Lord Blackheart / Blake Somerset:

Name: Lord Blackheart
True Name: Blake Somerset
Alignment: Miscreant (Evil)
M.D.C.: 200
Attributes: I.Q.: 12, M.E.: 15, M.A.: 12, P.S.: 50 (+35), P.P.: 21 (+3), P.E.: 21 (+12%/+3), P.B.: 12, SPD: 44 (30 mph/48 km) [Physical Strength is Supernatural]
Weight: 265 lbs (120.2 kg) Height: 6 ft 2 in (1.88 meters)
Age: 27 years Race: Human (Bio-Wizard Augmented) Sex: Male
From an early age, Blake was interested in power and his own personal pleasures. Simply put, he only cares about himself. He is completely without scruple in how gets his power and pleasure. There is no one, family or otherwise, that he would not sacrifice towards this goal. He has no word of honor and sees nothing wrong with betraying anyone. In the same regard, he will eliminate anyone who gets in his way in anything if he can. Torture is yet another tool which he is willing to use freely. He does not actually enjoy torture or murder but is completely indifferent to anyone else. He does not rape to cause pain but to give himself pleasure. His pleasure is what is important. This is not to saw that he does not treat the females which end up in his tender mercies any better. Even though self serving, the one thing he is not is lazy.
Blake considers himself to be an authority in many areas and is unwilling to listen to any suggestions in them. He considers himself to be a tactical genius and an expert in subterfuge. When something goes wrong, he will never accept the blame but will pass the blame to someone else. In reality, he is something of a hack, an amateur at best. He considers himself practically a genius but is far from it. The situation with his social skills and leadership is the same, he considers himself far better than others in it but actually falls short. About the only area he excels at is personal combat and even there it is due to the Bio-Wizardry augmentation he was given. Even here he overrates his own abilities. Still, he values his own hide and will retreat before losing. He will simply come up with some sort of explanation to explain it away. Although he does not consider himself one, it might be said that he is a bit of a coward when all is said and done. Blake has a tendency to get angry easily, holding grudges just about forever as well.
O.C.C.: Royal Knight Experience Level: Sixth (6)
Combat Skill: Hand to Hand; Expert plus Boxing
Attacks per Melee: Six (6)
Bonuses, Combat: +5 to Strike, +9 to Parry, +9 to Dodge, +3 to Initiative, +35 to damage, +4 to Roll with punch, fall, or impact, +2 to Pull Punch, Knock-Out / Stun on Natural 20, Critical on Natural 18, 19, or 20.
Supernatural Punch Damage: Inflicts 1D6 x 10+35 S.D.C. on a restrained punch, 6D6 M.D. on a full strength punch, or 2D4x10 M.D. on a power punch (counts as two melee attacks).
Bonus; Save: Lethal Poison [14]: +3, Non-Lethal Poison [16]: +3, Harmful Drugs [15]: +3, Insanity [12]: +0, Psionics [12]: +0, Magic [12]: +3, Horror Factor [Varies]: +2,
Psionics (Minor): I.S.P.: 49 (Gains 1D6 Per level) Powers: Sensitive: Sixth Sense (2), Total Recall (2), Super: Mind Block Auto-defense (None)
O.C.C. Special Abilities:
+10 to S.D.C.
+1 to Initiative and +2 vs Horror Factor
Bio-Wizard Augmentation:
Magic Transmutation:
Transform to 200 M.D.C.
Increase Statistics: P.S.: 50 (Supernatural), P.P.: 21, P.E.: 21, SPD: 44
Bio-Wizard Eyes & Sensor Systems:
Polarized Eyes (+10% to Sense Direction)
Heat Detection - Hidden in Hair (Range 60 ft / +1 to Initiative)
Internal Clock
Instinctive Sense of Direction
Molecular Analyzer (Range: 20 ft / Recognize Scent 70% / Track by Scent 70% / Recognize Poison 88%/ Detect Change in Temperature 80%)
Motion Detector - Hidden in Hair (Range 60 ft / +1 to Initiative / Blindness Penalties are Half) Symbiotic Organism:
Mindlink & 8 Programs (Mind Block Auto Defense / Telepathy with: Humans, Dragons, Elves, High Lords,
Kittani, Altarain Warriors, Gargoyles, and Ogres. Can be read by High Lord and Splugorth with no saving throw)
O.C.C. Skills: Domestic: Dance (+20%) 75%, Play Musical Instrument - Guitar (+20%) 80%, Espionage: Wilderness Survival (+10%) 60%, Horsemanship: Horsemanship - Knight (+20%) 98% / 85%, Medical: Paramedic (+10%) 75%, Physical: Hand to Hand: Expert, Science: Mathematics: Basic (+20%) 90%, Technical: Language: American (+20%) 95%, Language: Dragonese (+20%) 95%, Language: Euro (+20%) 95%, Literacy: Euro (+20%) 75%, Weapon Proficiencies (Ancient): W.P. Axe (+2 [+7] Strike, +1 [+6] Throw, +2 [+11] Parry), W.P. Knife / Dagger (+1 [+6] Strike, +1 [+6] Throw, +2 [+11] Parry), W.P. Sword (+2 [+7] Strike, +2 [+11] Parry), Weapon Proficiencies (Modern): W.P. Energy Rifle (+5 Aimed/+3 burst), W.P. Heavy (+5 Aimed/+3 burst), Wilderness: Land Navigation (+10%) 66%
O.C.C. Related Skills: Communication: Radio - Basic (+10%) 80%, Mechanical: Basic Mechanics [With Armorer] (+20%) 75%, Military: Armorer (+10%) 75%, Demolitions [Gained at Third Level] (+10%) 79%, Physical: Boxing, Pilot: Pilot Hovercraft [Gained at Third Level] (+5%) 70%, Technical: Literacy: American (+15%) 70%, Literacy: Dragonese (+15%) 70%, Lore: Demon and Monster (+15%) 70%, Lore: Magic (+15%) 70%.
Secondary Skills: Espionage: Detect Ambush 55%, Intelligence 52%, Interrogation 45%, Military: Trap Construction 40%, Physical: Athletics
Appearance: Blake likes to consider himself quite handsome, he is conceited in quite a few ways. He is not ugly but is only around average in appearance but is well muscled which might make him extremely attractive to some women. He keeps his sandy brown hair long down to his shoulders. Along with long hair, he usually has a bit of stubble on his face which gives him a dangerous look. His brown eyes challenge those who he locked onto and can almost be frightening. Blake was modified with Bio-Wizardry with the specific purpose that the modifications would not be easily noticeable. On careful examination, one might note that some of his hairs are thicker than the should be. These are mostly hidden by his long hair.
Normal Weapons of Note:
Kittani K-4 Laser Pulse Rifle: Weight: 4 lbs (1.8 kg)
Mega-Damage: 3D6+6 for Single Shot and 1D6x10+6 for 3 simultaneous blasts Rate of Fire: Standard Effective Range: 3000 ft (910 m) Payload: 30 Shots each long clip Bonuses: +1 on Aimed Shots
4 Vibro-Knifes: Mega-Damage: 1D6 Range: Hand to Hand
Ammunition: 8 Long E-clips
Magical Weapons of Note:
Demon Claw Blade: Weight: 7 Ibs (3.2 kg), M.D.C.: 100, but only takes damage when targeted and regenerates 2D6 M.D.C. per day. Mega-Damage: 6D6 M.D. double damage to supernatural creatures of good alignment.
Bonuses: +1 to strike and parry.
Armor of Note:
Modified Sunaj Assassin Armor: M.D.C.: 110, Weight: 16 lbs (7.3 kg), -10% Prowl Penalty
Modified to look like knight type armor. Is also modified with several techno-wizard modifications
Techno-Wizard Enchantments:
Escape (3rd Level) 8 P.P.E. or 16 I.S.P.
Impervious to Energy (3rd Level) - 20 P.P.E. or 40 I.S.P.
Magic Items (Non Weapons):
Altarain Talisman of Armor: A magic talisman that allows him to create an Armor of Ithan around himself (M.D.C.: 100 Duration: 10 Minutes (40 Melees) Charges: 3 Charges and recharges in 24 hours
Four Belt Pouches with Dimensional Pocket cast on them: Will hold up to 30 lbs worth of items each pocket, Each have a duration of 2 years.
Other Equipment: Normal Equipment for OCC, 1 million credits, 4 million credits in gold and precious gems.

Male Dragondactyle "Grendel"
Attributes: I.Q. High animal, M.E. 16, M.A. 10, P.S. 25, P.P. 14, P.E. 20, P.B. 11, Spd running 42, and flying 88,
M.D.C.: 160, Horror Factor: 12, P.P.E.: 8
Natural Abilities: Climb 66%, swim 30%, prowl 66%, track animals 60%, night vision 90 ft (27.4 m), keen hawk-like vision (can see a rabbit at two miles), good sense of smell, impervious to all fires, including magic. Breathes Fire: does 4D6 M.D.; range: 10 ft (3 m).
Combat: Four attacks per melee. Bonuses: + 2 to strike and parry, + 5 to dodge when flying, +4 (+7) to save vs magic.
Damage: Bite 1D8 S.D.C. damage, claws 2D6 S.D.C. damage plus P.S. bonus, kick from front legs 1D4 M.D., kick from rear legs 2D4 M.D., or by fire breath (if male), inflicting 4D6 M.D.

Character History:

Blake Somerset was born in one of the more powerful noble families within the nation of New Camelot. Blake had two older brothers and a pair of sisters not including any illegitimate children which the father might have conceived. The children, male and female, were taught from a young age to seek power using any means attheir disposal. The daughters were taught by their mother how to use sex to gain power while the sons were taught other, more direct means.

The whole family is rumored to be Blackguards. Abuse of power and abuse of the subjects under them are just two of the suggested offenses of the family. Their subjects are suppose to be treated more like slaves than citizens, movements restricted as well as in crushing poverty. The Somerset lands has one of the strongest armies and it is suppose to be used to keep the citizenry down. There is rumor of more personal mistreatment of the citizenry. All of the male members of the family are said to have raped women in their estates. Beautiful girls are said to have disappeared.

As might be expected, it is also suspected by some that Lord Somerset wished to take the throne of New Camelot for himself with several plots suggested as being the product of Lord Somerset. It is also possible that his wife was responsible, some suggest that she is the real brains behind any plot. One of the other knight challenged Lord Somerset after an attempt on the king laying the blame of Lord Somerset. It was decided that the issue would be settled by a trial of combat. For all his plotting, Blake's father was an incredible warrior and won easily against the challenger. He is suppose to have slain the challenger as brutally as possible. Still, he was known to be darkly charismatic and a leader who inspired those under him. There is also a rumor that whenever possible he made anyone who he saw as a threat just disappear. It is said that he had several master assassins in his employ.

Blake was much like his father, always wanting power and willing to stake just about anything on gaining that power. He is said to wanted his father's throne for himself and likely the throne of New Camelot after that. Unfortunately, he had two older brothers who would inherit before him. As well, he lacked most of the qualities his father had. Blake was always a bit on the sickly side seemed never destined to be the warrior his father was. He also lacked the charisma of his father and was never as skilled at subterfuge. Somehow he was able to complete the training as a Royal Knight but never was anything more that adequate. Totally disregarding the code of chivalry, he is said to have abused his fathers subjects and any he perceived as below him.

Looking for a means to gain power, Blake looked for allies and he found one in one of the High Lords in London of Splynn. In return for a stronghold and information being passed back, Blake was able to get himself augmented with bio-wizardry as well as support in other areas. Suddenly, he became the warrior he always wanted to be and more. He reveled in his new abilities, tougher than a normal human and a virtual superman. At the same time he began feeding information back to the High Lord on New Camelot. In addition to watching the king, Blake was told to watch the sorcerer carefully.

Once settled, Blake began his climb for power. First, Blake's oldest brother died in what appeared to be an accident. Soon afterwards, Blake's other brother died in a duel with another noble's son which some think was instigated by Blake somehow. Blake was now directly in line for his father's throne. Finally, it was time to finish off his father. There was a raid from London of Splynn against his father's lands. The defense forces were able to beat back the attack but there were heavy losses. One of those losses was Blake's father. Riding the supposed victory against the Splugorth raiding party, Blake took the throne and became Lord Somerset himself..

The new Lord Somerset immediately started a campaign which was far more brutal than his father had even been. His father, or it might have been through his mothers skills, knew exactly how far he could push. Blake refused to listen to anyone, including his mother, who might have been able to keep the waters calm. His father's assassins were replaced by Sunaj assassins. It was then that the High Lord began expecting more direct payment. The only coin he could pay in was in slaves. His people began being seized and sold into slavery in London of Splynn and Atlantis. Two of the first to disappear were his sister and they were followed by cousins and other members of his family.

He never had the skills which his parents did in keeping allo of what was going on quiet although with the amount of people disappearing, it is likely that no one could have kept it truly secret. In the end, many of even his strongest allies began turning against him. He was just too brutal. He was brought in front of the king to answer the charges laid against him. Like his father when brought up on charges, he chose a trial by combat thinking that there was no way he could lose. Unfortunately for him, some of the knights serving the king are supernatural creatures and he found this not to be the case and in fact found himself outmatched. Still, he somehow managed to escape.

Of course he was stripped of his title and all of his lands were forfeit. Blake was able to spirit out gold and other valuables but he took this extremely badly. He began a campaign against the king, calling him a tyrant, and against the noble who was given the Somerset lands. The hunted knight took the name "Lord Blackheart" at this time from him being called a Blackheart by many of his enemies and victims. At the same time, the High Lord began his search for other allies and decided to cut his losses. Blake found himself unsupported and vowed revenge again the High Lord and his minions as well.

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