Rifts New Temporal Spells

These spells can also be used for Heroes Unlited, Palladium Fantasy, Beyond The Supernatural, and Nightbane in most cases.

Ninth Level:

Time Warp: Machinebane
Range: 100 feet (30.5 m)
Duration: One minute per level of experience
Saving Throw: None, except if sentient machine
P.P.E.: 45

This spell is similar to the spell of Time Warp: Age except it works on machines instead of creatures. The spell warps time around the equipment and alters it to be at the end of its life span. This spell adversely effects several parts of the machine. The fusion reactor or other power supply is drained to almost no fuel. Because of this, all speeds are reduced by half and the rate of fire of all energy weapons is reduced by half. This includes rail guns because they require large amounts of power to accelerate projectiles. Many types of systems also wear out or become brittle or have computer failures. The effect of this is that piloting rolls are at -20%, M.D.C./S.D.C. is reduced by 20%, along with a -2 to strike, -2 to parry, -2 to dodge, and -2 to initiative. Sentient machines get a saving throw against the spell and vehicles larger than 5 tons only have one system effected.

Tenth Level:

D-Phase (Superior):
Range: Self Only
Duration: 15 Seconds (One melee round) per level of experience
Saving Throw: Not Applicable
P.P.E.: 100

This spell is a more advanced version of the spell D-Phase in that the spell may be kept active even when the caster is not concentrating on the spell. As such, the spell caster's movement is not restricted. Running speed is unaffected but flying speed is increased by 50%.

Like the standard version of the spell, the person makes themselves not solid. This allows them to pass through wells, doors, the ground, and other solid matter. The spell caster can still be effected by the lack of air when passing through extremely thick walls, hill, or mountain.

One other advantage of this spell is that the spell caster is only effected by magical and psychic attacks. With the standard D-Phase, attacks against them usually causes them to lose concentration.

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