Gwynne Fox:

Name: Gwynne
True Name: Gwynne Fox
Alignment: Unprincipled (Good/Selfish)
Hit Points: 45 S.D.C. (Physical): 124
Attributes: I.Q.: 24 (+10% /+5), M.E.: 23 (+4), M.A.: 13, P.S.: 18 (+3), P.P.: 28 (+7), P.E.: 25 (+20%/+5), P.B.: 18 (40%), SPD: 34
Weight: 95 lbs (43.1 kg) Height: 5 ft 6 in (1.67 meters)
Age: 19 years Race: Mutant Fox Sex: Female
Gwynne has always been the playful type but has always considered herself to be something of a "Rogue Heroine." When she was a very young fox, she watched a cartoon called "Robin Hood" which featured a fox archer who went around defeating Prince John and the evil Sheriff. After that, she was hooked and has managed to collect a vast array of Pre-Rifts materials on him. She looks up to Robin Hood as her personal hero figure, one who saved those below him while having a certain disdain for the law. She took these values on as her own. She considers fighting evil her duty whether against supernatural monsters, evil bandits, or against the Coalition. She has no real hatred for most of them, including the Coalition, but has a distrust for all of them. Even though she has a certain disdain for the rules, she is loyal to her friends and does consider her word of honor to be important to keep a sense of honor.
Like most techno-wizard archers, she has strong vanity when it comes to her archery skills. She enjoys showing off her archery abilities and takes pride with challenging others. She will even challenge people with rifles with her bow at skill with shooting. She is a good sort when she loses but can gloat a bit too much when she does win. This has likely turned off several gentleman who were interested in her company. She has almost as much love of magic as she does for the bow although she is not as verbal on the subject of magic as she is on archery.
O.C.C.: Techno-Wizard Archer Experience Level: Fourth (4) Experience Points: 14,400
Combat Skill: Hand to Hand; Basic & Boxing
Attacks per Melee: Seven (7)
Bonuses, Combat: Critical Strike: Natural 20, Knock Out: Natural 20, Bonuses: Damage: +3, Strike: +7, Parry: +13, Dodge: +12, Roll: +8, Pull Punch: +2, Initiative: +1
Bonus; Save: Lethal Poison [14] +5, Non-Lethal Poison [16] +5, Harmful Drugs [15] +5, Insanity [12] +4, Psionics [12] +5, Magic [12/16] +7, Horror Factor [Varies] +8
Psionics (Considered Minor): 50 I.S.P. (+1D4 I.S.P. Per Level), Powers: Physical: Mind Block (4), Sensitive: Object Reading (6), Sixth Sense (2), Super: Tele-Mechanics (10)
Gwynne's Mutation: Mutant Fox: Build: Long, Biped: Full (10 points), Hands: Full (10 points), Speech: Full (10 points), Looks: None (0 points), Advanced Hearing (5 points), Advanced Smell (5 points), Size: 3 to 7 [30 S.D.C. / +1 STR] (20 points)
Special Abilities (Racial):
Advanced Hearing: Gives the character the ability to hear very faint sounds (light footsteps, small animals breathing). The character can also overhear conversation at a much greater distance than is normally possible. + 1 on initiative.
Sonar is used by bouncing high pitched sound waves which enables the character to "see" the locations, shapes, and sizes of objects. This power can be used in complete darkness.
Advanced Smell: Allows the character to detect very faint scent traces. Tracking by smell (as a bloodhound) is possible at 30% + 5% per level. Character can also recognize the distinct smells of individuals and can detect when people experience extremes of emotions (64%). This is occasionally used as a lie-detector, but is rather unreliable.
Ambidextrous: She can use both her right and left hand equally well. Bonuses: Paired weapon skill, adds one extra attack per melee, +1 to parry, +5% to climbing skill, and +5% to escape artist, pick locks, mechanical and electrical repair skills.
O.C.C. Special Abilities: Increased P.P.E. Recovery (5 P.P.E. Rest/ 10 P.P.E. Meditation), Tap Magical Energy from Ley Lines & Nexus Points, Bonus of +1 to save vs magic and +2 to save against horror factor. Make Techno-Wizard Devices. Bonus of +1 to spell strength.
P.P.E.: 162 (+2D6 P.P.E. Per level), Spell Knowledge: First Level: Blinding Flash (1), Globe of Daylight (2), See Aura (6), Sense Magic (4), Second Level: [1] Cleanse (6), Levitation (5), Mystic Alarm (5), Third Level: Energy Bolt (5), Ignite Fire (2), Telekinesis (6), Fourth Level: [4] Blade Dance (12), [4] Boomerang (10), Carpet of Adhesion (10), Fire Bolt (7), Ley Line Transmission (30), Magic Net (7), Multiple Images (7), Fifth Level: [4] Conjurer's Clothing (12), Escape (8), Eyes of Thoth (8), [1] Featherlight (10), Fly (15), [1] Mend the Broken (10+), [4] Moon Phases (18), Sixth Level: Call Lightning (15), Fireball (10), Impervious to Energy (20), Mask of Deceit (15), [1] Targeted Deflection (15), Time Slip (20), Tongues (12), Seventh Level: Dispel Magic Barrier (20), Fly as the Eagle (25), Invisibility - Superior (20), [1] Mental Shock (30), [1] Negate Mechanics (20), [1] Spinning Blades (20), [1] Sub-Particle Acceleration (20), Wind Rush (20), [4] Wraith Blade (25), Eighth Level: [4] Focused Shockwave (30), [1] Invincible Armor (30), Locate (30), Negate Magic (30), [1] Power Weapon (35), Tenth Level: [3] Dimensional Pocket (30 / 140), Mystic Portal (60), [4] Spell Store (75), [1] Speed Weapon (100), Eleventh Level: Anti-Magic Cloud (140), Remove Curse (140), Twelfth Level: Amulet (Varies), [1] Ensorcel (400), Ironwood (50+), Fourteen Level: Burning Glass (200+), Fifteenth Level: [1] Enchant Weapon [Minor] (400 / 1000)
[1] Spells from Federation of Magic Sourcebook, [2] Spells from Siege on Tolkeen, [3] Spells from Palladium Fantasy, [4] Spells created by her / Web Spells
Spell Casting Penalty: All spell ranges, durations, and damage are half when cast as a spell or ritual instead of channeled though a T.W. device.
O. C. C. Skills: Communication: Radio; Basic (+10%) 80%, Electrical: Basic Electronics (+10%) 70%, Mechanical: Basic Mechanics [With Armorer] 80%, Military: Armorer (+20%) 82%, Science: Mathematics; Basic (+10%) 80%, Technical: Computer Operation (+5%) 70%, Languages: American 98%, Languages: Dragonese [Elven] (+10%) 85%, Languages: Techno-Can (+10%) 85%, Literacy: American (+10%) 65%, Lore: Magic (+10%) 60%, Physical: Hand to Hand; Basic, W.P.; Ancient: W.P. Archery & Targeting, Sharpshooting [Compound Bow] (6 Attacks per melee, +4 (+11) strike / +6 (+13) strike with called shot, +1 [+14] parry, and +3 initiative), Wilderness: Carpentry (+20%) 70%, Land Navigation (+5%) 63%
O. C. C. Related Skills: Espionage: Intelligence [Gained at Third Level] 46%, Track Humanoids (+10%) 60%, Wilderness Survival (+10%) 65%, Physical: Acrobatics [Gained at Third Level], Boxing, Gymnastics, Technical: Literacy: Dragonese [Elven] (+10%) 65%, Lore: Demon and Monster (+10%) 60%
Secondary Skills: Physical: Athletics [General], Running, Pilot: Horsemanship [General] 62%, Technical: Lore: Faerie 50%, W.P.; Ancient: Sword (+2 [+9] strike and +2 [+15] parry)
Skills From Gymnastics & Acrobatics: Sense of Balance 75%, Walk Tightrope or Hire Wire 73%, Work Parallel Bars & Rings 94%, Climb Rope 106%, Climbing 70%, Back Flip 95%, Prowl 60%
Even though a mutant animal, she is still considered cute by most people who are not prejudice against mutant animals. She is not real tall although she is taller than both of her parents and possesses a wiry strength. She has a human figure and is slender with slim but still noticeable breasts. She is covered with white and red fur although she has almost human-like hair cascading down from her head which is reddish-blond. Her facial appearance is mostly that of a fox and she has a muzzle and fox ears pointing from the top of her head.
Generally she prefers to dress in green, wearing a green "Robin Hood" like costume over the Elven Scale armor which she wears as protection. This includes a set of green leather gloves which she wears as protection against the whiplash of her bow. She will often wear a "Robin Hood" type hat with a feather to compliment her costume. She does like to dress feminine at times and will wear simple but still nice gowns at times.
Weapons, Normal:
36 High Quality Normal Arrows (Inflict 2D6+3 S.D.C. each)
High Tech Arrowheads:
12 Concussion Arrow Heads
8 Knock Out Gas Arrows
8 Neural Disruption Arrows
8 Smoke Arrows
8 Stun / Flash Arrows
4 Video Camera Arrows
Magical Weapons:
Dragonfire Sword: Weight: 7 lbs (3.2 kg)
Long Sword sheathed in mystical flame. Mega-Damage: 1D4x10+8 and inflicts double damage to creatures vulnerable to fire. M.D.C. of Weapon: 200 (regenerates 2D6 M.D.C. per day and only effective if opponent is trying to destroy weapon), PPE: 60, regenerates at the rate of 20 per day and completely recharges at a nexus or pyramid, Powers: Fire Gout (20 PPE, 6D6+6 M.D.C., See spell for details), Circle of Flame (10 PPE, 6D6 S.D.C., See spell for details), and Fuel Flame (See spell for details)
Enchanted Long Sword: Weight: 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg) Length: 3 ft (0.9 m)
Mega Damage: 4D6, It is of the highest quality by human construction; +2 to Parry, +1 to strike, +1 to strike when thrown, and +2 to initiative. Enchanted through spell of Enchant Weapon (Minor) permanently and has 250 M.D.C. and is only damaged by attacks against the weapon.
Barrage Fire Bow (T.W.):
Modern Compound Bow style, Mega Damage: Through Arrows (non enchanted or high tech arrows inflict 2D6 S.D.C.), Range: 1400 feet (426 meters). M.D.C. of the Bow: 80 (constructed from high tech composites), does not regenerate damage.
Powers: Barrage Fire: When 40 P.P.E. is channeled into the weapon, the bow greatly boosts the shooting speed of the wielder. When this is activated, the character gets double the normal number of attacks with the weapon only (two shots use only one shot.) The enchantment lasts for 12 melees/3 minutes
Bonuses: +2 to Strike and +1 to Initiative
Enchanted Arrows:
36 Magic Arrows enchanted with spell "enchant weapon: lesser" (Two Year Duration) which inflict 4D6+6 M.D.C. (Four have silver tips for use against vampires)
16 T.W. "Returning Arrows" [Cast Boomerang (10 PPE) or 20 I.S.P. to return] enchanted with spell "enchant weapon: lesser" (Two Year Duration) which inflict 4D6+6 M.D.C. (Four have silver tips for use against vampires)
8 T.W. "Teleport Portal" Arrows enchanted with spell "enchant weapon: lesser" (Two Year Duration) which inflict 4D6+6 M.D.C. (Four have silver tips for use against vampires)
8 T.W. “Wraith” Arrows enchanted with spell "enchant weapon: lesser" (Two Year Duration) which inflict 4D6+6 S.D.C. direct to h.p. vs mortals, 8D6+12 direct to h.p. vs S.D.C. supernatural / magical creatures, and 8D6+12 M.D.C. vs M.D.C. creatures. Inflicts 8D6+12 vs force fields / magical armor (S.D.C. or M.D.C. as appropriate.) Will effect intangible creatures as well.
12 T.W. Arrows enchanted with spell "Carpet of Adhesion"
8 T.W. Arrows enchanted with spell "Dispel Magic Barriers"
12 T.W. Arrows enchanted with spell "Magic Net"
8 T.W. Arrows enchanted with spell "Mental Shock"
8 T.W. Arrows enchanted with spell "Negate Magic"
8 T.W. Arrows enchanted with spell "Negate Mechanics"
8 T.W. Arrows enchanted with spell "Wind Rush"
8 T.W. "Focused Shockwave" arrows created by her
8 T.W. "Lightning" arrows created by her
4 T.W. "Volley Storm" Arrows created by her
4 T.W. "Volley Storm" Arrows created by Sixth Level Caster
Armor, Magical:
Elven Scale Armor: Weight: 6 lbs (2.7 kg).
M.D.C.: 75 and S.D.C.: 150 (AR 15) (Non M.D.C. environments). Penalties: Full Mobility, has no penalties to climb, prowl, swim, or gymnastics. Armor can be concealed under clothes and has a regeneration rate of 5 M.D.C./S.D.C. per hour
Magic Items (Non Weapons):
Magical Amulet: Silver necklace with design of Robin Hood on it. Individual Gems are enchanted with Talisman. Necklace is worth 2,000 Credits.
Amulet of protection against the Supernatural: Adds a bonus of +2 to save vs horror factor
Amulet of Charm: Adds a bonus of +1 to save vs magic and psychic attacks.
Amulet of See the Invisible: Enables only the wearer of the medallion to see the invisible.
T.W. “Invincible Armor” Bracer: Similar to the “Armor of Ithan” bracer but uses the spell of “Invincible Armor”instead. Simple brass bracer which she wears on her left arm. Uses 6 emeralds which stores a total of 120 P.P.E. which regenerates at the rate of 2 P.P.E. per hour normally, 10 P.P.E. per hour at a ley line. Costs 30 P.P.E. when activated and creates a 150 M.D.C. “Invincible Armor” force field with a duration of 18 minutes. Completely environmental and takes half damage from energy weapons. When destroyed, the armor absorbs all remaining damage. Can be activated by individuals who are not talented in magic.
Techno-Wizard “Mask of Deceit” Hairpin: Silver hairpin. Same as spell with a duration of 40 minutes. Requires 30 I.S.P. or Mask of Deceit (15 P.P.E.) to activate.
T.W. Techno-Wizard Enchanted Belt: Greater techno-wizard jewelry which contains 30 emeralds. Gives a total of 300 P.P.E. and recharges at the rate of 2 P.P.E. per hour normally and 10 P.P.E. per hour on ley lines and nexus points.
2 Techno-Wizard Enchanted Bracelets: Each of the Bracelets contains an emerald and holds 15 P.P.E. each.
Double Quiver with two "Dimensional Pockets" cast on it: Capacity for 256 Arrows in two pockets and has a duration of two years (cast by her)
Other Equipment:
Wing Board: Painted with the design of Robin Hood "Disney Animated" style with his bow drawn and is painted green and brown. It is specially designed using no metal or plastics so that the spell "Fly"can be activated. Gives a maximum speed of 35 mph (56 kph) off of ley lines with a maximum altitude of 1,000 feet (305 meters.) Requires 15 P.P.E. Also can fly on ley lines with a maximum speed of 150 mph (240 kph) and also a maximum altitude of 1,000 feet (305 meters.) If not flying through "Fly" requires the spell of levitation or telekinesis to fly or can be launched from a tower, building, tree, or cliff.
Clothing: Work cloths 2 Gowns (Green), 2 Sets of Green Tunic and Leggings.
Other Items: Feminine Items, Air Filter & Gas Mask, Tinted Goggles, *Multi-Optics band, Magnifying Glass, *Pocket Flashlight, Large Flashlight, Four Signal Flares, Mini-Tool kit, Knapsack, Back Pack, Two Small Sacks, One Large Sack, Pocket Mirror, Silver Cross, Canteen, Binoculars, *Communicator (Two Mile range), *Pocket Laser Distancer, *Pocket Digital Disc Recorder/player, and a *Hand-held Computer.
Valuables: 1,300 credits and 5,500 in quartz crystals and gems
*all electronic equipment is powered by TW-Batteries, charges last 6-12 months


Gwynne Fox’s mother and father come from another world. As she was growing up, they told her stories about a world which is dominated by mutant animals similar to themselves but a world with no real magic. The World, like Rifts Earth, had suffered through an apocalypse but was very different in many respects beyond simply the lack of magic. Even in non-magical realm, magic sometimes happens and they were Rifted to Rifts Earth under the shadow of an Elven Kingdom near the east coast of North America. In many ways, the region was actually safer than where they had rifted from and the decided to resettle and start a farm.

Gwynne was always very different than her brothers and sisters, not content to be a farmer or starting a family, and was always interested in both learning and exploring. She always had a love for stories about adventures and far away lands. She learned how to read and write from the elves and started collecting stories. Her interests were for the most part undirected until she watched the cartoon "Robin Hood" and found an idol to look up to. Even though few stories represented "Robin Hood" as a fox, she enjoyed reading or watching everything she could lay her hands on about him.

Some of the finest archers anywhere are Elves and she was extremely lucky to be raised near an Elven community. She was able to persuade one of them to teach her the way of the bow and she quickly excelled with the bow, able to beat even many of the Elven children when it came to the use of the bow. It was definite that she had a gift. She talked her mother into creating her a costume which came from the Robin Hood cartoon which had started her on this path. She paraded around in the costume.

Initially, one of the elves talked about training her to become a wilderness scout but she had a second love as well. The young fox often watched the elves using magic and had a love what they showed as well. She begged several Elven wizards to see if they would teach her magic. They would show her bits and pieces but never enough to truly learn the art. There was a human wizard who was willing to take her own full time as an apprentice but she was torn between her two loves, that of magic and that of the bow.

Gwynne heard rumors of a techno-wizard who specialize in the bow. That seemed to be the perfect person to teach her but she had no clue where to find one. Unfortunately, the profession is extremely rare. In fact, rarer than normal techno-wizards. Sometimes providence will provide and a techno-wizard archer from England, where they are less rare, was a friend of one of the wizards in the kingdom. The wizard's friend was amiable about taking an apprentice, especially one as interesting as her, and she was teleported to England although first given a suit of Elven Scale armor to keep her safe.

Finally, Gwynne had a true teacher. Like her, he had grown up on the stories of Robin Hood. While her incredible archery skill had done much to persuade him to take her own as a student, he brought her archery skills up to a fine art. His training involved hours and hours of physical training to increase her reflexes. Training also included intensive lessons in the practice of magic and she was finally able to learn how to control and manipulate magic. She was an extremely bright student and picked up on magic far quicker than might be expected. Once she was able to master both magic and the bow, he began to teach her how to combine them together.

Soon, she was ready to head out on her own. He helped her get the rest of her gear together and it was time to explore the world on her own.

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