Techno-Wizard "Supernatural Hearing" Earrings:

A fairly simply but extremely useful techno-wizard item. The magic item in many ways replicates the abilities of cybernetically boosted hearing but does not require surgery and does not effect the wearer’s ability to cast magic. Of course, unlike the cybernetics, the techno-wizard items have a limited duration. A pair must be enchanted at the same time and the earrings have to be substantial, cannot simply be studs in the ears. Can be pierced type or the clip on type.

Enchantment gives the wearer an uncanny ability of hearing, far beyond that of a normal person and gives the being that ability to hear tiny, almost inaudible sounds, several hundred feet away. At 75 ft (22.9 m), the target can hear sounds as quiet as 1 decibel. At 150 ft (45.8 m), the target can hear sound down to 10 decibels. At 360 feet the target can hear down to 30 decibels. Ability is reduced for when there are noises of 70 decibels or more. -10 feet for 70 db and -5 ft for every 10 dbs thereafter. Has ability to estimate distance at 60%+5% per level of creator, estimate speed of sound approach or departure at 50%+5% per level of creator, Recognize voice at 40%+5% per level of creator, Imitate a voice at 30%+5% per level of creator. Gives Bonuses of +1 to Parry, +2 to Dodge, and +6 to Initiative.

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