Aurora Earhart:

Name: Aurora Earhart.

True Name: Aurora Grant.

Alignment: Scrupulous (Good).

Hit Points: 44. S.D.C. (Physical): 35.

Attributes: I.Q.: 24 (+10%/+5), M.E.: 15, M.A.: 15, P.S.: 14, P.P.: 22 (+4), P.E.:19 (+8%/+2), P.B.: 20 (50%), SPD: 15.

Weight: 105 lbs (47.67 kg). Height: 5 ft 4 in (1.63 m). Build: Slender.

Age: 26 years. Race: Human. Sex: Female.

Hair: Golden Blond with brown highlights. Eyes: Dark Brown. Skin: Light Caucasian.


Aurora is an adventurer, loving to be doing this although this conflicts with her interest in creating and inventing. She often has a hard time dividing her time between her various interests.

While she can work with groups, she is a bit of a loner and prefers to work by herself. This is likely why she always wanted to be a fighter pilot, loving the independent feeling of flying. Still, she understands clearly that being a complete “Lone Wolf”can easily get you and others killed.

Like many practitioners of magic, she both dislikes and is a bit scared of the Coalition. It cannot be said that she quite “hates’ the Coalition but she would align herself with them except in the most dire of emergencies. The only hatred she probably have are creatures of supernatural evil such as demons but most supernatural creatures and alien races she sees as equals.

O.C.C.: Techno-Wizard. Experience Level: Fifth (5). Experience Points: 18,500.

Combat Skill: Hand to Hand; Basic.

Attacks per Melee: Five (5).

Bonuses, Combat: Critical Strike: Natural 20. Bonuses: Damage: +0, Strike: +5, Parry: +7, Dodge: +7, Roll (With Punch / Fall / Impact): +5, Pull Punch: +2, Initiative: +0.

Bonus; Save: Lethal Poison [14] +2, Non-Lethal Poison [16] +2, Harmful Drugs [15] +2, Insanity [12] +0, Psionics [12] +0 (+1 with amulet), Magic [12/16] +3 (+4 with amulet), Horror Factor [Varies] +2 (+4 with amulet.)

Psionics (Considered Minor): I.S.P.: 40 (Gains 1D4 I.S.P. per level of experience.)

Physical: Mind Block (4).

Sensitive: Speed Reading (2), Total Recall (2).

Super Psionics: Tele-Mechanics (10).

O.C.C. Special Abilities: Increased P.P.E. recovery (5 P.P.E. Rest/ 10 P.P.E. Meditation). Tap magical energy from Ley Lines & Nexus Points. Bonus of +1 to save vs horror factor at levels 1, 4, and 9. Bonus of +1 to save vs magic at levels 3, 7, 10, and 13. Bonus of +1 to spell strength at levels 5 and 11. Make techno-wizard devices.

Spell Casting Penalty: All spell ranges, durations, and damage are half when cast as a spell or ritual instead of channel though a T.W. device.

Spell Knowledge: P.P.E.: 134 (Gains 2D6 P.P.E. per level of experience.)

First Level: Blinding Flash (1), Globe of Daylight (2), See Aura (6), See the Invisible (2), Sense Evil (2), Sense Magic (4), Thunderclap (4).

Second Level: Chameleon (6), Levitation (5), Mystic Alarm (5).

Third Level: Armor of Ithan (10), Breathe Without Air (5), Energy Bolt (5), Fuel Flame (5), Ignite Fire (6), Impervious to Fire (5), Invisibility: Simple (6), Telekinesis (6),

Fourth Level: Carpet of Adhesion (10), Energy Field (10), Fire Bolt (7), [2] Makeover (15), Superhuman Speed (10), Superhuman Strength (10),

Fifth Level: Escape (8), Eyes of Thoth (8), [2] Moon Phases (18).

Sixth Level: Apparition (20), Call Lightning (15), Impervious to Energy (20), [1] Targeted Deflection (15), Tongues (12).

Seventh Level: Fly as the Eagle (25), Invisibility (Superior) (25), [1] Light Blade (20), [1] Sub-Particle Acceleration (20).

Eighth Level: Eyes of the Wolf (25), [1] Invincible Armor (30), Locate (30), Negate Magic (30), [1] Power weapon (35), [1] Shockwave (35).

Tenth Level: Mystic Portal (60), [1] Speed Weapon (100).

Twelfth Level: Amulet (290).

Thirteenth Level: Talisman (500).

Fifteenth Level: [1] Enchant Weapon (400 to 1000+).

Notes: [1] Spells from Federation of Magic Sourcebook, [2] ] Spells created by her / Web Spells.

Magical Tattoos: Each Tattoo gives 6 P.P.E. and 10 S.D.C.

Power: Eye of Mystic Knowledge: Requires 40 P.P.E. to activate (duration of 10 minutes / level.) Can recognize magic circles, symbols, wards, and runes as being genuine articles involved in magic, 74% skill in recognizing enchantments and possessions.

O.C.C. Skills: Communication: Radio; Basic (+10%) 85%, Electrical: Basic Electronics (+15%) 75%, Computer Repair (+10%) 65%, Pilot Related: Read Sensory Instruments (+10%) 70%, Science: Mathematics; Basic (+10%) 85%, Technical: Computer Operation (+5%) 75%, Computer Programming (+5%) 65%, Languages: American (+15%) 95%, Languages: Techno-Can (+15%) 95%, Literacy: American (+10%) 70%, Wilderness: Carpentry (+10%) 65%, Land Navigation (+5%) 67%.

O. C. C. Related Skills: Electrical: Electrical Engineer 60%, Mechanical: Mechanical Engineer 55%, Physical: Hand to Hand; Basic, General Athletics [Learned at Third Level], Pilot: Pilot Jet Fighter (+5%) 71%, Pilot Related: Navigation (+5%) 75%, W.P.; Modern: W.P. Energy Pistol [Learned at Third Level] (+3 aimed shot / +1 burst fire).

Secondary Skills: Mechanical: Aircraft Mechanics 55%, Weapon Engineer 55%, Medical: First Aid 75%.


Aurora has long golden blond hair with brown highlights which almost surrounds her face like an aurora and is parted on her left side. Her hair is extremely thick and wavy although not really curly. She looks out with curious brown eyes from under golden eyebrows. Even though her eyebrows are golden blond, her eyelashes are extremely long and dark. Her expression seems to show a bit of open cockiness. Combined with a virtually perfect complexion, a wide mouth, and an almost pointed chin makes her appear both very attractive and very intelligent. Her ears are not pierced and she wears no real jewelry. Not really needing makeup, she uses only very light cosmetics including flesh tone lip highlights. She is not particularly tall being around five foot four inches and is very slender with a weight of a bit over a hundred pounds. Even though slender, she has a definitely feminine figure with a very firm figure.

She likes to wear fighter pilots style jump suits including techno-wizard armored jump suits. Her jump suits are styled to show her feminine figure while not appearing to be openly seductive. She prefers the color of olive green and wears patches on her jumpsuit including one for her F-19 stealth fighter. The only weapon she normally wears openly is a pistol which hangs low down on her left hip. Her preferred pistol is a Northern Gun Long Pistol. Often, she will wear a fighter pilots jacket over her jumpsuit.

Weapons, Magical:

T.W. Gatling Laser Submachine Gun: Weight: 5 lbs (2.3 kg). Energy Magazine: 2 lbs (0.9 kg).

Mega-Damage: 2D6, 4D6, or 6D6. Range: 1,000 feet (305 m). Duration of Charge: 30 blasts in gun and 90 in energy magazine (4D6 uses 2 blasts and 6D6 uses 3 blasts). Recharge 10 shots with globe of daylight and energy bolt (7 P.P.E. total).

T.W. Light Blade Sword: Weight: 0.5 lbs (0.2 kg).

Specially designed by her using the frame of a Twentieth Century military style flashlight as the basis. The item will still work as a normal flashlight. To Activate: 40 I.S.P. or Light Blade (20 P.P.E.) Duration: 5 minute per activation. Mega-Damage: 1D4x10 + 5. Bonuses: Gives +1 to strike. Weapon can also be used to parry energy blasts but gets no special bonuses to parry (Gets normal hand to hand bonuses). Range: Hand to Hand.

T.W. Lightning Rod: uses 30 I.S.P. or P.P.E. or Call Lightning (15 P.P.E.)

Mega Damage: 1D6 Per Bolt (4 Bolts per melee round.) Range: 1,200 feet (366 m). Duration: One melee round per level of experience. Special: Gives wielder invulnerability to Non-magical energy weapons.

Weapons, Normal:


Neural Mace:

Damage; Physical: 1D8 S.D.C. + Strength. Special: Unconsciousness, -8 to strike, parry and dodge for 2D4 Melees if save is made (16 or higher), must save each time hit. Ineffective against full environmental body armor, power armors, and supernatural beings but effective against non fully environmental armors. Range: Hand to Hand.


1911 Style Pump Pistol Cartridge Automatic Pistol: Weight: 6 lbs (2.7 kg).

Pistol uses the same cartridges as the TX-5 Pump Pistol but is instead in a single action 1911 Automatic Configuration. Mega-Damage: 4D6. Rate of Fire: Standard. Range: 800 feet (224 m). Payload: 5 rounds in magazine +1 in chamber. Has 2 extra magazines for pistol. Bonuses: Has a laser targeting system (Gives +3 to Strike).

Coalition C-18 Laser Pistol: Weight: 4 lbs (1.8 kg).

Mega Damage: 2D4. Rate of Fire: Single blast. Effective Range: 800 feet (244 m). Payload: 10 blasts per short E-Clip.

NG-45LP “Long Pistol”: Weight: 5 lbs (2.25 kg) each.

Particle beam pistol. Mega-Damage: 5D6. Rate of Fire: Single blast. Effective Range: 1,200 feet (365 m). Payload: 8 blasts. Bonuses: Has a laser targeting system (Gives +3 to Strike).

Stun Gun [Blaster]:

Damage: Stun, -10 to Strike, parry and dodge for 4D4 melees rounds if save is missed (vs Toxins). Rate of Fire: Maximum 5 per melee. Range: 100 ft (30.5 m). Payload: 10 charges each E-clip.


Coalition CV-212 Variable Frequency Laser: Weight: 8 lbs (3.6 kg).

Variable frequency (Does full damage to laser reflective armors). Mega-Damage: 2D6 or 4D6. S.D.C. Setting: 6D6 S.D.C. Rate of Fire: Aimed, Burst, or Wild. Effective Range: 2,000 feet (610 m). Payload: 20 blasts short E-Clip, 30 blasts long E-Clip, 30 more blasts in E-Clip Canister (6 S.D.C. Shots equals 1 M.D.C. shot). Bonus: +1 on Aimed Shots.

Wilk’s 457 Laser Pulse Rifle: Weight: 6 lbs (2.7 kg).

Mega-Damage: 3D6+2 for single blast and 1D6x10 for 3 simultaneous blasts. Rate of Fire: Single blast or three blast burst. Effective Range: 2,000 feet (610 m). Payload: 30 blasts each short E-Clip, 40 blasts each long E-Clip. Bonus: +1 on Aimed Shots.

Ammunition (Used by Multiple weapons): 2 Short E-Clips, 5 Long E-Clips, 2 Canister E-Clips


Coalition CA-1 Armor: M.D.C. (Main Body): 80. Weight: 18 lbs (8 kg). Penalties:-25% Prowl penalty.

NG-TW Armor Jacket: M.D.C. (Main Body): 20. Weight: 10 lbs (4.5 kg). Penalties: -5% Prowl with other armor.

Enchantments: Invisibility: Superior (5th Level / 20 P.P.E. or 40 I.S.P.), Super Human Strength (5th Level / 10 P.P.E. or 20 I.S.P.) Has a patch on the shoulder for the F-19 Ghostrider and appears to be a fighter pilots jacket.

NG-TW Fighter Pilot Armor: M.D.C. (Main Body): 60. Weight: 15 lbs (6.8 kg). Penalties: -10% Prowl penalty.

Enchantments: Breath without Air (5th Level / 5 P.P.E. or 10 I.S.P.), Impervious to Energy (5th Level / 20 P.P.E. or 40 I.S.P.), Levitation (5th Level / 5 P.P.E. or 10 I.S.P.)

NG-TW Jumpsuit Armor: M.D.C. (Main Body): 25. Weight: 8 lbs (3.6 kg). Penalties: No prowl penalty.

Enchantments: Escape (5th Level / 8 P.P.E. or 16 I.S.P.), Impervious to Energy (5th Level / 20 P.P.E. or 40 I.S.P.), Levitation (5th Level / 5 P.P.E. or 10 I.S.P.)

Other Equipment:

Magical Items:

Magical Amulet:

Instead of appearing to be jewelry, her magic amulets appear to be separate dog tags which she wears on a chain around her neck. The Amulets are created by her.

Charm: Gives a bonus of +1 to save against magic and psychic attacks.

Protection from the Supernatural: Gives a bonus of +2 to save vs Horror Factor.

See the Invisible: Enables the wearer to see the invisible.

T.W. Communication Band:

Uses tongue spell (12 P.P.E.) or 24 I.S.P. Translates any spoken language, human or alien. Duration: 30 minutes.

T.W. “Invincible Armor” bracer:

Similar to the “Armor of Ithan” bracer but uses the spell of “Invincible Armor”instead. Simple brass bracer which she wears on her left arm. Uses 6 emeralds which stores a total of 120 P.P.E. which regenerates at the rate of 2 P.P.E. per hour normally, 10 P.P.E. per melee at a ley line. Costs 30 P.P.E. when activated and creates a 125 M.D.C. “Invincible Armor” force field with a duration of 15 minutes. Completely environmental and takes half damage from energy weapons. When destroyed, the armor absorbs all remaining damage. Can be activated by individuals who are not talented in magic.

Mini TK Wingboard:

Techno Wizard wingboard that is set up to be folded up so the carrier can ley line phase. Can travel on ley lines at the speed of 150 mph at up to 1000 ft in altitude. Needs Telekinesis or Levitation to fly. Worth: 3000 Credits. It has the United States Marine Corp painted on it.

Utility Belt with 8 Dimensional Pocket Cast on it:

Will hold up to 30 lbs worth of items each pocket, with a duration of 2.5 years. She traded the with a Temporal Wizard for the Dimension Pockets.


“Gate Keeper” Reprogrammed Skelebot:

It is repainted in white and wears a black cloak (The cloak adds an additional 50 M.D.C.) and carries a vibro-scythe (Damage 2D6 M.D.C.). Also has a built-in160 MDC N-50B Superheavy Naruni force field added (Regenerates 1 M.D.C. per melee unless overloaded [cannot be activated for 12 hours]). The robot has been reprogrammed by her so it only follow her commands. She uses it to guard her aircraft at the base while she is getting rest or otherwise away from her fighter.



TW-AV8B Merlin class Techno-Wizard VTOL:

Her aircraft is painted in camouflage with marking like an United States Marine Corp Harrier. See writeup for more details on aircraft.

TW-F-19 Ghostrider class Techno-Wizard Stealth Fighter:

Her fighter is the prototype and is painted a dull black with markings as if it is a United States Fighter. See writeup for more details on aircraft.

Dwellings: Moderate sized home in the city of Tolkeen.

Clothing: Work overalls/coveralls, set of nice clothes, multiple pilot style jump suits, Harrier pilots flight jacket, F- 117 fighter pilot jacket, Pre-Rifts female US marine uniforms, Pre-Rifts United States aircraft uniforms, several Coalition uniforms (female)

Other Items: Female Coalition ID card of a woman who looks like her, tinted goggles, sunglasses, multi-optics band*, magnifying glass, pocket flashlight*, large flashlight*, six signal flares, mini-tool kit, knapsack, back pack, 2 Small Sacks, 1 large sack, pocket mirror, silver cross, 6 wooden stakes and a mallet, canteen, binoculars, air filter and gas mask, multi-optics helmet, pocket laser distancer*, pocket digital disk recorder/player*, comb, brush, makeup and other personal care items, portable computer*, E-Clip recharger (plugs into most sockets including her fighter).

Valuables: 20,000,000 Credits, 10,400 credits in black market items (one 2,000 credit book on Amelia Earhart, seven Pre Rifts movies worth 1,200 credits each), 500,000 credits worth of gems

*all electronic equipment is powered by TW-Batteries, charges last 6-12 months.


Aurora was the first born child of simple laborers in the city of Tolkeen. Aurora had no sisters and instead had three younger brothers. The family were never wealthy but there was enough to eat and the children did get to go to the city school. Aurora was incredibly bright and always fascinated with magic and wanted to become a mage herself. She also enjoyed watching pre-rifts aviation movies and wanted to become a pilot. The problem is that her parents could think of no way of being able to afford for her to become either one of them. They told her that there was no way that the would not be able to afford for her to do either but she had her own plans. She waited until she was sixteen and she told her parents that she was going to seek a teacher on her own. In most places on Rifts Earth, the age of sixteen is consider a nominal adult and it was not quite running away.

She had to work at several menial jobs in order to support herself. She eventually found a Techno-Wizard to teach her but it took several months. She was able to impress the Techno-Wizard with her intelligence and determination. She was an incredible student and finished her training before she was twenty years old. While she was not payed, she realized that her teacher earned huge sums of money created Techno-Wizard items. She then went off to learn to be a pilot and to learn some mechanical and electrical skills that the Techno-Wizard could not teach her. She payed for this but creating small Techno-Wizard items.

Soon after finishing her flying lessons, she found the frame of a pre-rifts aircraft in an old junkyard near her home city of Tolkeen. It turned out that is was from an old air museum and was the frame of a Harrier. Although it was just a frame, she was also able to get some scrap materials from some crashed Coalition Sky Cycles and rebuild the Harrier with the components from them. It took her almost two years to rebuild it but it was an amazing creation when she was done. She decided to take the last name of “Earhart” from pre-rifts legends about an incredible female pilot.

She then adventured as well as working on projects for profit. One of the items she was able to capture was a Coalition Skelebot that she was able to reprogram it. She had it repainted white and a built a vibro-scythe for the robot to use. She used some of the money she made to purchase a nice home in the city of Tolkeen for her family. While adventuring, she worked with a True Atlantean who knew the secrets of tatoo magic and she was given a tatoo of mystic knowledge.

Her skill with aircraft made her well known among techno-wizard circles and got a pretty amazing offer as a result. The Techno-wizard who builds the Merlin Techno-Wizard offered a job to her and she would for him for several years and got her aircraft turned into a Merlin as well. After working with him for a period of time, she decided to go back to being on her own.

Soon after finishing with the developer of the Merlin, she met the designed or the Black Ghost aircraft which was developed from the Pre-Rifts SR-71 Blackbird. Based on the concepts of the Black Ghost combined with the Merlin, she decided to develop a lighter and smaller stealth fighter which combined some of the best abilities of the Black Ghost combined with a fighter design which is more capable of dogfighting and ground attack. She had plenty of help but the initial idea was hers and she worked as hard as any others. The new fighter was named the “F-19 Ghostrider” and appears like the concept of the stealth fighter before the existence of the F-117 was declassified. She built her own fighter and set up a business to build more “Ghostrider” stealth fighters.

Even though her business is thriving, she likes adventuring and so took the prototype of the stealth fighter for her own and decided to go off adventuring once again. Most of the money which she has made with the building of “Ghostrider” fighters, she has reinvested back into the facilities.

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