Techno-Wizard "Wind Dancer" Blade:

These enchanted swords come in a variety of different types. Common types include long sword, broad sword, rapier, sabre, cutlass, epee, and even as Japanese style katanas. These swords are usually master works by the techno-wizards who make them and they take months to make. Many of these weapons are works of art and are highly decorative. While considered by most to be less powerful than Battle Fury blades and Deathbringer swords, they are still very effective weapons. Unlike some blades, these weapons only carry a single enchantment. There are only a few places which know how to make these enchanted weapons, including Storm Spire, and these places guard their secrets well.

These weapons are loved by those who want to be protected from harm even when they are occupied with other matters. Even though extremely effective in the hands of a good swordsman, the true power of these swords is that they can fight on their own without the possessor controlling them. When charged with magical energy, these swords seem to come alive and attack and parry while floating in the air. Thus, a wizard can throw the sword into the air and have it fight for him while he is casting spells. While the sword does not fight with the skill of an expert, it still acts as an additional opponent for those attacking the wielder of the weapon.

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