The Twelve Golden Axes (Conventional Magic Items):

There is a story about an incredibly powerful demon who had taken over a city and set himself up as ruler. It is said that he came with the Ley Line Storms which followed the coming of the Rifts. He rules with an iron hand and much blood was spilled in his time. Human sacrifice was expected several times a year. After many years, a group of knights organized to fight him. The stories tell that these knights were the predecessors of the Cyber-Knights.

There was a massive battle with many of the knights being killed but eventually they were able to kill the demon. There was also huge damage to the city but they prevailed and the city rejoiced in their freedom. The knight which lead them was offered lordship of the city. He and the men and women under his flag refused the mantle of power. Instead, the previous mayor was made lord. One of the knights was given command of the city's armies but the new Lord looked for a way fo rewarding the knights.

Eventually, the lord came up with a means. The lord commissioned twelve magic weapons for the dozen knights who survived the battle. Twelve golden axes were created. A powerful mage who was both a master wizard and a master of rune magic was commissioned to make them. The remains of the demon were used in the making of the weapons, a symbol of using evil to make something good.

When he completed the weapons, they were considered some of the most beautiful weapons ever created. Each of the axes are double bladed with the head of each axe created from some kind of unknown golden metal. Each one was engraved with intricate designs. Stories tell that the blades were forged by a master Dwarven weapon smith. The handgrip of each was made from the demon's bones and into it was carved several runes including the rune of permanency.

No matter how much of these stories are true, the fact of these weapons existing and that they are enchanted is not in dispute. Where four of the the axes are is unknown, having been lost over the years, although where the remaining eight are is well known. Six are carried by knights themselves who are each believed to be descendants of the original knights.

These weapons are cable of damaging the heaviest armor even when wielded by a mortal. As well, when the axe is thrown, it will return to the hand of the thrower. The enchantments of each weapon are actually relatively simply but make for extremely effective magic weapons. Each one is enchanted with "Enchant Weapon Lesser," "Power Weapon", and “Boomerang” all made permanent with a rune of permanency using the demon bone. The only way the weapons can be repaired is through the spell “Mend the Broken” although they can only be damaged through deliberate attacks on the weapons.

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