Eve “Sally” Renard:

Name: Sally
True Name: Eve “Sally” Renard
Alignment: Unprincipled (Good / Selfish)
Hit Points: 68 S.D.C.: 466
Attributes: I.Q.: 21 (+7% /+3), M.E.: 23 (+4), M.A.: 10, P.S.: 28 (+13), P.P.: 29 (+7), P.E.: 22 (+14% /+4), P.B.: 19 (45%), SPD: 97
Height: 5 ft 4 in (1.63 Meters) Weight: 105 lbs (47.63 kg)
Age: 19 Race: Human (Gene Splicer Augmented) Sex: Female P.P.E.: 42 (was 50 - P.P.E. used in the creation of her swords)
A wild girl, wanting to live her life to the fullest since she was rescued from the Gene Splicers. When with her brother, it is obvious her love for her older sibling. Her love is returned by her brother. Their bond has increased, if anything, since he rescued her. She has a strong loyalty to friends, especially to her brother's crew when he went after her against orders. Sally is actually quite personable although she can have a strange sense of humor at times. Before being kidnaped, she preferred the name Eve but after being rescued by her brother, she has preferred the name Sally.
She appears to take extreme risks but it is as much appearance as it is reality. She does plan out and consider on anything truly important although does everything possible to make it look like her actions are spontaneous. Sally likes to show off her abilities, seeing no reason to hide them and she considers it generally doomed to failure anyway. Due to her virtual hyperactivity from being a natural juicer, she had a hard time keeping her attention on anything for too long and gets board easily. She can concentrate of physical activities such as Athletics and Gymnastics far better than she can on more mental exercises although she is extremely intelligent. Still, she has incredible willpower and can concentrate when she needs to.
While her brother had the assistance of a Noro Mind Mage to remove the insanities which the Gene Splicers gave to her, she still can act off the wall at time. They are usually harmless activities such as painting something humorous where it will get others attention. One of the activities she finds easiest to concentrate on beside physical activities is painting. Before being kidnaped by Gene Splicers, she planned to become an artist.
O.C.C.: Superspy Experience Level: Third (3)
Combat Skill: Hand to Hand; Expert & Boxing
Attacks per Melee: Eight (8) Bonuses, Combat: +9 to Strike, +13 to Parry, +13 to Dodge (Automatic Dodge), +13 to Damage, +12 to Roll with punch, fall, or impact, +4 to Initiative, Knockout on Natural 20, Critical of Natural 20.
On the first round she usually gets a +6 to Initiative, a +2 to Parry, and a +3 to dodge from Sixth Sense.
Bonus; Save: Lethal Poison [14] +12, Non-Lethal Poison [16] +12, Harmful Drugs [15] +12, Insanity [12] +4, Psionics [12] + , Magic [12] +4, Horror Factor [Varies] +5. Has +8 against all forms of mind control and +6 against possession.
Psionics (Was Major): I.S.P.: 112 (Gains 2D6+2 Per level) Powers: Physical: Alter Aura (2), Mind Block (4), Sensitive: Clairvoyance (4), Sixth Sense (2), Telepathy (4), Total Recall (2), Super: Bio-Manipulation (10), Electrokinesis (Varies), Psi-Sword (30), Psychic Body Field [30]
Cybernetics: None
Special Abilities:
Ambidextrous: Paired Weapons, One Additional Attack, +10% to climb, +5% to pick locks, pick pockets, palming, and concealment skills.
An Eye for Art: The character has a deep appreciation and talent for the visual arts (drawing, painting, sculpting, photography, etc.). +10% to all appropriate skills. Writing is not included.
Indomitable Will: +6 vs Possession, +2 vs Mind Control, and +1 vs Horror Factor. Can stay alert for 48 hours and can hold 50% greater weight for 1D4 minutes
Gene Splicer Modification:
Psychic Boost: Add four super psi-power to major psionics and double I.S.P..
Bio-Juicer (Does not increase Aging):
Super Endurance: Add +1D4x100 (400) S.D.C., 1D4x10 (30) Hit Points, and 2D6 (+5) to PE. Can lift/Carry 4 times normal, can last 10 times longer than normal, can remain alert for up to five days straight, and normally needs only three hours of sleep a day.
Super Strength: Add 2D6 (+10) to PS and minimum PS is 22
Super Speed: Add 2D4x10 (80) to SPD. Can leap 30 ft (9.1 m) across and 20 ft (6 m) up with a short run (Half distances from dead stop)
Super Reflexes: Gives the Juicer an accelerated metabolism that makes everything appear to move in slow motion. Bonuses: +4 to Roll with punch, fall, or impact; +4 on initiative; Gets an automatic parry or dodge on all attacks, even from behind/surprise; Add two attacks per melee; adds two attacks per melee; adds 2D4 (+5) to PP ; and minimum PP is 20. Penalties: Very jumpy and nervous.
Saving Throw Bonuses: +4 save vs psionics, +6 save vs mind control (chemical or psionic), +8 save vs toxic gasses, poison, and other drugs. System will also slow down to reduce the effects of drugs, can inject chemicals to counteract drugs, and can enter a trance state to reduce oxygen.
Enhanced Healing: Heals four times faster than normal, has +20% to save vs coma and death, virtually impervious to pain, and no amount of physical pain will impair the juicer down to 5 hit points or less. At this point the character collapses and goes into an accelerated healing state
Background Skills: Pilot: Pilot Hovercraft (+5%) 72%, Technical: Computer Operation (+10%) 67%, Language: Trade 4 (Native): 98%, Literacy: Trade 4 (Native): 98%
O.C.C. Skills: Communication: Cryptology (+10%) 52%, Radio: Basic (+10%) 72%, Radio: Scrambler (+10%) 62%, Espionage: Disguise (+10%) 52%, Forgery (+5%) 42%, Intelligence (+15%) 62%, Pick Locks (+10%) 57%, Physical: Hand to Hand: Expert, Prowl (+10%) 67%, Science: Basic Math (+20%) 82%, Language: Trade 2 (+20%) 98%, Trade 6 (+20%) 82%, Literacy: Trade 6 (+10%) 57%, W.P. Ancient: W.P. Sword (+2 [+11] to strike and +2 [+15] to parry), W.P. Modern: Energy Pistol (+3 aimed / +1 bursts)
O.C.C. Related Skills: Physical: Acrobatics [Learned at Third Level], Boxing, Gymnastics [Learned at Third Level], Pilot: Pilot Small Starship 63%,Technical: Art 62%
Secondary Skills: Mechanical: Basic Mechanics [With Armorer] 67%, Military: Armorer 57%, Physical: Athletics, Zero G Movement 160%, W.P. Modern: Paired - Energy Pistol
Skills From Acrobatics & Gymnastics (Learned at Third Level): Sense of Balance 67%, Walk Tight Rope & High Wire 67%, Work Parallel Bars & Rings 67%, Climb Rope 97%, Back Flip 77%, Climb 64%,
Sally is slightly shorter than average, around 1.6 meters in height and extremely slim, only around 48 kilos in mass. The girl has a slender figure although she does have notably feminine build including quite noticeable breasts. She has extremely pale Caucasian skin and white blond hair which she wears short in an almost spiky punk style. She wears light makeup mostly although she does darken around her dark brown eyes severely. She her eyebrows extremely slim which compliments her slim, almost nordic nose.
Sally normally dressed in lightweight cloths such as leotards in various styles which both show off her figure and are non restrictive. When going anywhere where there is some danger, she likes to wear armor which similar to what Splugorth Blind Warrior Woman wear as well. When trying to be less obvious, she will wear military types fatigue over her body armor.
Weapons, Normal:
2 Kisenite Wakashashi: Weight: 5 Ibs (2.3 kg), Weapons have an AR of 16 and have 500 M.D.C.
Handles are black with red designs carved into them. Mega Damage: 2D6+3 Range: Hand to Hand or Thrown.
2 Kittani KEP-Special Energy Pump Pistol: Weight: 4 lbs (1.8 Kg)
Mega-Damage: 5D6 Rate of Fire: Standard Effective Range: 200 ft (61 m) Payload: 10 shots short E-Clip, 20 shots long E-Clip. Have laser targeting (+3 to Strike)
Ammunition (Used by Multiple weapons): 16 Long E-Clips.
Weapons, Magical:
2 Enchanted Katanas: Weight: 3 lbs (1.4 kg) each.
Handles are black with red designs carved into them. Mega Damage: 6D6+8, they are of the highest quality by Dwarven construction; +4 to damage, +3 (+18) to Parry, +2 (+13) to strike, and +2 to initiative. Enchanted through spell of Enchant Weapon (Minor) permanently (With the P.P.E. taken from her) and has 250 M.D.C. and is only damaged by attacks against the weapon.
Armor of Note:
Altarain Body Armor: M.D.C. (Main Body): 30 Weight: 4 lbs (2 Kg) No Prowl Penalty
Usually worn under clothing.
Enchantments: Armor of Ithan (5th Level / 10 P.P.E. or 20 I.S.P. / +50 M.D.C.), Invisibility: Superior (5th Level / 20 P.P.E. or 40 I.S.P.).
CAF Jumpsuit: M.D.C.: 25. Weight: 12 lbs (5.4 kg). -2% Prowl Penalty.
NE-C20 Camouflage Armor: M.D.C.: 80. Weight: 13 lbs (5.8 kg). -5% Prowl Penalty
-20% to other to detect ambush and detect concealment, +5% to prowl skill, 40% even if no prowl skill if not moving, also only has 21% chance of showing up on thermal equipment
Enchantments: Impervious to Energy (5th Level / 20 P.P.E. or 40 ISP), Invisibility: Superior (5th Level / 20 P.P.E. or 40 I.S.P.).
N-F50A Superheavy Force Field: Weight: 15 lbs (6.8 kg)
Can be worn over jumpsuit and light body suit. M.D.C.: 160 (Shield regenerates 1 M.D.C. per melee unless overloaded [cannot be activated for 12 hours]) Duration: 6 hours per E-Clip
Magic Items (Non Weapons):
Ring of “Breath Without Air:” It is a silver ring. Can be used three times per twenty-four hour period.
Other Equipment:
Vehicles: None
Clothing: Clothing as per Picture, Leotards, Camouflage and Grey Fatigues, Underwear, Soft Soled Shoes, Utility Belt,
Other Items: Makeup and Feminine Items, Comb and Brush, Phase World HPC, PPD/Pocket Digital Disc player and recorder, Portable Language Translator, Micro Video Disk Player, Micro Digital Motion / Still Camera, Pen Flashlight, Large Flashlight, Backpack, Knapsack, Canteen, Goggle, Mini-Radio, Mini Air Mask, and Lock Picking Tools.
Valuables: 6 million credits


Sally's parents were both teachers. When her older brother was born, they taught on a long settled planet within the Consortium which featured all of the amenities one would expect of a fully developed world. Her parents felt the call for something more, to go somewhere that it was not so settled. Their son seem most interested in joining the Consortium Military and becoming a Fleet Officers so they had no remaining ties to the planet. While their actual age was in their late sixties, biologically they were only in their late twenties or early thirties due to anti-aging drugs.

They decided to move to a planet which had been only settled for about thirty years and was still developing. It was an extremely beautiful world and a wide variety of different groups had settled the planet, many wanting to get away from the over-sophistication of the worlds which they were from. The system was near the border of Consortium space but was safely within Consortium controlled space. As teachers, Sally's parents were considered extremely valuable and important in the community.

Sally was never told if her conception was an accident or if they decided to have another child soon after they settled on the colony world. Unlike her brother, Sally was carried naturally by her mother. Her brother had been birthed using an artificial womb. Such things were extremely rare on the colony world unlike most developed worlds although their medical care was quite good for a colony world.

In general, Sally had a wonderful childhood. Her parents appeared to have dearly loved her. Her brother was able to get an assignment to the same sector as the fledgling world and visited often. The girl was given the best of medical car including beginning anti-aging drugs at the earliest possible age. She was also tutored extensively by her parents and had the best of teaching materials brought from off world. This is not to say that he life was always serious with plenty of time to play and explore. She loved to paint and had a special eye for artwork. While it is unlikely that she could have made a living on the planet from her artwork, many from more developed worlds, especially Utopia Worlds, will pay fortunes for artwork from colony worlds.

This all changed when she was fifteen, almost sixteen. Her brother had become a captain of his own ship, the Warshield class cruiser Aurora and seemed poised for a flag rank eventually. A group of Gene Splicers came down to the world which Sally's parents had settled. Unfortunately, the planet had neglected their defense forces, both in space borne and ground defenses. The raider slaughtered huge amount of the population, including Sally's parents, and kidnaped many, especially children and including Sally herself.

A call for help went out and the cruiser Aurora was one of the first to respond, leaving its assigned patrol area. The ship was too late and Captain Renard, Sally's brother, decided to go after the Gene Splicers. He was ordered back to station but he refused to return. He was extremely popular with his crew and virtually all stayed loyal to him. It was a long chase but eventually the Aurora was able to corner the Gene Splicer ships. While more numerous, his ship outgunned their forces and was able to threaten their destruction if they did not surrender. He forced their ships to land on a deserted planet and destroyed their ships.

By this time, the Gene Splicers had been experimenting on their captives and Sally had been changed completely. Their plan seemed to be to release her back into society where she would be their tool. There were many much off worse than her. Somehow through incredible willpower, Sally was able to stay mostly sane. Her reaction time and metabolism was incredible, equal to that of a juicer and her psionics had been greatly boosted. On the return back to Consortium Space, the doctor onboard the Monkey Wrench studied her carefully and saw that the boosting of her metabolism had not made her age like a juicer does and that she should live a normal life span. There was a Noro onboard his ship who was a powerful psychic who was able to help her, along with many of the other prisoners rescued by the Aurora, reach some stability.

When the Aurora reached the nearest fleet base, Sally's brother was arrested and imprisoned along with several of his senior officers. In the end, the authorities decided not to Court Marshal him because of the children he had managed to rescue and the popularity of what he had done. Instead he was allowed to resign, taking responsibility for all actions committed to protect his crew from further prosecution. Even so, they would have black marks on their record for their entire careers. Many resigned along with him and of them, many decided to join him while others joined Independent Defense Forces. The Aurora herself was disposed of within six months of his resignation, having been sold to an Independent Defense Force herself.

Her brother was able to soon get a ships of his own, a Hunter class destroyer which he named Zena Licica and he set himself up as a mercenary, doing a wide variety of missions including sometimes simple escort missions and sometime complex rescue missions. With their parents dead, Sally's brother took responsibility for his sister, getting her further help from what the Gene Splicers had done to her, and helping her to train her abilities. She became extremely skilled in intelligence items and an expert in close hand to hand.

She was able to get a pair of enchanted swords specially made for her by a techno-wizard who served for a while as a member of the Zena Licica for a while. He also was able to put a number of enchantments on the armors she usually uses. She spent some of her credits to purchase a ring which allows her to breath without air.

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