Insanity [12]: +0, Psionics [12]: +3, Magic [12]: +11, Horror Factor [Varies]: +6, +2 vs Possession
Psionics (Minor): I.S.P.: 54 (Gains 1D6 Per level) Powers: Sensitive: Mind Block (4), Sixth Sense (2),
O.C.C. Special Abilities / Bio-Wizard Juicer Augmentation:
Super Endurance: Becomes a mega-damage creature with 220. Also +1D4 to P.E. attribute.
Supernatural Strength and Endurance: Add +8 to P.S. attribute; minimum P.S. is 21 (supernatural).
Enhanced Speed: Add 1D6xl0 to Spd attribute.
Super Reflexes and Reaction Time: +3 on initiative, +3 to roll with punch, fall and impact, and gets an automatic parry or dodge on all attacks, even those from behind and by surprise. Add one extra attack per melee round, and 1D4+1 to P.P. attribute (no minimum).
Saving Throw Bonuses: +4 to save vs magic, +2 to save vs psionic attacks and possession, +4 to save vs poison and disease, and +4 to save vs horror factor.
Enhanced Healing: The Juicer regenerates 1D4x10 M.D.C. per hour, plus can regrow severed limbs and lost organs. +30% (+54%) to save versus coma/death. Virtually impervious to pain.
Grafted Armor: Another symbiote grows over the character like a living shell, providing her with grafted armor. This armor is alive and has 120 M.D.C. and regenerates at the rate of 1D4x10 M.D.C. per hour! If the M.D.C. of the symbiote is reduced to zero, it disappears, its "roots" retreating into the body of the Maxi-Killer. Until it can regenerate 50 M.D.C., she cannot regenerate damage and suffers 3D6 M.D. per hour as it feeds on her body to restore itself; every point goes into the symbiote. The symbiote's normal regenerative powers don't work until a minimum of 50 M.D.C. is restored, at which point both symbiote and host body can regenerate normally. Armor reduced to zero will grow back completely 10 hours after hitting the 50 M.D.C. mark. Note: If the Maxi-Killer dies before the creature gets its 50 points, they both die!
The armor can also grow three forearm blade. Each sword-like blade is an M.D.C. structure that inflicts 2D6 M.D. A dozen or so smaller protective spines typically cover the body armor and adds to its alien appearance.
Penalties: Shortened Lifespan -. Her shortened lifespan should be four years +4D6 months. Due to using magical means to prevent aging, this is put on hold.
O.C.C. Skills: Communication: Radio: Basic (+5%) 85%, Espionage: Intelligence (+10%) 70%, Tracking (+10%) 70%, Wilderness Survival (+10%) 85%, Physical: Hand to Hand: Martial Arts, Climbing (+10%) 97%, Swimming (+5%) 90%, Technical: Language: American 98%, Dragonese/Elf 98%, Wilderness: Land Navigation (+10%) 74%, Weapon Proficiency - Ancient: W.P. Chain (+2 [+10] strike / +2 [+14] parry), W.P. Sword (+3 [+11] strike / +3 [+15] parry), Weapon Proficiency - Modern: W.P. Energy Rifle (+5 Aimed / +3 Burst), W.P. Heavy (+5 Aimed / +3 Burst).
O.C.C. Related Skills: Mechanical: Basic Mechanics [With Armorer] 85%, Military: Armorer (+10%) 85%, Physical: Acrobatics [Gained at Eighth Level], Boxing, Gymnastics [Gained at Fourth Level], Technical: Lore: Demon & Monster (+5%) 65%, Lore: Magic (+5%) 65% / 55% / 50%.
Secondary Skills: Espionage: Detect Ambush 65%, Horsemanship: Horsemanship - Exotic 48%, Physical: General Athletics 85%, Technical: Language: Spanish Literacy: 85%, American 65%, Literacy: Dragonese/Elf 65%.
Skills From Acrobatics and Gymnastics: Sense of Balance (+5%) 70%, Walk Tightrope or High Wire (+5%) 68%, Work Parallel Bars & Rings (+5%) 72%, Climb Rope (+5%) 94%, Back Flip (+5%) 90%, Prowl 50%
Ravenclaw was a tall woman even before she was augmented with Bio-Wizardry. Her build under the augmentation is strong but still slender. Her augmentation mostly hides her breasts although there is the definite suggestion of them. With dark Latin skin tones and a sensuous appearance, she is not unattractive and if fact is quite attractive. Long raven hair hands down from her head and she has dark eyebrows along with dark eyelashes. Her eyes are virtually black and see large when looked into. She doesn't wear anything in the way of cosmetics but her lips are wide and quite dark to the point that she does not need any lipstick.
Her augmentation wraps around her arms, legs, chest, groin, neck, and even her head. Large plates cover each should. Sharp spikes are quite prominent and are all over her body including several coming off the top of her head which makes her much taller than she would otherwise be. Three blades come from each of her forearms. The augmentation looks like the hide of a dragon and there is a large orb on the center of her chest. Since being augmented with bio-wizardry, she does not wear clothing although she does wear some enchanted jewelry.
Weapons of Note:
K-SAR Sunaj Assassin Rifle: Weight: 12 lbs (5.4 kg)
Knock off of the design of the JA-12 Juicer assault rifle with the grenade launcher replaced with a longer range version of the grenade launcher that is used with the K-1 sniper rifle. Mega-Damage: Laser, 4D6+4 for Single Shot and 1D6x10+20 for 3 simultaneous blasts. Grenade, 6D6 to 10 ft (3 m) radius. Rate of Fire: Laser, Single shot or three round burst. Grenade: Single shot. Effective Range: Laser, 5,000 ft (1,524 m). Grenade, 2,000 ft (610 m). Payload: Laser, 10 Shots short E-Clip, 30 Shots long E-Clip, has built in energy Canister (Cannot be removed but can be recharged) that holds an additional 45 Energy shots. Grenade, Has a 4 shot internal magazine for grenade launcher. Bonus: +1 on Aimed Shots with laser and +1 with self guided grenades.
Ammunition: 12 Long E-clips
Armor of Note: None
Magic Items (Non Weapons):
Altarain Talisman of Armor: A magic talisman that allows him to create an Armor of Ithan around himself (M.D.C.: 100 Duration: 10 Minutes (40 Melees) Charges: 3 Charges and recharges in 24 hours
Amulet of protection against the Supernatural: Adds a bonus of +2 to save vs horror factor
Amulet of Charm: Adds a bonus of +1 to save vs magic and psychic attacks.
Amulet of See the Invisible: Enables only the wearer of the medallion to see the invisible.
Other Equipment: None unless required by mission, 20 million credits, 50 million credits in gold and precious gems.

Character History:

Some slaves of Atlantis are born in captivity while others are born in other lands and are only later captured by the Splugorth Slavers. The girl who became Ravenclaw was born free, most likely somewhere in North America. Her dark skin and basic appearance makes it likely that she was born somewhere in the southern parts of North America, maybe southern parts of what had been Texas before the coming of the Rifts or perhaps northern Mexico.

Wherever she came from originally, her first memories were those of being a slave in Atlantis. Her ability since then to speak Spanish means that it is likely that she was kidnaped when was several years old. With the slave stock, the more athletic of the slaves are separated out for more training. Some become tattoo warriors and a tiny minority are given Bio-Wizard Juicer augmentation. Training for them is still brutal but less so then many other slaves. She showed herself as being extremely athletic and was put in her training for a warrior, initially considered for either role. Loyalty was an important part of her training as well.

At around the age of only sixteen, she was given her full augmentation and the clock began ticking. While she loved the powers that the augmentation gave her, she had already seen many Bio-Wizard Juicers wither and die after being transformed. She knew she only had four to six years to live. Her mind began to explore how she might fight it. She had heard that there was some magic which would allow one to not age.

Her fighting abilities soon impressed the High Lord above her. She was sent on a variety of missions including some slaving and hunting missions. As well, she was sent to Mexico to fight against the vampires which dominate those lands. Often she worked with tattoo warriors even though she had no tatoos of her own. Her sense of fair play and honor as well as loyalty showed through. Although this did raise some concern, in some ways it was better because it assured her loyalty to the Lord who she was serving.

Even though she was loyal to her Lord, Ravenclaw was looking for someone who could help her with her rapid aging. She asked many questions to see if she could find a being which she could make some sort of deal with. A powerful mysterious being was interested in a powerful minion. The appearance he showed her and the only one which is know is that of a white haired human appearing wizard with a long beard. Still, she suspects that is not his true form.

The being offered her a deal that if she would serve him with complete loyalty, and in return he would protect her from the ravages of time. After she accepted the deal, he offered a huge some of gold to the High Lord which she was in service of. Almost a Kings Ransom, it was so much that the Lord could not refuse it even though she was considered extremely valuable. Extremely young, she would give four to almost six years more service to the High Lord.

She found herself in the service of her present master after only about sixth months of being augmented as a Bio-Wizard Juicer. Even to this day, she has never seen a form other than the white bearded wizard. He wanted someone extremely powerful as far as fighting as well as someone which he could rely on their loyalty. He appeared to get that with her

Her jobs for him have been extremely varied. In some cases, she has recovered various magic for him including rune weapons and lost magic. Gathering information has often been a job which she has performed. As well, she has been used to kill those which he considers to be his rivals. The reverse job was sometimes assigned to her, guarding those who the "wizard" directs her to. Sometimes she has worked by herself while at other times she has worked with teams. Unlike many Splugorth Minions, she works quite well with others. Since working for him, she has never showed anything but loyalty.

It has now been over five years since she entered service with the being. She does not appear to have aged since then with the wizard casting the spell to prevent her aging every month.

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